Ch2 – Du Hang

This place has been completely reduced to a world of cannibalism.


The dead, pale, and gray zombies began to attack all living creatures around them with dazed eyes.
They use their teeth and fingernails to attack and hunt their prey.




After the initial surprise, the awakened people responded one by one – zombies! Humans have turned into zombies, like zombies from fiction!!


Crazy scenes were taking place almost everywhere, and near a community in T City, a group of people who had gone through the earliest panic and anxiety, after regaining their senses, armed themselves with any weapons they could find.
The survivors of the community gathered together and prepared to go out to find some supplies.



Some lucky people escaped the initial catastrophe after waking up because they lived alone and didn’t have roommates or family members that turned into zombies.
They organized their thoughts quickly and found some other survivors who were also alive on the still operational internet.
After communicating with each other, they reached a consensus; now that the end of the world has come, they need to escape the catastrophe.
It is best for them to collect some supplies as soon as possible, and escape from the city with capable people to a safe location, or wait for rescue in their homes.



As a result, these people who were relatively strong, or relatively courageous, or who had no food at home at all, gathered together.


Their response was very quick.
After all, at least half of the residents in T City should have returned home when the accident happened yesterday.
Even if they are zombies, they may not be able to rush out of the house for a while, right?



Of course, there are definitely a lot of zombies still wandering outside.
They can only rely on simple weapons and a relatively large number of people to resist those crazy monsters.


Thanks to the dissemination and promotion of literary works, games, and films about zombies, the vast majority of people know that it is difficult to kill zombies completely, they need to destroy the head to kill them completely.


But because the zombies had the faces they once knew, they were resistant to killing their compatriots, and it was difficult for them to give up everything and rise up to kill the enemy.


When forced by the cruelty of reality and had to rise up to resist, more people realized that killing was not as simple.
After using almost all their strength to kill one zombie, few had the strength to continue to kill a second one.


Although people can use hot weapons and save a lot of physical strength, however, there are not many who can get thermal weapons in China except for some special groups.



Slash, dodge, chase, escape.


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Just when a group of people fled and rushed to the door of a large supermarket, zombies suddenly rushed out from the corner, which made this group of people suddenly feel desperate.
In addition to the zombies chasing them, there were also many surrounding them!


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When a group of people was just crowded to the entrance of the store, those zombies had already rushed over!


At this time, in order to survive, a bald man in his 40s grabbed the young man next to him and threw him down the stairs, pushing him into the zombies’ hands.


Wei Xuan felt himself falling backward.
Although he was still a little nervous in his heart, he tried not to panic.
He looked at the man who pushed him back, he was struggling to get ahead of others, to get away from the zombies, but was thrown aside by another man who was obviously stronger.


He had seen the man who pushed him down in the community.
He was a teacher at a nearby middle school but he didn’t know him personally.


At this time, Wei Xuan didn’t feel the same despair in his heart when as in his previous life.
At this time, he felt like he was watching a scene from a 3rd perspective.


There was a sharp pain in the shoulder, which made Wei Xuan suddenly recover from his dazed thoughts, and quickly remembered what he should do at this time.
So he struggled to get up, pushed and kicked away the surrounding zombies desperately, and ran in one direction.



There was a feeling of tearing and scratching on the arms, legs, and body, but Wei Xuan gritted his teeth and endured the pain.
He knows that even if he can activate the ability, he must not be surrounded by these zombies before he really has that ability.
Otherwise, before he has passed the unbearable high fever, he will be completely torn up and eaten by this group of zombies.


He was heading to the second floor of the hot pot restaurant where he stayed in his previous life, to find Du Hang who should have appeared there at this time.


His head was dizzy, and it seemed that even the road in front of him began to shake.


Wei Xuan gritted his teeth and tried to run fast, step by step, towards the place he remembered.
He knew in his heart that even if he did it all over again, even if he was infected with the zombie virus again, he might not really be able to activate the same ability again, and he might even turn into an irrational zombie.


