Chapter 37: The horse is startled

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Zhang Wan Yi worked hard in her last life.
Even though she married Yun Yi, she still stayed by Yun Ke’s side in the end and was only one step away from the empress’ position.


How could such a woman be kind to herself? In the princess’ residence last time, how could Zhang Wan Yi not be part of those who wanted her to fall into the water? It was just that she had always been meticulous and never acted directly, so she would not be caught.
Gu Yu Qi used Zhang Wan Yi’s mind to turn things around because she knew her too well from her previous life.


She had only sent the plum blossom to test the waters.
After going through the last incident at the princess’ residence, although everyone knew it and did not show it openly, there was still a knot in her heart.
If she sent it personally and was sent away by Gu Yu Qi, it would not look for her.
Now Gu Yu Qi was in the limelight and if this kind of thing happened, others would inevitably raise some eyebrows.
The Xiuyan jade bottle was a treasure.
Her intention was not on the plum blossom, but on the bottle.


If Gu Yu Qi accepted it, then she was willing to make friends with her in disguise, at least she would not refute her to the face and it would be easier to contact her in the future.
Even giving gifts was complex with multiple twists and turns.
The corner of Gu Yu Qi’s mouth hooked up.


Zhang Wan Yi had really played a calculated hand.


However, now was not the time to turn against Zhang Wan Yi.
She knew that she would become Princess Jing after all.
If she had any grudges against her now, not only her but the entire Marquis’ residence would be punished underhandedly in the future.
Her father was the chief minister of the court, the prime minister of the dynasty.


“Since someone has sent a gift, it’s not good if we don’t return anything.” Gu Yu Qi thought for a moment and smiled, “Let’s see what Father hunts today and send it to the Zhang residence.”


Hearing this, Liang-shi nodded and smiled, “That would be best.  Your father is a newly risen Marquis but the Zhang residence was born a civil servant.”


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Gu Yu Qi covered her mouth and smiled.
They were elegant and sent her a jade bottle with a plum blossom, but her own family returned it with some bloody prey.
She felt drunk thinking about it.
Her mother was a little more simple-minded and did not think about so many aspects.
This made Gu Yu Qi feel more pity for Liang-shi.


She really hoped that she would be able to protect her mother and keep her peaceful for life.


Thinking of Zhang Wan Yi, this would definitely give her a sigh of relief but then she despised Gu Yu Qi.
That kind of elegance could not be learned by upstarts like the Gu family who gained the title on horseback.


Gu Yu Qi wanted that effect.


Didn’t Mother want to go hunting on horseback?” Gu Yu Qi suddenly remembered that her mother was also a martial artist and could not help asking.


Liang-shi’s eyes lit up, then gradually the light went out, “Forget it, Ah Nan is still ill.” She touched Gu Yu Qi’s long hair but her gaze could not help floating towards the outside.


She had sometimes to be as unrestrained as she had been when she was younger, but with her current status, she should forget it.


“During the great Qi dynasty’s Winter Hunting Festival, noble madams and young ladies are allowed to go hunting on horseback.” Gu Yu Qi obviously took in all her mother’s minute actions and smiled, “Since we’re here, let’s go play.”


The ancestors of the Qi dynasty took the world on horseback and the ancestral emperor, and even the empress, had extraordinary martial arts skills.
Hence, on the day of the Winter Hunting Festival, even noble women who usually could not leave the front door were allowed to hunt on horseback.

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That was why in her previous life, Gu Yu Qi had taken advantage of the Winter Hunting Festival to perform an amazing arrow shot and gained a full round of applause.


“It’s just that you are still ill, and Mother doesn’t want you to be left alone,” Liang-shi looked at Gu Yu Qi lovingly.


“I’m going with Mother,” Gu Yu Qi immediately climbed out of bed when she heard this and smiled.


“Absolutely not.” Liang-shi shook her head, “Your fever just lowered, how can you go out and be blown in the wind?” After she finished speaking, she was about to stuff Gu Yu Qi back into the bed.
Gu Yu Qi hugged Liang-shi’s arm like a little monkey and said coquettishly, “Mother, see, I’m all better and I want to see how majestic Mother is on horseback.
It’s alright, I’ll wear more to make sure I won’t fall ill again.
Besides, I’ve been lying down for a long time and the more I lie down, the more tired my body is.
Mother, let your daughter come.


