Lin Xiujuan glanced at Fu Bao, who was playing with the red envelope happily in her arms, and smiled and said, “Now that the children are still young but when they grow up if they see eye to eye, I will naturally be happy.
I see that Jin Xi is a very cute boy, and he looks very energetic, so he will definitely be promising in the future.
I would be happy if Fu Bao could be with him when he grows up.”

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“Really? That’s it! Fubao’s mother, In the future, you must let Fubao be Jin Xi’s wife.” Jiang Meilan was overjoyed.

“…” The old lady Shen and Shen Jianlin looked at Lin Xiujuan at the same time, the expressions on their faces were difficult to express.

Shen Jianlin roared in his heart: Wife, how can you just give my baby girl away, I, as a father, have not agreed yet!

Shen Jianlin felt sour when he thought that Fu Bao would marry and leave her father’s side when she grew up.

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After giving birth to four sons in a row, he finally had a girl.
It was just the full moon, and she was already engaged with another boy.
He was really sad.

The old lady Shen almost exploded.
For the sake of taking care of her daughter-in-law before, she gave her the last old hen to stew her soup, but she sold her granddaughter to a stinky boy?!

Lin Xiujuan felt her scalp numb when they looked at her.
She just said a polite remark just now and was stared at death like this… In fact, she didn’t want to discuss this matter so soon, but she couldn’t take it back after she said it.
She can only be prepared to be lectured by the old lady Shen and Shen Jianlin. I’m wrong, but can’t say it.

Jiang Meilan was very happy, and she wished to help her son take Fubao home immediately.
She gulped and couldn’t help saying: “Fubao’s mother, can I hug Fubao?”

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Hold her now, if later Fu Bao really married her son she can say that she held her when she was a child, which would instantly bring the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law closer, right?

“Of course.” Lin Xiujuan smiled and handed the child to her.

Jiang Meilan carefully carried Fubao over.
The child who was just full moon was still very young and very light.
Those big clear and smart eyes stared at her, and her heart was about to melt.

Huo Jinxi raised his head, pulled her skirt with a small hand, and eagerly said, “Mom, I want to hold her too.”

“No, Fubao is too small, you can’t hold her yet.” For safety’s sake, Jiang Meilan did not give him the baby.

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Moreover, Shen’s family was watching, afraid that she would do something to the child, so how dare she.

“Mom, lower yourself, I want to see Fubao.”

“Okay, I’ll show you.” Jiang Meilan smiled and lowered Fubao to the height he could see.

While Huo Jinxi looked at Fu Bao, Fu Bao also blinked at him.

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This little brother looks really good-looking, with a small pink face and impeccable facial features under his soft hair.
He looks even better than the little fairy boy in the heavens.

It’s just that his eyes are deep and treacherous, and they seem to be filled with a hint of predation.
It doesn’t look like a child, but a little adult.
Was it just her illusion?

Just as she was thinking, Huo Jinxi suddenly stretched out his little hand, held Fubao’s white and tender face, and leaned in to kiss her!

“…!!!” The Shen family was stunned again.

Fu Bao was also a little confused, she… she was actually kissed? And he’s still a kid who is only three or four years old!

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