uan, the second was her elder aunt, Xia ZhiMei, the third was her younger aunt, Xia ZhiLan, and the fourth is her youngest uncle, Xia ZhiTao.

Xia Shao’s father, Xia ZhiYuan, was honest and simple, while her youngest uncle, being the youngest in the family, was favoured since childhood, and had a bad temper and was idling during his youth.

In Xia Shao’s memory, the youngest Uncle Xia ZhiTao just married two years ago and he doesn’t work and when he ran out of money, he would go home and ask her grandparents.
The Aunt-in-law Jiang QiuLin was no pushover either.
It’s not uncommon for her to whine and cry about poverty, and every time she returns home to complain about married a useless man and then took handfuls of money from her grandparents before returning home.
The relationship between the both was not very peaceful either, and quarrels were a common occurrence.

Later on, Xia ZhiTao and someone partnered up in the construction business and made some money.
However, after that he had a mistress out there and only until the mistress showed up pregnant, the couple had a big fight and divorce.
Her cousin went to live with her father along with her stepmother and stepsister which she suffered a lot afterwards.

Of course, these were memories from the previous life.

According to Xia Shao’s memory, now the situation didn’t seem to be that serious yet.
Calculating the time, it had only been a short duration since young Uncle and Aunt-in-law had gotten married, and it seemed that Aunt-in-law had just gotten pregnant during this year?

Sure enough, when it was nearly evening, Jiang QiuLin came back with her big belly and with Xia ZhiTao.
The two of them didn’t bring many things, and when they entered the house, Xia ZhiTao called out: “Dad.
Mom, LinLin is a bit unwell, so we are late.”

“What? She is not feeling well?” A loud voice came from the inner room, Xia GuoXi was originally listening to the radio in the house, even Xia Shao’s parents came back, and he didn’t even come out to take a look.
Yet now when he heard this, he rushed out from the room and asked: “You’re in the city, close to the hospital, haven’t you bring LinLin to see it? Don’t be afraid to spend money.
If you don’t have enough, just tell me.
We shouldn’t delay any issue with my eldest grandson!”

The moment he said this, Aunt-in-law laughed and secretly elbowed Uncle Xia ZhiTao, who rubbed his hands and laughed: “You’re right Dad.
For the sake of your grandson, your son wouldn’t dare to be negligent, would I? But you’re right, it’s the Eve of the New Year, and tomorrow is the actual New Year, so if we go to the hospital and meet the doctor on duty, we have to show our sincerity, right? Otherwise, they’ll be in a hurry to go home for the celebration, then they won’t have the patience to consult us properly.”

When grandfather heard that, he went back to his room without saying another word and came out a moment later with a thousand yuan in his hand.
He shoved it into his youngest son’s hand while saying: “Take it and spend it first, and ask from us if you don’t have enough.”

Uncle Xia ZhiTao and Aunt-in-law Jiang QiuLin stared at the money with smiles blooming on their faces and replied: “Thank you, Dad.” At this time, the monthly salary of an ordinary worker in a small third-tier town was just over two hundred yuan, and prices were also very low.
A thousand yuan seems very little now, but back then, it was almost four or five months’ salary for a person who didn’t eat or drink! The couple were naturally happy to see this amount.

Xia Shao’s mother looked at the money and her expression changed slightly.
Although she was gentle, a rare filial daughter-in-law, yet her father-in-law obviously favoured his youngest daughter-in-law in front of her as the eldest daughter-in-law.
No matter how gentle she was, it was still slightly uncomfortable.
Moreover, that money was what they had passed it to the elderly today as a tribute, and it turned around and gave it to their youngest uncle and sisters-in-law.

Her mother glanced back at Xia Shao’s father, who laughed and patted her hand to reassure her.
As far as he was concerned, the money was meant to be a tribute to his parents, and since it had been given to them, they were free to use it as they wished.

Her mother sighed secretly and then glanced back at her, with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

It was as if these events were repeating themselves, as they had indeed happened in Xia Shao’s memory.
However, during that time, Xia Shao did not quite understand the underlying feelings between the adults, nor did she understand why her mother glanced at her with a hint of sadness.

Yet now, with the soul of a nearly thirty-year-old adult, she can’t help but hold her breath when she looked at what happened back then.

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