ndeed the true child-king of the village’s children.

The last one to enter was Pang Dun.

Pang Dun was the son of Zhou Wang’s family, he was the same age as Xia Shao and his name was called Zhou MingXu.
However, even though his name was nice, he weighed nearly a hundred pounds which made him pant and puff when he walked, so how could he even somersault?

He waved his hand timidly: “I, I can’t somersault……”

“Pang Dun! Are you afraid? XiangZi had even flipped twice, if you don’t dare to flip even one, then you’re too much of a coward!” Du Ping had rested enough and jeered as he got up from the ground.

In this era, most of the children in the village were very simple, otherwise with just being a relative of Professor Zhou, Pang Dun could easily avoid it.
Unfortunately, the children didn’t care about such status.
Although Pang Du was timid, he also had his pride.
He moved to the centre of the courtyard despite the timid look he had in his gaze.

“Just to be clear, you guys are not allowed to laugh if I … I can’t flip over…..”

“We won’t laugh, as long as you dare to flip.” Du Ping promised with a righteous look.

“Then, I’ll flip…..” Pang Du stared at the ground and gulped, his eyes glowing timidly and his expression was torn.

All the children around them were shouting and cheering, but in the crowd, Xiao Shao was slightly stunned.


At this moment, in Xia Shao’s eyes of Pang Dun.
His eyes and mouth were slightly drooping, his expression was torn and sad, and his YinTang1 had a slightly greyish hue.
That was a sign that things were not going well and that he was about to meet a disaster.

In this holiday break, apart from practising martial arts on the mountain to nurture her Qi.
Xia Shao also learnt some basic knowledge of face reading from Tang ZongBo.
She had the mind and soul of an adult, and her understanding was naturally much better, so her comprehension and receptiveness surprised even Tang ZongBo.

In terms of physiognomy, a person’s face was not always the same and there were always some changes from time to time.
A powerful face reader could use these subtleties to determine a person’s fortune in the near future and didn’t even need divination.

In fact, this makes sense from a scientific point of view.
For example, at this moment, Pang Dun had a torn and sorrowful expression, which means that he was worried and extremely nervous.
The probability of a person having an accident was way higher than usual when he was under a tense mental state and stress.
Only this was from the judgement based on psychological behavioural and logics, whereas physiognomy was better at looking at the subtleties of a person’s features.
It was actually the same thing, only the latter seems a little more mysterious.

However, not everyone could see the “YinTang Fa Hei2”, only those who could communicate with the energy of heaven and earth could see it.
Therefore, many swindlers often bluff about the YinTang Fa He, which was mostly untrue.
Those very few people who could really tell the colour, were exceptionally a master.

Xia Shao had the Divine Eyes, so she could see the greyish and inauspicious aura and immediately felt something bad was about to happen.
However, it was too late for her to use her Divine Eyes and foresee what would happen afterwards.

Right now she saw Pang Dun slapped his hands, got into a ready position, gritted his teeth and tried flipping over!

After all, he was so fat that he could barely walk without panting, and let alone somersaulting? As soon as he slapped his hands on the ground and tried flipping his body over, his arms suddenly bent and gave way!

Pang Dun was originally head down, so with his arms bent, his head was about to crash onto the ground! With his weight, if he crashed on the ground with his head first, he might bleed from the scratches, but in the worse case, he might even break his neck and spine!

In the nick of time, a figure suddenly bursts out of the crowd.

Xia Shao grabbed Pang Dun by his collar and yanked him up.
Following the flow of his flipping motion, Xia Shao spun him around in place.
Pang Dun was dizzy and before he could react, he had already landed firmly on the ground.

The children in the courtyard were all stunned by the suddenness of the incident.
When they reacted, they all stared at Xia Shao.

No one was more amazed than Liu CuiCui and Du Ping, whose mouths were opened wide enough to stuff in an egg.

Liu CuiCui stared at Xia Shao from top to bottom in amazement.
Looking at her fair and lovely appearance, and then at the fat Pang Dun who was sitting on the floor, puffing and panting while dazing off in shock.
Liu CuiCui shook her head in disbelief.

This was Pang Dun ah! She couldn’t even lift him, but ShaoZi managed to lift him with one hand by his collar and even spun him around in a circle?

Du Ping was even more depressed, was this still that little girl from the city that he had bullied so much previously, and often cry until Liu CuiCui went to find him for a fight? How was it possible that she looked even stronger than him?

It’s not fun! Unfair!

At this point, the children in the courtyard were abuzz, cheering and crowding around, looking at Xia Shao in wonder.

The little girl, Xia Shao, who had transferred from the city was once again surrounded by lots of spectators.

Xia Shao was awkward that on the first day of school, she had earned herself the title of Hercules.

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