Little Lucky Star 4

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Old man Shen fell down the hillside half a year ago to collect herbs.
He almost died.
His waist and legs were broken.
He had been paralyzed in bed.
He was injured and tortured for half a year and his whole body was too thin.

When he saw the old lady Shen coming in with a baby wrapped in a swaddle, a touch of joy suddenly appeared on his old and haggard face, “Xiujuan gave birth, is it a boy or a girl?”

“Girl!” Old Mrs.
Shen shouted excitedly.
She quickly took the baby to the bedside and handed it in his direction.

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“Old man, our old Shen family finally has a girl; the girl you have been looking forward to! Look, isn’t she pretty? Does she look like her parents?”

Seeing the quiet and well-behaved little baby girl with her eyes closed, old man Shen’s heart was overflowing with joy, and his cloudy eyes seemed to blossom with a glow.
He reached out and carefully took the swaddling clothes, and boast “Pretty! She’s so beautiful! My granddaughter, I’m your grandpa.
Come, open your eyes and see grandpa!”

“Go away, the baby is just born, how can she open her eyes? Even if she does, who wants to see your old face? And don’t be so loud, what if you scare the baby?” The old lady was disgusted and hurriedly wanted to carry the baby back.

The old man Shen was reluctant to let go, but thinking of his health and fear of affecting the baby, he could only let go and let the old lady carry the baby back.

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The whole family was immersed in the joy of having just added a little girl.
After taking the baby and showing it to the grandchildren one by one, the old lady Shen took the baby back to the inner room.

“Nannan1 is very good, she hasn’t cried at all.”

The old lady Shen smiled and returned the child to Lin Xiujuan, whispering softly: “Xiujuan, you feed the baby first, I’ll cook chicken soup for you to make up for your body.”

When Lin Xiujuan heard this, she said, “Mom, don’t kill the old hen, keep it to lay eggs.”

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“You talk too much! I don’t want you to interfere with my work.
You and Jianlin should think of a name for your daughter!” said the old lady Shen.

After that, she went out in a hurry, and it seemed that she had made up her mind.

Lin Xiujuan hugged her baby, looked at Shen Jianlin sitting next to her, and said in distress: “You didn’t persuade your mother, it’s a pity to kill that old hen.
We only have that one chicken left that lays eggs.
When I was pregnant with my baby, my mother gave me a lot of chicken soup to drink, and now I have to kill the last chicken, how can I do that, go and persuade your mother.”

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Shen Jianlin is dotingly staring at his newborn daughter; full of joy.
There is no time to think so much, he said with a simple smile: “It’s okay, it’s nothing, a chicken is nothing.
You have just given birth to a baby.
It’s important to replenish your body.
When we earn money tomorrow, let’s buy a few more.”

Lin Xiujuan saw that they were stubborn and had no choice but to sigh with regret.

Although the Shen family is very poor and she has suffered a lot in marrying Shen Jianlin, she is willing to, because the Shen family is really good to her.
The old man and the old lady treat her as their own daughter and give her anything good first.
Sometimes she thinks she is their own child, and Shen Jianlin was just picked up.

And Shen Jianlin also loves her very much.
He always talks to her in a gentle voice.
Unlike other men, who boss their wives and even beat and scold them.
So, Lin Xiujuan also rewarded him with her heart, and they can be said to be the village’s model couple.

In the evening, the family ate dinner.
Except for the old man Shen who couldn’t get out of bed, the family crowded into the inner room to watch the little girl.

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