Mom, my wife is so beautiful

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After it was over, she heard the little cub leaning into her ear and whispering: “I’ll wait for you to grow up!”

It was obviously a milky voice, but, Fu Bao was actually teased and her little heart shook hard.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to be teased by a little boy, could it be that she has been in heaven for so long and has never been in love, so… she wants a man?

No! She is not that kind of person!

Her purpose in going down to the world is to save Shen’s family, a man is not in her plan.
If she is entangled by him, maybe it will affect her return to heaven.
So, this little brat she put up with for now, if he still hit her in the future, don’t blame her …… for being unkind to him!

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“Mom, my wife is so beautiful!” Huo Jinxi said to Jiang Meilan with a flushed face.

“…” The old lady Shen was very angry, the kind that can’t be coaxed well!

This stinky boy, says he is young and ignorant but he seems to be clever and knows a lot.
But he looked innocent, so even if he took advantage of Fubao, they couldn’t do anything to him; who will take it up with a child?

Shen Jianlin on the side really wanted to wipe away the tears of an old father.
He has never kissed his daughter until now.
The old lady Shen dislikes their dirty old men and forbids him to kiss Fubao, saying that if Fubao is ill, she would have to settle accounts with him!

But now, this father has not even been able to kiss his baby girl, and he was preceded by another brat!

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Fu Bao wanted to stare at Huo Jinxi angrily, but the little baby who was just full moon couldn’t make such an expression, so she could only cry with a “waaa”.

Hurry up, get this bastard away!

The old lady Shen felt so distressed when she heard that Fubao was crying, she immediately stepped forward and took Fubao back into her arms, shaking gently while coaxing.

Shen Jianlin also hurriedly walked to the old lady’s side, looking distressedly at Fu Bao, who was crying vigorously, and followed the old lady coaxing:

“Nannan, stop crying! When you cry, grandma’s heart hurts! Stop crying, stop crying… Good girl, nannan is the best.”

Grandma and dad spared no effort to coax themselves, Fubao could not help but give face1.
The crying stopped slowly.

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“Look at you! You made Fubao cry!” Jiang Meilan groaned, hitting Huo Jinxi’s palm.

Huo Jinxi tilted his little head and looked puzzled, “Fubao is my wife, can’t I kiss her?”

Old lady Shen wanted to yell: stinky boy, who is your wife? Do you want to be shameless?!

“You kid! What are you talking about? How can you mess with your relatives? Let’s go back and I’ll clean you up!” Jiang Meilan was a little embarrassed and said to Shen’s family:

“It’s my fault, I didn’t teach Jin Xi not to be like this.
When we go back, I will teach him a good lesson.
Then …… we’ll go back first, I’m really sorry.”

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“Fubao may be going to bed, Huo’s daughter-in-law, you can come back when the full moon wine is served.” Old lady Shen’s words were very tact, but Jiang Meilan still heard it, which meant letting them go.

But, who let her son take advantage of other people’s daughters?

“Well, we will come again at that time, and we will bring gifts to Fubao.”

Lin Xiujuan said with a polite smile: “You have already given the red envelope, so the gifts are not necessary.
Don’t spend too much money.
Our family is already very happy to have the honor to drink the full moon wine.”

Old lady Shen and Shen Jianlin: hmm, I was happy before, but I’m not happy now!

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