Ch3 – Apocalypse

“Slam, slam”


“Bang, bang”




“Crack, splat” 


There were extremely terrifying sounds, growls, collisions, and pounding outside the door.
A young man in his early twenties was sweating profusely while dialing the phone anxiously in the room.
A sound of beeping came, making his already uneasy mood even more tangled.



“Answer the phone… Ruoxin, hurry up and answer the phone!”



The classmates and neighbors in his building had all turned into zombies at this time.
Should he be glad that everyone came home from school yesterday evening and crowded in the living room to have dinner together? Fortunately, he woke up early and realized something was wrong and hid in the bedroom, otherwise, he might have been attacked and bitten by his zombie roommates, just like the couple in the opposite apartment!


But what makes him anxious now is that the person on the other side of the phone hasn’t answered his call all day.



Maybe she dropped the phone in a panic.
Maybe she too… No, no, this is absolutely not possible!


The boy stood up suddenly, walked to the window a few steps, and looked straight at the university campus not far away.
She is in that school, if she is dead if she was bitten by a zombie and assimilated… No! he must confirm she is safe!


Even though, she doesn’t know his feelings for her at all…




“Ah——!! You are crazy, crazy! Don’t come here, don’t come here! Throw him out!” The man yelled restlessly, he didn’t even realize that his cry made the zombies outside the door even more excited.



This is because, in front of him, stands a zombie and a lunatic!


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“Where are the ropes? Pass me those few ropes.” The woman managed to hold the boy’s arms tight and stretched out her hand to the terrified man standing there.
The blood on that hand was absolutely terrifying, all came from the women.


The man shook his head, his movements were light and slow at first, and then became violent and crazy.
His eyes were red, and he pointed at the woman in front of him and couldn’t help shouting: “You are crazy! Look at your injuries! You… you will become a zombie after being bitten!!” 


The woman turned her head suddenly, and stared at her husband with vicious eyes like a wounded wolf: “He is my son! He is our son! I will tie him up and prevent him from biting others, the hospital must have a solution, and this disease will definitely be cured!” 


The man looked at his wife as if she was crazy, and pointed to the blood-smeared child’s face struggling desperately.
“Look at it, look at its appearance! Look at those… those things outside, and you still say that it looks like a person? Crazy, unreasonable, simply unreasonable! Can a child can still live after death?!” In the middle of speaking, the man suddenly found that his wife was in a trance, and her whole body shook a few times, and suddenly remembered that she had just been bitten by his zombie son, and it was more than just one bite!


Regardless of whether her trance was caused by excessive blood loss or being bitten by a zombie.
She seemed to be becoming one of them, he can’t stay with this family anymore!


The zombies in the corridor became more excited because they smelled blood, they scratched desperately at the door, this home may be rushed in by those horrible things at any time!


Thinking of this, the man suddenly turned around and ran back to the bedroom with an ugly face.
He had to find a way to save himself.
He had to get out of here before his wife woke up as a zombie!!





“Grandma, I’m afraid…”


“Hey, Xunxun is not afraid, grandma is here.” A middle-aged woman in her fifties hugged her four or five-year-old grandson in her arms, with a terrified look in her eyes.
Looking in the direction of the gate, the son and daughter-in-law have not come back… They hadn’t arrived home when the accident happened yesterday.
At this time, there were two zombies wandering in the corridor, and the neighborhood below and the corridor were full of zombies ready to hunt!!


Under such circumstances, even if her son and daughter-in-law are still alive, it may be difficult for them to return home to rescue herself and Xunxun…


At this time, she is secretly glad, because Xunxun had a cold two days ago, and she didn’t take her grandson out to play as usual, otherwise they would have been attacked by those things, just like the neighbors downstairs.


