Chapter 42: Waking up

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When Liang Huai Yu received the news, she rushed over in a hurry.
As soon as she entered the door, she saw Gu Yu Qi lying on the soft couch with a pale face.
Her heart sank.


Just now, her eyelids had been twitching but seeing this was the final straw.


“Greetings Princess,” Liang-shi bowed hurriedly.
“Greetings Crown Prince.
Greetings Your Highness Prince Jing, greetings Your Highness the Seventh Prince.” After she finished speaking, she immediately took out Gu Yu Qi’s prescription and handed it to the imperial physician.


Along the way, the eunuch who had sent the message had explained the whole story to her.


Liang-shi was a straightforward person.
Her heart had already been clenched into a ball but she still maintained her composure.
There was no use going crazy now.
They could only find out why Gu Yu Qi suddenly fainted.


Princess Ping Hu saw Liang-shi’s performance and nodded secretly in her heart.
In the face of danger, she was not reckless and nor crying randomly as she came in.
She was a good person.


She was not idle either.
She had called over all the people who delivered the sweet soup for Gu Yu Qi and all the maids who made the sweet soup.
They were kneeling in a row on one side of the tent.


The lily and snow fungus soup was prepared long ago.
Gu Yu Qi was not the only one who drank it.
Princess Jing Cheng, Princess Yun He, Princess Yun Xi, and even Princess Jia Xi also drank it.
They were safe and sound and only Gu Yu Qi had an accident.
The maid who prepared the sweet soup swore that there was absolutely no peacebloom in the ingredients.

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It was originally prepared for noble ladies.
They were going to hunt on horseback so how could peacebloom be used? No matter how stupid she was, she would not be that stupid! Peacebloom had the effect of calming the nerves and giving a good sleep.
Everyone knew this and the idea of going out to ride a horse after drinking the sweet soup made with peacebloom.


The people in Princess Ping Hu’s palace were all old people who had been with her for many years, so how could such a mistake have been made?


Imperial Physician Ning took the recipe and looked at it carefully, then patted his thigh, “Yes, this is it.” In fact, he had already had suspicions but was afraid of using the wrong medicine.
It was better to have the exact prescription now.
One of Gu Yu Qi’s medicines for treating a cold was unique to the Qi dynasty, called dendrobium candidum, which was much better than ordinary dendrobium.
This medicine was very precious and only grew on precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs of steep mountains.
It was difficult to harvest and so ordinary people did not use dendrobium to treat colds.
Only imperial family members and nobles could use this medicine.
The medicinal effect of dendrobium was very long-lasting.


When dendrobium candidum and peacebloom met, there would be a medicinal mutual amplifying effect, not mutual restraint.
Dendrobium candidum amplified the efficacy of peacebloom, causing peacebloom poisoning.


When this happens, peacebloom not only gives a sleepy effect, it has the powerful effect of causing a coma.
If the amount of peacebloom used was large, it would make people fall into a coma with a weakened heart and paralysed nerves, causing death.


“But is there a solution?” Princess Ping Hu asked immediately.


“There is, there is.
Your Highness the Princess please wait a moment.” Imperial Physician Ning first wrote a prescription.
Then he took out the silver needles he was carrying with him and placed one in Gu Yu Qi’s Baihui acupoint.
Then he also put several along her Hegu acupoint.
“Your Highness, please ask someone to make the medicine immediately.
No need to decoct it, but just boil it.”


“Of course.” Princess Ping Hu immediately called someone to prepare the medicine according to the prescription written by Imperial Physician Ning.
Not long after, the boiled medicine was brought over.


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Imperial Physician Ning asked everyone to go out, then asked people to bring a brazier in, actually wanting the medicine to smoke throughout the room.


Princess Ping Hu took everyone to a small tent that had been temporarily set up and anxiously waited for the news from Imperial Physician Ning.


Liang-shi refused to leave and stayed by Gu Yu Qi’s side in daze.
The smell of the medicine was very choking but Liang-shi endured it and hugged Gu Yu Qi in her arms.
However, her tears could not help falling.


When Princess Ping Hu was here just now, she could not show it.
Now that everyone had gone out, she no longer had to endure it.
She knew in her heart that someone had deliberately put medicine in Gu Yu Qi’s sweet soup.


She came from an aristocratic family so how could she not know the use of peaceblooms?


When hunting on horseback, what was the consequence of being sleepy? Gu Yu Qi was only ten years old.
If her hands and feet were weak and could not hold the reins, the consequences were simply… Liang-shi did not even dare to think about it any longer.


Who the hell wanted to harm her daughter?


Princess Ping Hu must be as ignorant as herself.
She had no grudges against the Marquis’ family.
On the contrary, it could be seen that she had some affection towards Gu Yu qi.
Someone who could cause harm in Princess Ping Hu’s place… Liang-shi did not dare to think about it anymore.


If the imperial family wanted to use anything to cause a problem, they could have taken anything and it would have been messy.
Why would they attack Gu Yu Qi? Liang-shi was puzzled.

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Gu Yu Qi’s eyes were closed tightly.
She could feel what was going on outside but she could not wake up.
She was like a sober bystander.
When she heard Yun Ke rush over, hug her, and mount the horse, she wanted to struggle but felt imprisoned in her body with absolutely no way of moving.


She could even feel Yun Ke’s heartbeat which was pressed completely against her chest.


Gu Yu Qi wanted to laugh very much.
What she had not been able to get after begging in the previous life had actually been done so easily in this life.


And then? There was nothing after that… Her heart was as cold as dead ashes and there was no turbulence at all, only nausea and disgust.
It was probably how he felt about her in the previous life.


Destiny really had fun, always playing with you when you were not expecting it!


She could also feel Liang-shi’s icy tears falling onto her skin, boiling hot, melting her heart instantly.


She wanted to reach out and wipe away Liang-shi’s tears, but she still could not move.


She tried very hard to wake up, very very hard, but she had no way of doing so.

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She seemed to be bound and imprisoned and could not find an exit at all.
Suddenly, a light appeared in her soul.
She felt like someone who had been drowning for a long time and had suddenly caught a life-saving rope.
She followed the light and walked forward desperately.


“She should be waking up.” Imperial Physician Ning frowned and looked at Gu Yu Qi who was still motionless.
He moved the needle a bit and placed three more needles at three other acupoints.


Gu Yu Qi trembled suddenly.
She took a deep breath, then opened her eyes faintly.


“She’s waking, she’s waking!” Liang-shi was overjoyed and her tears could not stop flowing down.
It was freezing cold outside and she was sweating profusely.


Gu Yu Qi was suddenly sweating all over her body.
After a while, beads of sweat kept rolling down her forehead.
She was soaking wet as though she had just been fished out of the water.


“It’s done, it’s done.” Imperial Physician Ning was overjoyed and said to Liang-shi, “Congratulations, Madam of the Marquis’ residence.
Miss Gu’s sweating means she will be fine.”


In fact, he had been at a loss just now.
Gu Yu Qi looked like she had only been poisoned, but it seemed that the dose of peacebloom given to her was not small.
If she did not wake up again, even Imperial Physician Ning would be a little helpless.


Fortunately, Gu Yu Qi lived up to expectations and woke up.


As Gu Yu Qi woke up, Imperial Physician Ning immediately sent someone to pass the message to Princess Ping Hu.
Then he ordered people to remove the medicine from the tent.
The medicine was very strong and healthy people could not withstand the smell, not to mention Gu Yu Qi who had been poisoned.

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