Little Lucky Star 2

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Suddenly there was a strange silence all around.


    Having a child in the village is considered a major event, and most people who are free will come over and take a look.


    At this moment, there were more than a dozen villagers around the yard.
There were men and women, old and young, and when they heard it was a girl, several old women and men suddenly showed disdain on their faces.


    This daughter-in-law has not given birth to the child for several hours.
They thought it was a big fat boy, but they didn’t expect it to be a baby girl.


    A girl who can toss so much, can she still have it when she grows up?


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    “You say it again, is it really a baby girl?” the man in the yard asked eagerly.


    The voice was so loud that Fu Bao could hear it inside, and she whispered badly in her heart.

    It’s over, it’s 1982.
In such backward and poor villages, patriarchy is very common.
Many people don’t like to have girls, and they even kill them cruelly when their children are born.


    So, won’t she be thrown into the well to drown or thrown into the back mountain as a snack for the wolves?


    The midwife also thought that the family likes sons, and sighed in her heart.


    She despised patriarchs, her face suddenly lost the joy she had just now, and said faintly: “Yes, she is a baby girl, very beautiful, looks like her mother.” 

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The man’s eyes lit up and his face changed.
Anxious, turned into ecstasy, “Really, really? That’s great! I finally have a girl, great! great!”


    He was extremely excited and said a few “great” in a row.
After that, he rushed into the house and couldn’t stop him.


    Fu Bao was taken aback when she heard this.


    Hey, why is this different from what she thought?


    “Jianlin! You! Why did you rush in like this? If the wind gets in and Xiujuan and the baby gets sick,  I’ll smack you to death believe it or not!” Old lady Shen cursed and quickly took out two red envelopes from her pocket and handed them to the midwife with a smile.

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“Our family doesn’t have much money, this is a small token of appreciation, please accept it!” 


She gave her two red envelopes.
The midwife was a bit baffled. 

The old lady Shen said excitedly: “Our old Shen family has had no girls for several generations, and now we finally have a girl! We’re so happy, so we give two!”


    Speaking of this old Shen family, they are also famous far and wide, because it can be described as the poorest household in ten miles and eight townships.
Their life is unbearable.  This is why the villagers around said they couldn’t understand it.


     If a son was born, giving red packets can still be justified, but the birth of a female child, is this necessary?


    “After tossing for so long, I thought it was a big fat boy, but I didn’t expect it to be a daughter.” Said in a disdainful tone.

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    “Hehe, there are no girls in their family for several generations, and the daughter-in-law gave birth to four sons in succession.
They have been looking forward to having a daughter for a long time, and they got what they want!” 


“What if there are no girls? I wish I were all sons, I don’t want a daughter.
Other families treat their sons as treasures, and it’s really strange that their family treat their daughters as treasures! What are they thinking about? When their daughter marries, they are just thrown out water.
It’s a loss to give birth to a daughter.
You lose money!”


    “Isn’t it, they are so happy that they have given birth to a money-losing child.
I think they are very ill.”


Hearing the discussion around, the old lady Shen was furious and rushed out of the yard with a hoe placed in the corner. 


First, she screamed a lot of swear words and then said angrily: “We like little girls.
What’s the matter? It’s none of your business! Get out of here, or you’ll see how I deal with you!”

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