No matter how young the child is, it is a girl who is taken advantage of by that little brat, can they not be angry?

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“That won’t work, the gift is still needed!” In fact, Jiang Meilan wanted to say that it was her daughter-in-law, how could she not bring a gift, but she didn’t say it.
After all, the Shen family protected their calf too much.
Fubao is the apple of their eyes and can not hit her idea.

When leaving Shen’s house, Jiang Meilan looked down at Huo Jinxi, who was only about her waist tall, and asked curiously: “Son, where did you learn the things you just said?”

Huo Jinxi said with his eyes open, “I read it in a book.”

Jiang Meilan, “…”

So what kind of books does this kid usually read?

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In fact, she felt that after the accident happened, her son seemed to have changed himself.
He couldn’t even count before, let alone recognize words, but now he can read books as if he had become enlightened!

Is it a blessing brought by Fubao?

Thinking of Fubao, which is soft and cute, Jiang Meilan likes it in her heart. She looked at her son and asked tentatively: “Son, do you like Fubao very much?”


“Then…you will find a way to make her your wife.
Mom also likes Fubao, you have to work harder!” Jiang Meilan cheered him up with a look of expectation.

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“…” Huo Jinxi felt that this woman seemed a bit stupid, but no matter how much he disliked it, she was also his own mortal mother, and could only make do with it.

He walked in front with his hands behind his back, just like a little adult, and said to himself solemnly: “I really hope she grows up soon!”

Jiang Meilan, “…” Is his son a wicked one?

After the two left, the four boys of the Shen family bounced back from the outside, holding a lot of things in their hands, and ran to the old lady Shen like offering treasures and shouted,

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“Grandma, look!”

The wife saw that they were all dirty and said unhappily: “You brats, where did you go? why did you get so dirty?”

“We went to dig out the bird eggs! There are no eggs in the house, and the elder brother said to dig them out.
Give mother the bird eggs to replenish the body! This way, the younger sister can also be full.
The eldest brother is amazing, and he digs out two nests of bird eggs!”

The youngest Shen Zhile raised a small basket full of white mushrooms to show her, “Grandma, look! There are mushrooms too!”

Although they were young, they knew that to feed Fu Bao, Lin Xiujuan had to be full.
The boys were all thinking about Fubao and went out early in the morning to dig out the bird’s eggs and mushrooms.

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Old Mrs.
Shen wanted to reprimand them when she saw them getting dirty and the clothes that had just been stitched with patches were scratched.
After hearing this, she lost her temper, and smiled benevolently, praising them, “Good, good, you know how to think of your sister.

Shen Zhile smiled, showing two small tiger teeth.
Suddenly, he spotted the red envelope held by Fu Bao’s little hand sharply.
A pair of black and white eyes lit up suddenly, “Grandma, what is this?”

The old Mrs.
Shen said solemnly, “This is the red envelope given to Fu Bao, no one is allowed to touch it.”

Although Shen Zhile wanted a red envelope very much but when he heard it belonged to Fubao, he nodded obediently, “Got it! Grandma, when I grow up, I will go out to work with my dad and earn a lot of money for Fubao, and raise her like a pig!”

” Go, go, who is the pig? Nannan is the sweetheart of our family.
how can you compare her with a pig?” Old Mrs.
Shen scolded with laughter.

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