perial court had first thought that the concubine was the legitimate Madam up until the granting of the title, and had not expected that she was just a concubine.


He could not help but look again at Liang-shi.
He saw that she was at the height of her youth and vigour with skin as white as snow; she was indeed a beauty.
It was no wonder that her daughter had been born so beautiful.
She had been born in the Liang family in Jiangnan, an aristocratic family with hundreds of years of history.
It was just that their numbers had faded a little recently.
However, they were not comparable to the aristocratic families in the capital, although they had centuries of heritage and amazing characters.
Her father had been the guard of the battlefield back then, an old general who had guarded the borders of the Qi dynasty for 30 years.
General Liang had been strict in military discipline and had fought bravely.
If he had not…


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In short, a daughter taught by such characters was also the best.


Liang-shi saw herself being scrutinised by Prince Jing and her face reddened slightly.
She tried to stand up straight but whenever she loosened her hands, the two children would cry incessantly.
She was afraid of being too noisy for Prince Jing, so she could only look at Prince Jing in embarrassment and smile wryly,, “Request His Highness Prince Jing to forgive the rudeness of this minister’s wife.” 


“No matter, no matter.” Prince Jing hurriedly waved his hand and said, “The young master and young miss of the family are frightened so naturally they would cry.
This prince has ordered someone to set up a tent on the side for Madam.
Madam can take the young master and young miss there to rest temporarily.
This prince has also ordered people to find the Ding Yuan Marquis and return.
Madam need not worry.”


“Thanking Prince Jing for His Highness’ life-saving grace,” Liang-shi was grateful from the bottom of her heart and she could not help but have a good impression of this polite young prince.


“No need to thank this prince.
Speaking of which, this prince would like to thank the young miss of this residence.” After he finished speaking, he clasped his hands together and bowed towards Gu Yu Qi.
This frightened Gu Yu Qi, who had been standing to the side, and made her jump.
She almost broke her foot as she hurriedly knelt down, “Your Highness is overwhelming this minister’s daughter.”


“What has that girl achieved for His Highness to thank?” Liang-shi was also taken aback.
Gu Yu Qi actually made Prince Jing bow down.
While she was not there, what had her daughter done?


“If your residence’s young miss had not discovered the thieves’ conspiracy, I’m afraid that tonight we would all have…” Prince Jing smiled and moved his hand across his neck.
Liang-shi’s eyes widened in shock and she looked at Gu Yu Qi, “Ah Nan, just what on earth happened?”


In her panic, she called out Gu Yu Qi’s nickname in front of Prince Jing Yun Yi.


Gu Yu Qi blushed suddenly, “It’s nothing…” How embarrassing.
An old monster who had lived for three generations was actually called Ah Nan.


Prince Jing smiled lightly and looked tenderly at Gu Yu Qi’s pretty face, “Miss Gu should talk to Madam about the situation slowly.
This prince still has some things to deal with and will come to bother Madam and Young Miss tomorrow.” After speaking, he said to Gu Yu Qi, “Your plan worked and all the assassins have been caught.
The saltpetre and firewood in the wine cellar have been taken out and taken care of by this prince.” After saying that, he smiled and turned away.


Liang-shi’s jaw was about to drop off.
What assassin, what saltpetre, and what wood? What was going on with the fire at the inn?


The next moment, Liang-shi had a hundred thousand questions.
Gu Yu Qi could only tell her mother what happened one by one.


As she listened, Liang-shi’s eyes almost turned into spirals.
She had just been away for a while, but her baby girl had done so much.
For a while, she did not know whether to laugh or to be annoyed.
Her daughter was so smart and she had known that for a long time, but how could she be this smart?! Liang-shi instantly felt that she was under a lot of pressure.


Gu Yu Qi saw that her younger brother and younger sister were clutching onto Liang-shi.
She simply walked over and hugged Gu Si Yu.
Gu Si Yu was about to cry, but then saw that it was her elder sister and closed her mouth sensibly.
After all, she had studied with Gu Yu Qi before for so long.
She clawed onto Gu Yu Qi like a koala.
Gu Yu Qi was under a lot of weight as she was only a little taller than Gu Si Yu.
Although she was quite good in martial arts, with such a big younger sister holding on, she was also unstable.


“Mother, let’s go back quickly,” Gu Yu Qi said to Liang-shi.
Only then did Liang-shi recover from her dizziness.
She and Gu Yu Qi carried a child each and walked to the tent that Prince Jing had prepared for them.


When they reached the tent, they had just cleaned themselves up slightly when Gu Huai Zhong came rushing in hurriedly with a layer of snow on him.
As soon as he came in, seeing Gu Yu Qi and her mother hugging a child each on the bed, the battle-hardened Ding Yuan Marquis was so moved that he almost cried.
He walked over quickly and spread his arms out to embrace all four people on the bed, and spoke repeatedly, “It’s good nothing happened, it’s good nothing happened.” 


Liang-shi originally wanted to push him away, but when she saw his frozen face, she could not bear to.
She just said softly, “Don’t let the chill on the Marquis’ body make the children cold.” She looked at Gu Si Yang who was snuggling in her arms and at Gu Si Yu in Gu Yu Qi’s arms.
The two children had been shocked and frightened.
After changing clothes and eating something, they were asleep but their hands were still tightly clasping her and Gu Yu Qi’s clothes.
Her heart softened.
Although these children were born from Liu-shi, they were still family after all.


