Chapter 7 – New Function of Divine Eyes

Ten Miles Village was close to the city, with only about two hundred families and was surrounded by mountains on all three sides.

The weather in the north was still very cold after New Year.
The snow that fell a year ago had mostly melted, but the hills were still white-capped.

The two little girls were strolling along the mountain path.
Liu CuiCui was twelve years old, two years older than Xia Shao, and had grown up in the village, climbing mountains was a common activity for her.
She was a tall girl of her age, a fast climber, a spirited and enthusiastic person, who kept turning around and gave Xia Shao a helping hand when she climbed a few steps.
She couldn’t help but chuckled at Xia Shao when she saw her walking in a particularly awkward manner.

Xia Shao was speechless .
When her grandmother heard that she was going up the mountain, she was forced to wear two thicker woollen coats and wrapped a small red cotton scarf around her before she could leave.

God knows she looks like a bun right now! Have you ever seen a bun climb a mountain? She was lucky if she didn’t roll down the mountain.

On the contrary, as long as she was able to go out, it was all good and Xia Shao didn’t care so much at this point.

“ShaoZi, look! I see Professor Zhou and the others! Oh, Uncle Zhou Wang and the village chief, Old Uncle Wang, are also there.” Liu CuiCui said while pointing into the distance.

Xia Shao glanced in the direction she had pointed, the village was surrounded by mountains on three sides.
The villagers planted land in the front of the mountain, whereas basically, no one touches the back of the mountain.
It was just some forest, also in front of the mountain, there were several small natural rivers and the buildings of several reservoirs.

In the distance, about five or six men were standing in front of a small frozen river, gesturing at the mountains behind them.

Liu Cui Cui and Xia Shao ran over to them.

Everyone in the village knew the two of them, and when Zhou Wang saw them, he asked: “Why are both of you here?”

“ShaoZi said she wanted to go up the mountain to meet Professor Zhou, so we came.” Liu CuiCui actually couldn’t lie and would answer to whatever people asked.

Xia Shao almost slap her forehead, so she had to greet all the uncles before bowing to one of them, an elderly man in his sixties with white hair and a benevolent face while exclaimed: “Hello Professor Zhou.”

Professor Zhou smiled cheerfully: “Whose child is this? Quite polite.”

When he saw how cute Xia Shao was, he could help but tease her.

Zhou Wang replied: “This is Uncle Xia’s granddaughter, Xia Shao.
The one next to her is Liu CuiCui, the daughter of Mr Liu.”

Professor Zhou nodded and asked both their age before instructed them to stand back and away from the frozen river in front of them, then he continued chatting with the other few people.

“I think it’s just fine over here, hiding from the wind and gathered the Qi.” Professor Zhou said.

Next to him, the village chief, Old Uncle Wang, followed with several people nodding straight, obviously admiring and respecting Professor Zhou.
Thus, whatever he said, naturally should be all correct.

“Second Uncle, you are the one who decided to build the ancestral tomb.
If you say this is the best place, then let’s build it here! The soil on the mountain is still frozen, so it’s not that easy to start the construction but we’ll start when the spring arrives.” Zhou Wang replied.

On the side, Xia Shao frowned strangely.
To be honest, she didn’t know anything about Feng Shui.

When she was at university and took the elective courses, they were all related to architecture.
She studied modern Feng Shui in the home, which was about harmonising people with nature and how to place furniture to make people feel better which was much easier to understand.
As for the esoteric theories, they didn’t learn at all.

In Xia Shao’s opinion, the place chosen by Professor Zhou was quite good with the mountains and rivers.
How could it cause such a huge tragedy later?

With this in mind, Xia Shao couldn’t help but take a closer look at the place Professor Zhou had chosen.

At a closer glance, she almost shouted out in shock.

The reason was at that moment, in Xia Shao’s eyes, the landscape in front of her had suddenly changed!

To be exact, the mountains were still mountains, and the rivers were still rivers, but at this point, it was covered with a layer of Qi!

The Qi split into two colours, one dazzlingly white and warm like the sunlight, making it pleasant to look at.
On the other hand, the other was greyish and somewhat gloomy, making it uncomfortable just looking at it.

Could it be that this was the Qi of yin and yang which the ancients referred it as “The Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth”?

The five elements of yin and yang were found in ancient Eastern cultures, and Chinese medicine was concerned with the harmonisation of yin and yang, so it was clear that the theory of yin and yang was not based on a false statement.

Xia Shao didn’t know if what she saw was the yin and yang, but she did see that the place Professor Zhou had chosen was indeed very bad! A greyish Qi gathered there and it was so highly concentrated which gave off an unpleasant aura.

This place presumably was the so-called place where negative and evil Qi gathered right? No wonder Professor Zhou’s family ended up so tragically in the previous life.