TV, novels, and other fictional works are highly popular nowadays, so even older aunts can get in touch with new things.
In order to keep her from getting too bored while spending time at home, her son bought her a smartphone and tablet and copied a lot of TV series, movies, and novels into it.
Because her son was lazy, he copied all the messy novels he usually read in one breath.
So when she woke up and heard the door, she saw those things in the corridor through the cat’s eyes.
She realized that they might be zombies, that’s why she didn’t open the door rashly!


And now… there are two zombies in the corridor.
If this continues, they might break down the door of her house at some point.
It would be even more troublesome if the sound of their banging on the door attracted zombies from other floors…


Thinking of this, she suddenly got up, placed her little grandson in the big bed in the bedroom, and said: “Xunxun, be good, don’t go to the ground by yourself, don’t open the bedroom door until you hear grandma’s voice, don’t cry, don’t make trouble, grandma will be back soon!” She is in good health, and she retired early just to be with her grandchildren at home.
She must take responsibility and plan for the future!


Walking into the kitchen and looking around, she picked up a thick rolling pin with a length of more than one meter and a thick knife for chopping bones, took a deep breath, and walked to the front door of the living room…




Zhang, the target has been found, the target has been found, and the target has been confirmed to have turned into a zombie !” Hearing that made the middle-aged man in the bulletproof car freeze, and then he took a few deep breaths and said solemnly to the person on the other side of the intercom: “Bring him back… try not to hurt him.”



The person on the other side obviously hesitated, but still gritted his teeth and said: “Mr.
Zhang you are also aware of the current situation.
If we want to forcibly capture a zombie alive, it will not be an easy task, especially if there are…”


“I know! Bring him back first! Protect him, tie up his mouth, block it or something, just don’t hurt him.
I have several channels in my hand, and I can get a sufficient amount of weapons and firearms.
When my son is rescued, we will go and get other supplies.
You can follow me in the future, it is absolutely much better than fighting those monsters up close in this inexplicable world!”


It is cost-effective to exchange a zombie for a batch of weapons.
What’s more, the current world has changed drastically because of the sudden zombification and acting with such a well-connected boss who has special resources in his hands… Isn’t it just a zombie? How many did they kill while protecting the boss? As long as it is secured, what’s wrong with keeping its claws and teeth from hurting people?


The leader made up his mind after a little thought and waved to the people around him.
This group of veterans and active bodyguards who moved quickly and had extremely high lethality rushed into the villa.
Except for the target zombies, all other zombies were cleared up, not a single one was left behind!




On the roof of a tall apartment building, a group of survivors who escaped from their homes looked desperately at a building not far away.
That building was less than 20 or 30 meters away from the building they were in, and what made people shudder at this moment was, it was burning, burning violently!


The fire caused by some unknown means spread to all the combustibles in the whole building.
Because it is an old community, there are a lot of combustibles in the corridors and in the fences outside the windows, plus the aging gas pipes… once the fire ignites, its momentum will become unstoppable!


“What should we do? What should we do now? Zombies are coming in!!” A thin man was the first to collapse, pointing to the passage they had just climbed up, which was almost full of zombies, they don’t need to be able to climb ladders, as long as zombies pile up zombies, they will be able to squeeze to the top of the building sooner or later!


There is no food, no water, and some people even wake up in pajamas and underwear! He didn’t even have the most basic self-defense weapons, so he was stuck on the roof like this.


“Look! What are the people in that building going to do?” A young girl suddenly pointed to the roof of the building across the road.
Someone up there came up with a way to throw a rope-like thing on the roof of the near building, trying to escape there.



“Rope, rope, did anyone a rope?!”




“Will a belt be okay?”


“Don’t push! This is my turn!”


“Husband, husband!”




There was a loud noise, and the whole building seemed to shake.
The huge air wave actually pushed several people standing on the building directly down and they fell into the crowd of zombies at the bottom.
Those who did not die from the fall were swarmed by zombies, and there was no more movement…


“That, that building exploded!”


“Fire! the fire is coming!!”


With the explosion of the burning pipe, the fire that started from a single building spread to all directions…



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