I’ll get up now.” Gu Huai Zhong jumped up hurriedly.
He stood far away and shook off the snow and ice from his body.
Then he sat down carefully on the bed and focused his attention on his wife and children.


Liang-shi’s face felt hot from being stared at and she could only close her eyes and pretend to be deeply asleep.
Either way, Gu Si Yang refused to let go and she was too lazy to get up.


It was the first time Gu Yu Qi saw her father look at her mother with such gentle eyes.
From the bottom of her heart, she could not help but sigh.
If Liu-shi did not exist, her father and mother could be a beautiful couple, but unfortunately…

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She could not help but sigh deeply from her heart and slowly closed her eyes.
Yet, as soon as she closed her eyes, Yun Ke’s voice popped up in her mind like a demon.


Gu Yu Qi was so annoyed that she wanted to scratch a wall, but she could not get rid of what Yun Ke had said in the town god’s temple.



It seemed like he had really been irritated by her.
If… If she was still entangled with him in this life, then what could she do? Burn herself to death again? Her mind was caught in the door again!


Gu Yu Qi had a headache all night and could not come up with a reason.
It was not that she had not thought about simply forming an alliance with Yun Yi and joining forces to kill Yun Ke, the future boss.
However, with Yun Ke’s character and knowing that she was also reborn, it was impossible to guarantee that he would not poison her mother.


Argh so annoying!


Gu Yu Qi was so annoyed all night and the next morning, there were faint black bags under her eyes. 


Liang-shi just thought it was the shock and fear that caused it, but did not know what had really made Gu Yu Qi annoyed.


Early the next morning, the snow had stopped.
Every family brought breakfast and ate it.
All the adults had been called by Yun Yi overnight and when they came back, they all had lingering expressions on their faces.
Even the next day’s greetings were less enthusiastic.
The madams, sons, and daughters of every residence had spent the night in tents and were not in good spirits.
Everyone took to the road separately and continued to drive towards the East Mountain hunting ground in a formidable array.


Although Gu Yu Qi was curious about what the people that Yun Yi had caught had said when interrogated, there were too many people present and she could not poke around too much.
She could only hold back, hug Gu Si Yu in the carriage and sleep again.
Gu Si Yu had suffered fear and was now like a follower, following Gu Yu Qi wherever she went.
Helpless, Gu Yu Qi had no choice but to separate from Liang-shi, otherwise it would be too squeezy with four people in one carriage.


The atmosphere on the road was a little low and it was not until evening when they approached the East Mountain hunting ground that the atmosphere became lively again.


It was not the first time Gu Yu Qi had come here and she was too lazy to lift the curtain to look outside.
However, Gu Si Yu wanted to see but dared not.
She had an agonised expression and could only bother Gu Yu Qi from time to time.
Gu Yu Qi was helpless and could only open the curtains and tell her to be careful not to be blown by the wind.


The environment at the East Mountain hunting ground was a whole other world than that of the small town yesterday.
A bonfire had long been lit in the rest area of the hunting ground that lit up the tent area so it was like daytime.
The tents had been arranged neatly according to status.
The Ministry of Rites had listed out the honourable participants of the Winter Hunting Festival and there was a number plate hanging in front of each tent door.
At that time, they just needed to check in according to the number.


The horses brought by the nobles would be taken care of by specially designated people.
Within ten li of the East Mountain, martial law had already been imposed and no one was allowed to enter or leave.


After a thrilling night, the nobles arrived at the East Mountain hunting ground and got off the carriages.
Only then did they feel that they had returned to the life they should have.
Although this was a hunting ground, after so many years of construction and renovation, the comfort level inside the tents was not inferior to that of their residences.


The Ding Yuan Marquis’ family was arranged to be near Prince Jing’s tent.
This made the other families inevitably cast a sidelong glance at such an arrangement.


However, even if there was any dissatisfaction, they could only swallow and stomach it.
All the adults in the residences knew that if it had not been for the young miss from the Ding Yuan Marquis’ family, it was likely that they would have been sent to the afterlife in their sleep last night.


Although Yun Yi was greedy for merit, he was quite pragmatic.
After all, it was Gu Yu Qi who discovered the clues, not him.
If he made up a lie on this, it would not be worth the loss if someone investigated and discovered the truth.
Gu Yu Qi was just a little girl and even if she was pushed out, it would be nothing more than calling her clever.
Even if the residences showed respect, how much respect could they show? She was just a little girl.
The real grace had indeed been given by Yun Yi who had organised everyone to evacuate, caught the assassins, and protected everyone.


Gu Yu Qi already had a reputation for talent.
Now unconsciously, her reputation was even louder and even the current emperor had been alerted.


After the members of the Ding Yuan Marquis’ residence had settled down, a eunuch from the palace came to pass the decree and said that the Virtuous Consort had summoned her over.


Gu Yu Qi changed her clothes hurriedly, then followed the eunuch to the gorgeous big tent located in the innermost area under the envious gazes of the madams and young misses of each family.

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