Fubao is a small money fan

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“Yes, yes, you can take this money back.
My mother said she couldn’t take it, and really shouldn’t be accepted.” Shen Jianlin is not very good at talking in the face of outsiders and speaks nervously.

Jiang Meilan lamented the honesty and kindness of this family.
At this moment, she heard the coughing of old man Shen from the next room, and quickly said: “Old Mrs.
Shen, how about this money as money for us to pay for the old man’s check-up? The old man’s treatment cannot be delayed.”

“That’s not okay…” Old Mrs.
Shen still wanted to push back when Lin Xiujuan came out with Fubao in her arms.

When Jiang Meilan saw Fubao, she immediately liked her.

Although this little girl was born in such a poor family, this little girl is really cute, too pleasing, like a fortune doll.

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“Yi ah…” Fubao’s eyes lit up when she saw the red envelope, and she stretched out her little hand towards Jiang Meilan.

Grandma, Dad, someone sends money to your door, are you stupid? If you refuse to accept it, then I have to accept it for you.

“This is Fubao, isn’t it? She’s such a pretty and cute little girl! I’ve never seen a newborn baby as pretty as Fubao! When Fu Bao grows up, she’ll be a charming beauty!”

Jiang Meilan boasted, but it was a heartfelt boast.
Seeing Fubao stretched out her little hand, she hurriedly stuffed the red envelope into Fubao’s hand and said with a smile: “Fu Bao, this is a meeting gift from auntie.
When you accept it, you can’t return it to auntie, okay?”

Don’t worry, absolutely not.

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Fu Bao is cute and naive on the surface, but she was smiling slyly in her heart.

“Nannan, you can’t just take other people’s money.
Give the red envelope to grandma.” Old lady Shen stepped forward to get the red envelope, but Fu Bao clenched it in her hand and refused to give it.
Seeing her grandma insist on taking it, she opened her mouth and cried.

When she cried, old Mrs.
Shen had no choice.

The whole family is helpless!

Shen Jianlin looked at his daughter distressedly, wondering: “Mom, look…Fubao is crying, or… just let her hold it.”

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The old lady Shen couldn’t laugh or cry, “Our little girl is a little money fan?”

How can this be done? She is really embarrassed to accept this money, how can she ask for so much money for no reason, not to mention the fact that they are not familiar with it.

Huo Jinxi tugged Jiang Meilan’s cuffs, and spoke in a milky voice, “Mom, the money will be given to Fubao.
You must not take it back and buy her delicious food.”

The old lady Shen didn’t expect him to say that and laughed, “Fubao is still young and can’t eat anything yet, so you should leave the money to buy something delicious for yourself.
Take it back.”

Then he turned to Fubao and coaxed in a low voice, “Fubao, give the money to grandma and give it back to others.”

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“Waah…” Fubao started crying again, holding the red envelope but not letting go.

Jiang Meilan took the opportunity to say: “Old lady, you see Fubao is crying again, you can accept the money! If you don’t collect it, my son and I won’t leave!”

Fubao stopped crying.
Looking at her with big eyes with teardrops in the blink of an eye, her small appearance is so cute that it makes people want to kiss her and bring the best things to her.

At least Huo Jinxi thought so, but no, he has to hold back!

The more Jiang Meilan looked at Fubao, the more she liked her.
She couldn’t help saying, “Fubao is so cute that I want to have a daughter.
Ah, if Fubao accepts the red envelope, it will belong to Fubao.
Don’t think of giving it back to me.
It’s not mine anymore.”

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