Chapter 5 – Testing the Divine Eyes

After all, having experienced a rebirth, even the most unbelievable thing, Xia Shao was able to calm down quickly.

She thought back carefully on the image that had appeared in her mind, recalling the image of her cousin and his wife arguing and the child she was carrying was still very young.
According to the time projection, it seemed to be exactly two or three years after their marriage?

In that case, then what she saw…… just now was a future occurrence?

Why could she suddenly see into the future of others?

Foretelling the future, could she have that ability?

Xia Shao was unsure, after all, she had just been reborn and what she had just foreseen would only happen at least twenty years later.
She didn’t have the time to wait until twenty years later to verify that she could foresee the future, so could she foresee what would be happening shortly instead? Or, what would be happening today?

With this in mind, she suddenly heard her young Aunt-in-law Jiang QiuLin spoke: “Dad, Mom, I’m going out for a walk.
I’ve been sitting for too long and I’m a bit uncomfortable.”

When Xia Shao heard this, she knew that the opportunity had come and immediately stared at her young aunt-in-law.

She focused her mind on what would happen next.
This approach was something she wasn’t sure would it work, just that the previous scenes appeared because she had a strong desire to see what would happen to her eldest aunt’s family in the future.
Thus, those images appeared, so Xia Shao was just trying to see if she could stumble upon the right method.

Unexpectedly, an image appeared in her mind—— her young aunt-in-law stood up but her legs went weak and almost fell over.
Her mother, Li Juan helped her, and then her grandfather started reprimanding her youngest uncle.

The images flashed fast and the incident happened instantly!

Jiang QiuLin probably sat too long, her legs and knee went numb.
Thus when she stood up, she let out an “ouch” and her knees went weak that scared the whole family.
Fortunately, Xia Shao’s mother, Li Juan, was close by and reached out to help her.

Jiang QiuLin had a scare and patted her chest, but Xia GuoXi scolded his youngest son Xia ZhiTao with a solemn expression: “Your wife is seven months pregnant, how could you let her stood up by herself without helping her!”

Xia ZhiTao felt injustice, his temper was similar to Xia GuoXi, which he rebutted: “Dad, I was just listening to second brother-in-law about his business matters, so that’s why I wasn’t able to pay attention, besides nothing serious happened!”

“What did you just say!” Xia Guoxi glared at him.

Seeing that both father and son were at loggerheads, Jiang ShuHui interfered: “What are you two arguing about in the New Year? ZhiTao, hurry up and go and accompany your wife.”

A dispute was then resolved.

However, Xia Shao was completely frozen, and now she couldn’t believe it.
She could foretell the future!

Yet, why did she suddenly have such ability?

This was something Xia Shao couldn’t understand, nor did she have the time to think about it.
Soon, she began to feel dizzy and felt her energy drained while being unusually tired.

Her behaviours soon caught the attention of her mother and grandmother, but they didn’t think too much about it.
As they thought that was because she had fallen into the icy water a few days ago and her body hadn’t recovered fully.
Therefore, her mother hurriedly carried Xia Shao to bed.

After the New Year, her parents went back to work in the city.
Xia Shao was still on her winter break and the school year was still a month away.
Thus, her grandmother insisted she stay over for the holiday so that she could brew tonic to boost her body immunity.
Xia ZhiYuan and his wife knew that the elderly loved their granddaughter, so they left some money aside for the elderly and let Xia Shao stay with her grandparent.

Afterward, Xia Shao began to explore her foreseeing ability.
Whenever she was free, she would stare at people, from her grandparents to Aunt Meng, Sister CuiCui, and later on to most of the people in the village.
As long as they were human, they would become her target for practice.

After experimenting for several days, Xia Shao found out that there was a limit to her foretelling ability.
If she wanted to foresee a person’s future in the distance years, then she could only use it once per day.
Moreover, it takes a long time to focus on and the result after overdrawing her powers would be similar to that previous day, wilting exhaustion that must be restored through resting before she could regain her spirits and energy back.

On the contrary, if she wants to anticipate the events of the day or the next few days, then she could use it in the range from three to six times a day, depending on how far did she want to view it in the future.

Studying it for several days later, Xia Shao had fully accepted the fact that she possessed foretelling ability.
It occurred to her that this ability of hers seemed to be very similar to the Divine Eyes.

According to Buddhism, Divine Eyes could view events that would happen in the future.
In other words, a person with the Divine Eyes was able to foresee the future.
The stronger the ability of the Divine Eyes, the further one could see long into the future and it would be more accurate.

The so-called accuracy, meant that the future events might not necessarily produce the predicted outcome as some other factors were added in.
This means that if Xia Shao foresees the future, the future could be changed if external forces intervene!

The future was what everyone wants to know, both in the past and in the present, but it couldn’t be brought with money!

When she thought of this, a thought flashed in Xia Shao’s mind.
She understood what it mean but how she was going to use this ability was something she had to plan for the future.

Naturally, this was not something which she could openly boast about it as the bigger the tree was, the more it would attract the wind, not to mention that Xia Shao was just a small grass, not even a small sapling yet.
She had no family or power behind her to support and was strong enough to protect her.
To put it blatantly, it would only bring trouble for her if words got out or if someone with ulterior motives took a liking towards her, she would lose her freedom of choice.

Xia Shao was not interested in becoming a bargaining chip in someone else’s hand.
What she wanted to do was always just to change her fate as well as her loved ones.
If she did it correctly, she could be strong enough to make others into her bargaining chips instead!

However, right now she was still young, how was she going to use this ability?

Just as Xia Shao was deep in thought, the next day, Aunt Meng came to visit with Sister CuiCui while bringing a piece of information.

“Jiang DaNiang, you don’t know this, do you? Zhou Wang, his second uncle, Professor Zhou is back!”

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