She didn’t have the time to think about her Divine Eyes that had a new function.
When Xia Shao saw that Professor Zhou had decided on this place and that Uncle Zhou Wang had even set the groundwork to begin in the spring, she couldn’t help but felt anxious.

However, she knew that she couldn’t tell the truth directly, and even if she did, no one would believe her and would probably treat her as if she was crazy.
Thus, in her haste, she tugged on Professor Zhou’s coat and asked: “Grandpa Zhou, you just said that the hiding of wind and gathering of Qi, what is hiding of wind and gathering of Qi?”

Professor Zhou was stunned, but the village chief, Old Uncle Wang, reprimanded: “Child, why do you ask so many questions! Your generation speaks only of science, these feudal and superstitious things, don’t ask so much!”

“What kind of talk is this? The theory of Feng Shui comes from one of the five scriptures, the <>, which no one dares claim to have fully understood to date.
There is no denying that it has developed with some superstitious parts, but there are plenty more to study and investigate.
Even the Western countries are beginning to take our culture seriously, we cannot remain at the point of degrading our own culture, or otherwise, we will regret it later and be ridiculed!”

No one could blame Professor Zhou for being agitated, his parents were persecuted to death during those troubled times.
Moreover, not only his parents died during those times, but also many worthy cultures were destroyed.

Subsequently, Professor Zhou and several scholars set out to study and restore these traditional cultures, but they all felt the strain in interpreting the <> and lamented the difficulty of inherited it.

“Our next-generation, even if they cannot inherit the wisdom of their forefathers, they must at least have the basic knowledge of national studies.
It is possible to be uneducated, but never be ignorant.” Professor Zhou’s words were so serious that Zhou Wang and several of the village elders kept quiet immediately.

At this moment, Professor Zhou picked up Xia Shao, resumed his benevolent smile and pointed it out for her: “Come, child, Grandpa Zhou will point it out to you.
Look at this mountain, when connecting it, doesn’t it shaped like a dragon?”

Although Xia Shao didn’t know Feng Shui, she knew that there were such expressions as Dragon Veins and Dragon Power in Feng Shui, which were just a very figurative resemblance.

However, that was not her concern.

Previously, she was standing on the ground and her view was limited, but now when she was picked up by Professor Zhou, her view had opened up all of the sudden.
As she glanced around, she saw that Ten Miles Village was surrounded by mountains on three sides, the village was not large and there was a road that ran through horizontally behind the mountains.
When the road was first built, several mountains were dug up, and this mountain that was chosen by Professor Zhou extended out and was severed by that road.

Even though Xia Shao didn’t understand it fully, she knew that a mountain in this situation that had been destroyed was definitely a bad sign and what’s more, it was broken.

With a gleam in her eyes, Xia Shao pretended to be childishly naïve and pointed to the highway, stating: “The dragon doesn’t have a tail.”

“There’s no tail?” Professor Zhou froze and looked along where Xia Shao was pointing, trailing the track of road for a moment before he suddenly became horrified.

“Oh my! This is bad! Why didn’t I notice this road before?”

His cry startled Zhou Wang and several of the village elders, who hurriedly asked: “What’s wrong?”

Professor Zhou, however, was a bit incoherent: “Almost caused a big disaster…… This place is bad, very bad! Change the location, change the location!”

“Huh? Changing the place? Second Uncle, didn’t you say that this place is quite auspicious for hiding the wind and gathering of Qi?” Zhou Wang asked puzzled.

“What do you know! If I tell you to change, you just change!” Professor Zhou excitedly put Xia Shao down and took a good look at her, his hands were shaking: “Child, thanks to you, otherwise I would have caused big trouble! You are truly a lucky star!”

The people next to her were even more puzzled by this comment, a child, what did it have to do with her?

On the contrary, Professor Zhou was deeply impressed and immediately went to another location.
Xia Shao and Liu CuiCui followed behind until Professor Zhou chose another location that he was satisfied with.
Xia Shao put her mind at ease after she had taken a look at it and found that it was gathering white yang energy.

Professor Zhou, however, turned around and picked up Xia Shao again, as if for peace of his mind, and let her took a look at it.
This action made Xia Shao dumfounding, but the looks on the village chief and Zhou Wang and the rest had their jaws dropped.
How could a professor of the Capital University, a famous scholar at home and abroad, take a child’s words so seriously?

“Here’s good!” Xia Shao nodded plausibly and almost rendered speechless .

Once the land had been chosen, the village chief and Zhou Wang began discussing the construction at the start of the spring, and the group chatted while heading back to the village.

Just after the group left, in a mansion built on the back of the hill, an elderly man with white hair in the wheelchair glanced over to the direction of the group and murmured in amazement.

“This morning’s divination was not this result…… Could it be that there is a disturbance in the heavens and this is the fulfilment? …..
Who is it? Who has this ability? Hiss! Could it be…… that little girl?”

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