But without his ability, without finding Du Hang again, even if he lives again, what’s the point?


He lost his parents a few years before the end of the world, and now, the only thing he has after being reborn is Du Hang.
Even if he is a half-zombie, even if he has no memory of being a human at all, even if he can’t speak…


Wei Xuan didn’t notice when he rushed into the door that had long been broken.
When he came to this intersection, the zombies who were chasing him before seemed to have lost interest in him.
The zombies also turned a blind eye to him.
The many zombies on the first floor of this room also had the same attitude toward him unless he got too close to them.


Climbing up to the second floor of this store, the whole person lost his last strength and fell to the ground, a sense of dizziness hit him, and it seems that he would faint at any time.


Wei Xuan lay on the ground, his head turned in one direction with difficulty.
Some details that he thought he might have forgotten were now gradually becoming clear.


Besides the large floor-to-ceiling window, there is a figure in the dark corner where the light shines.
He was wearing a white shirt underneath, and a suit jacket with only one sleeve still on his arm.



It seemed that the figure heard the movement of himself coming in, and it looked in his direction.


Step by step, as if seeing prey, the figure approached him.


But Wei Xuan laughed.
The figure in front of him had slightly bluish-white skin and somewhat stiff eyes.
Obviously, this was also a human who had turned into a zombie.
And just because it found food in front of him, came over curiously.


Wei Xuan stretched out his hand to the figure with difficulty, the feeling of his high body temperature made him unable to focus on the appearance of the person in front of him, so he could only raise his hand with difficulty and spit out two words to him with difficulty, “Du Hang…”


Before he fainted completely, Wei Xuan faintly felt the figure stretch out his hand hesitantly and grab his own hand.
His hand was brought to the figure’s mouth, just like other zombies, it seemed that he wanted to take a bite of it…


But Wei Xuan knew he would not eat people.


The setting sun at dusk made the entire sky a magnificent golden red.
The heavy snow that had accumulated on the ground rapidly melted away in less than a day.


Wei Xuan’s eyelashes twitched, and he slowly opened his eyes.


A man sat beside him, and the golden-red afterglow hit his face and body.


On his firm handsome face, his eyes looking out of the window as if in a trance.
There are some small scars and dirt on his face, which seem to have been made by broken glass or something.



At this time, because of the setting sun, it was impossible for people to see that he was actually a zombie…


Wei Xuan took a deep breath, good, he can still breathe, proving that he is still alive, still a human being.
However, in today’s world, it might be safer to become a zombie.


Wanting to sit up with his arms supported, Wei Xuan was surprised to find that his hand was being held by the half-zombie Du Hang.


The cold touch does not have the temperature of human skin at all, but it has the elasticity of regular human skin.


Wei Xuan looked down at the hand that was holding him, pinched it subconsciously, and then looked up at the owner of the hand.
Seeing that Du Hang seemed to have turned his head to look at him, Wei Xuan smiled.


“Although it may be inappropriate to say that, but, it’s good to see you again…” It’s really good, even though the whole world has changed, even though you and I now are definitely different from you and me before the end of the world.
It’s really nice to meet you again.


Du Hang didn’t understand what the man in front of him was saying, let alone what he said.
He just suddenly leaned in and sniffed around his neck a few times as if he was smelling him—yes, although they were no longer human, they could still use their noses and their mouths.


They can chase humans as prey by smelling their scent, and use this to judge who is of the same kind and ignore them.


To the person in front of him, he did not have the urge to attack and eat.
But his body, his movements, and the voice he made had an inexplicable sense of familiarity.
The kind of feeling that if it was someone else, he would want to approach and attack.


But this person in front of him gave Du Hang a familiar feeling, but he didn’t want to hurt him.
That’s why Du Hang has been staying here, beside this strange person, and he didn’t want to leave at all.



He is different from regular people.
He wants to be close to him. 

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