Liang-shi could not stand Gu Yu Qi’s persuasion so she invited the imperial physician to come and give Gu Yu Qi another consultation to make sure she was really alright.
Then she wrapped Gu Yu Qi into a ball and took her out of the tent.


Every residence had brought horses and the Gu family was no exception.
The East Mountain hunting ground also raised some fine horses and some docile ponies for the noble families to use.


Gu Yu Qi could ride.
In order to avoid being regarded as a monster, she still pretended to pester Liang-shi to teach her the essentials of riding.
Liang-shi smiled and chose a pony for her, then verbally taught her how to ride.
Then she helped her daughter onto the horse.


Gu Yu Qi wore too much and she looked like a small ball on the back of a horse, but it was indescribably cute.


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She only went around two laps led by a servant and she had already “learned” it.
Liang-shi was already used to it and was not surprised.
Her daughter was good at everything.
Seeing how well she rode, her heart was filled with pride.


Looking at the other noble daughters in the racecourse, only the word “stupid” could be used to describe them… After learning for a long time, they could not even pull the reins and screamed nervously.


Gu Yu Qi “learned” at such a speed that she caught the eyes of the other noble ladies on the racecourse.
The projected gazes were mixed, some were envious, some angry, others were stunned.


Even the little servant who led Gu Yu Qi’s horse was amazed.
She could not help but look at Gu Yu Qi more.
This was the rumoured talented woman from the capital, she really was different.


When Liang-shi saw that Gu Yu Qi was moving smoothly, she went to choose a horse herself, Leaping up and getting on the horse neatly, her movements were elegant and clean and it even made the other madams and ladies in the racecourse envious.


Gu Yu Qi looked at her mother.
Her mother suddenly became a different person when she mounted the horse.
There was a natural beauty that emerged from her eyes.
As expected of someone born from Jiangnan, that sassy and heroic posture was something that no one else could learn.


In just a moment, Gu Yu Qi and her mother became the focus of attention on the racecourse and even passersby stopped to take a second look.


Liang-shi took Gu Yu Qi to trot two laps on the sand in the middle of the racecourse.
She felt that since entering the capital, this was the first day she felt so free.
With the company of her well-behaved daughter, even the biting cold wind became warm.


The smile between her eyebrows became stronger and her whole body seemed to be lively.
In addition, Gu Yu Qi could not help but say some playful words and the laughter Liang-shi usually suppressed overflowed from her throat unknowingly.

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On the racecourse, the mother-daughter duo became the most beautiful scene.
The bigger one was beautiful and the smaller one was cute.
They had an indescribable harmony and the nobles who passed by were envious of the Ding Yuan Marquis’ good fortune.


The mother and daughter were chatting and laughing and were very happy.


After a few laps, Liang-shi felt her body had warmed up and although it was freezing cold, she was already sweating a bit.
She looked at Gu Yu Qi and saw her face was ruddy.
She was afraid because Gu Yu Qi had just gotten better so she could not work too hard.
She asked someone to take her off the horse.


Liang-shi was about to dismount when she heard an exclamation from not far away.
She and Gu Yu Qi looked over.
They saw to the left some noble madam’s horse suddenly startled and had trampled and knocked down the servant leading the horse.
People rose to their feet and the person on the horse was already pale with fright, tightly holding the reins so as not to be thrown off by the horse.
The horse neighed and spreading its hooves, it ran off.
The startled horse instantly jumped over the fence of the racecourse and ran towards the woods.


Neither the guards nor the servants on the racecourse were on horseback.
They were stunned at first, then they chased after them regardless of if they had horses or not.


When Liang-shi saw this, she subconsciously flicked her reins and her horse charged off immediately.


“Be careful Mother,” Gu Yu Qi shouted.


“You stay here and don’t run around,” Liang-shi shouted, then she charged off in the direction of the frightened horse.


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