r>However, in our line of work, we are concerned with karma and do not want to commit any sins.
Yet, in this world, not everything will be paid for being good or evil as even the ghosts and gods are afraid to approach the most truly evil people.
To eliminate evil is to spread the good, and you will understand it later when you are standing at a certain height…..”

Tang ZongBo sighed and waved his hand: “I am not going to chat more about this with you.
Having to say all those, do you know which of the five arts of metaphysics is the most difficult?”

Xia Shao thought for a moment: “Shifu hasn’t explained ‘mountain’ yet, so what does the mountain mean? Why are the mountains the hardest of all?”

Tang ZongBo laughed: “That’s right! The hardest part is the mountain! Mountain means the secret art of cultivating the mind and exercising the body and it is also the toughest realm to attain.
To put it bluntly, it is the kung fu of mortals practising and cultivating immortality.
Since ancient times, those who cultivate the Immortal Dao2 called themselves the Mountain Clan and that is what they mean.
Our Xuan Sect has inherited the technique of exhaling and nourishing Qi, which some people refer it as QiGong, but it is not comprehensive.
In short, only when one really learns to exhale and nourish Qi, can one communicate the vital energy of heaven and earth thus creating a real Feng Shui formation.
That is what makes one an authentic Feng Shui master and no way are those charlatans in the Jianghu are comparable.”

At first, Xia Shao wanted to laugh when she heard the word ‘cultivating immortality’ but the more she listened to the explanation, the more her urge to laugh was subsidised.
She had heard of QiGong, and she could also see the Qi of heaven and earth with her Divine Eyes.
This meant that the Qi exhalation and cultivation of immortality and the practice of the Immortal Dao as mentioned by ShiFu, definitely existed while such people were just extremely rare nowadays.

Xia Shao had a feeling of being in a different world.
In her previous life, she was busy searching for a job after she had graduated from the university.
She worked hard for seven years in a company and became a busy member of the first-tier city, when would she ever imagine that there was such a group of people in the world?

Suddenly she realized that it seemed her previous life had long been moved far away from her but she had obviously been reborn for just over half a month only.

Xia Shao glanced up at the sky through the spare branches overhead, and she knew that in this life, her life path would inevitably be one of a great change……

After regaining back her sense, Xia Shao couldn’t help but took a good look at Tang ZongBo.
Although the old man’s hair was white, his face was rosy and he seems like he was still in his prime.
His face had no wrinkles at all and his spirit was still bright and cheerful.
It seems that the Taoist method of nourishing Qi benefited life and prolonged it, and the result really did look good.

“Oh well, alright enough.
I’ve told you so much in one go, and I don’t know if you could remember it.
There’s no hurry, ShiFu will first teach you the method of exhaling and nourishing Qi.”

Xia Shao nodded her head and began to learn carefully.

After that day, Xia Shao went to the mountains every day.
Although Xia GuoXi didn’t like it, he could not oppose her because of Professor Zhou previous lecture.
Anyway, when his granddaughter was at home, he was busy watching TV and listening to the radio, so he didn’t have much to chat with her.
Thus, he just turned a blind eye and let her be.

It was just Jiang ShuHui who cares for her granddaughter and always nagged at her to be careful not to fall when she went up and down the mountain.
However, in her mind, she also wondered what attracted her little granddaughter to wake up early every day and climb the mountain.

The two elderly naturally didn’t know that ever since Xia Shao had gone to the mountain to practice martial arts and cultivate her Qi, the transformation was happening in her body every moment…..

In the meantime, the school transfer was done, the winter break was rushed through and Xia Shao started schooling.

太乙神数 TaiYi ShenShu1 = TaiYi divine number
仙道 Immortal Dao2 = The ‘way’ of immortal


Alright finally posted.
Sorry for the delay again as those terms… XD.
Hope you all enjoyed it.
Thank you for reading.)

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