Chapter 10 – Testing

The view from the main courtyard was even more elegant than the front sector of the courtyard, but Xia Shao didn’t have the time to look at the view.
She saw an old man with full white hair, tumbled on the ground with his flipped wheelchair on the floor, it seems like a very bad fall!

Xia Shao hurriedly rushed over.

The old man was lying on the ground with his wheelchair on top of him, and Xia Shao immediately rushed over to move the wheelchair away.

Although she was a child, yet she wasn’t that young to not be able to lift the wheelchair away.
For some reason, the wheelchair was surprisingly heavy!

After tugging a few times, Xia Shao found that the side of the wheelchair was pinned underneath the old man and could not be pulled away by any means.

In desperation, Xia Shao got to the front of the old man and tried to help him pry away the wheelchair that was pressed against him while grunting with difficulty: “Get out quickly!”

As she spoke, she pushed against the wheelchair, fearing that if she couldn’t hold on, it would fall and hit the old man again.

As she was so focused, she didn’t see that the old man lying on the ground was sneaking glances at her.
Her little face was flushed, her brow was furrowed and she looked so determined that unless she had gotten him out, she would not give up so easily.

The old man nodded slightly, his gleaming eyes suddenly rolled around as he wailed: “Aiyoooooo! You little girl! Can’t you see that I’m in a wheelchair? I can’t move my legs and feet…..

Xia Shao was depressed and she muttered in her mind: You couldn’t move your legs yet you still had the energy to shout! Couldn’t you see the I’ve puny hands and legs? It was difficult enough for me to hold on for that long!

After all, the other party was an old man, and it was a fact that he had fallen on the ground while his legs were disabled.
Thus, she wasn’t willing to take it personally with an old man who was in trouble.

Xia Shao had to move to the side, place the weight of the wheelchair onto her shoulders, and hold it with one hand while the other hand pushed the old man’s back with all her might.

However, this old man who was over a hundred pounds could not be easily lifted by an adult with one hand, let alone the current Xia Shao?

On a cold day in early spring, Xia Shao’s forehead gradually oozed with sweat.
Her shoulder was extremely painful from the weight of the wheelchair, and it seem like she was unable to hold on to it any longer.

Just then, the old man’s body seemed to be shifting outwards.

Xia Shao was delighted and inserted more strength into her push.
The old man seemed to have gained back his energy, and although he couldn’t move his legs, he could still slowly shift away slightly with his hands supporting himself off the ground.

As soon as he moved out, Xia Shao sighed with relief and instantly lost all her strength.
The wheelchair she was carrying on her shoulders swayed and looked like it was about to smash down and crush her underneath it.

Xia Shao’s hand was suddenly tugged! The old man’s hand was so bony and hard that it seem like an iron grip.
Xia Shao was stunned, and when she became suspicious, she heard a series of sounds in the courtyard.




Xia Shao was jerked out by the old man and was thrown to the ground, the back of her head hitting the ledge on the pavement.
She almost burst into tears and her eyes blacken with a line of gold stars spinning around.

Xia Shao suddenly began to doubt her intuition if it was really that accurate! Today was simply her unlucky day and this old man was simply her nemesis!

Also, for a moment there, she had become suspicious.

That old man’s hands, it was clear evidence that he was trained in martial arts! Xia Shao knew this because Xia GuoXi was an ex-soldier and could do some simple martial arts, and his hands were bony and the grip was like an iron-clamp!

She could guarantee that this old man was definitely a skilled practitioner!

With this suspicion in mind, the old man’s falling incident made Xia Shao wonder.

A martial arts practitioner who had tumbled sideways from his wheelchair, why would he wail like that? Moreover, the old man’s wail was so full of energy!

Is he…… trying to trick her? Yet, what was the intention?

Just when Xia Shao was suspicious, she saw Old Uncle Wang running out from the next room.

“Old Mr.
Tang! Aiyooo, Old Mr.
Tang! Are you alright?” Old Uncle Wang asked as he hurriedly picked up the wheelchair and assisted the old man to the seat.

Xia Shao was even more puzzled because Old Uncle Wang had run out from the west side of the room.

When he came to find this Old Mr.
Tang, who was clearly in the courtyard, so why did he search in the room instead? Also, if he had been in the room just now, how could he not have heard the old man wailing?

Xia Shao frowned, in one of the images which she remember from using her Divine Eyes to foresee today’s event, Old Uncle Wang and this Old Mr.
Tang were chatting about something in the house, yet none of this event was happening now……

Could it be that when Old Uncle Wang entered the courtyard, he had already found the old man and the two of them had discussed to act out this play just now?

Xia Shao’s guess was not incorrect as Old Uncle Wang was also confused at the same time.

When he entered the courtyard, he found Old Mr.
Tang in the house, and he was all well, yet he insisted he hides in the room for a while and no matter what happened in the courtyard, he shouldn’t come out of the room.

Then the next thing he saw was Old Mr.
Tang fall to the ground on his own, and Xia Shao ran over from a distance to help Old Mr.
Tang to get out of his wheelchair with great effort.

However, when he saw Xia Shao knocked onto the stone pavement, Old Uncle Wang could no longer remain quiet in the room.

Xia GuoXi’s bad temper was notorious in the village! He didn’t want his granddaughter to come up and meet Tang Lao, and now Tang Lao had even knocked his granddaughter onto the pavement.
If the child went home and complained to her grandfather, he, as the village chief, would be disgraced for helping the outsider instead of his villagers.

Old Uncle Wang helped Tang Lao up and then rushed over to help Xia Shao.
Yet to his surprise, she just patted away the dust on her body and stood up, she didn’t even look like she was hurt, nor did she act like a normal child who wanted to cry out and run back home to complain.

Instead, she just looked so calm, and just kept rubbing on the back of her head with her hand.

Old Uncle Wang treated this kind of aloofness as something extraordinary had happened.
This child, had she turned into an idiot after falling?

“Xiao ShaoZi! Are you injured or not? Say something!” Old Uncle Wang knelt and grabbed Xia Shao and shook her around.
He had brought this child up to the mountain, if something really happened to her, how was he going to explain to the old Xia family?

“…… Old Uncle Wang, I’m fine!” Xia Shao was speechless, yes, it was painful when she fell down and knocked onto the ledge, but now she was already feeling better.
The strange thing was that she didn’t have any bump on the back of her head even though she knocked on the ledge so hard just now.

On the contrary, if Old Uncle Wang, continued to shake her this violently, she would sooner or later die of dizziness!

“You’re okay? Really fine?” Old Uncle Wang touched the back of Xia Shao’s head uncertainly, yet he found no trace of a bump from the fall.
Finally, he exhaled out his worries and put his mind at ease.

It was not until Xia Shao was freed from Old Uncle Wang’s vigorous shaking then she remember to check out the old man in the wheelchair beside her.

From just this look, one could not help but be startled.

The old man’s hair was white, his face was rosy, his eyes were bright and unruffled.
He had a finger-length white beard on his chin which gave him the aura like an immortal and had the look of a worldly expert.

Xia Shao’s eyes narrowed slightly, with such a rosy face which part of the old man looks like a patient? It looked like he was very energetic! She was now even more sure that she had just been tricked!


At that moment, the old man laughed, and his voice was strong and spiritual as he spoke: “Old village chief, thank you for bringing this child up to the mountain today.
There is some tea and snacks in the west wing, so please go and wait inside for a little while longer.
I have something to chat with this little kid.”


Xia Shao and Old Uncle Wang were both stunned.

The old man, however, had already shifted his wheelchair and went up the slope into the main room, his voice rang out from his back view.

“Little girl, follow me into the room.”

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