The Family Treasure

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Old Mrs.
Shen held the child lovingly, her face smiled as if a flower was going to bloom,

“Jianlin, Xiujuan, you have at least studied in junior high school, you have some knowledge, you pick a name for nannan1.
You should think carefully.
You must give her a good name!”

The names of the previous four sons were given by them according to the ancient “Six Classics”2: Changes, History, Songs, Rites, Music, and Spring and Autumn”.
The family was very satisfied.
This time, Old madam Shen paid more attention to the name of her granddaughter.

Shen Jianlin sat on the bedside and fed Lin Xiujuan chicken soup.
While feeding, he said, “Xiujuan and I thought about it.
Our daughter is a sweet little cotton-padded jacket3, so her name is Shen Zhixin4.
Her nickname is Fubao5.
Xiujuan said that this baby is very lucky.
At first, she thought she couldn’t be born, but she didn’t expect to be born safely.
In addition, she is the treasure of our family.
It’s appropriate to call Fubao!”

“Shen Zhixin, Fubao? Good, let’s call her that, it sounds blessed!” Old Mrs.
Shen was delighted.

In order to cooperate, Fu Bao opened her eyes, a pair of black grape-like eyes glistening, watery and cute.

“Ah, sister opened her eyes!”

“My sister is so pretty! Grandma, let me hug her, you don’t even let us  give her a hug!”

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The four boys excitedly gathered around Old Mrs.
Shen, vying to be the first to tug on her arm.

“You bastards, don’t pull me, if you make me drop Fu Bao, I won’t forgive you!” Old Mrs.
Shen laughed and scolded, and lowered Fu Bao a bit so that some half-grown boys could also take a look.

With the sudden addition of a little girl to the family, the four boys felt especially refreshed and couldn’t help but touch her little face or pull her little hand.

“My sister’s hand is so small, when will she grow up?” The youngest, Shen Zhile, spoke childishly, with a distressed face, completely forgetting that he was only five years old.

Surrounded by so many people, Fuboa was not afraid, her clear, soulful eyes staring at them curiously, moving her little fist every now and then, the family’s hearts were instantly melted.

Old Mrs.
Shen could not wait to hug Fu Bao and give her a few kisses, but the baby was still too young, so she had to hold back.

She really loves this long-awaited little granddaughter to her bones and has made up her mind that even if the family is poor and struggling, she had to bring her up and take good care of her granddaughter.

Old Mrs.
Shen held Fubo in a chair in the house and sat down.
She thought of something, said seriously to Shen Jianlin: “Jianlin, you have been at home with Xiujuan for a while.
Now that the baby is born, you can go to the county to find a job tomorrow.
I will take care of Xiujuan and the children, you can go to work and earn money to support the children.”

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SShen Jianlin fed Lin Xiujuan the chicken soup, put down the bowl, and promised, “I know, mom, I will go to the county tomorrow morning.
No matter what work I do, I will do it first, it is important to make money.”

Lin Xiujuan looked at him reluctantly and worried: “You can’t take all the jobs, don’t take the ones that are too tiring and too hard.
I don’t want to see you fall down from exhaustion.
When I am out of confinement, I will also find some work to do, so I can share some of the burden with the family.
So don’t force yourself too hard.”

“It’s okay!” Shen Jianlin waved his hand and then showed his strong muscles in front of her,

“Look at me, I’m very strong, I’m a big man, how can I get tired so easily? You, on the other hand, don’t rush to work after confinement, your body is important, and you can rest when you can.”

Fu Bao spit a bubble of saliva in Old Mrs.
Shen’s arms.

Well, mom and dad are very affectionate, which makes her, a single dog who has been single in heaven for N years sour!


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Su Qinghe, a homebody and lazy woman, has reborn and became a rural girl in the 1960s.

In order to survive, Su Qinghe can only continue to complete tasks and become a qualified little army wife.

Ding… After completing the cooking task, get 1 point of cooking skill.
Reward a pound of pork belly.

Ding… After completing the sewing task, get 1 point of sewing skill, and reward one foot of cotton cloth.


Su Qinghe’s life motto: it’s just hard but it’s not impossible!


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Nannan- little darling/baby


The Six Confucian Classics are The Book of Changes, The Book of History, The Book of Songs, The Book of Rites, The Book of Music, and The Spring and Autumn Annals.


Daughter is a cotton-padded jacket means that it warms the heart like how a jacket’s warm one’s body.


zhixin – caring/intimate


Fu Bao means Lucky Treasure

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