n Fengxue said.


    Mo Chen didn’t respond and looked at Xia Yanxuan coldly.


    “Thank you for your kindness, Young Master Han! But today, my brother and I still have important things to do, perhaps some other time.
Hereafter, my brother is going to visit you, Young Master Han, to make amends for today’s event” Mo Yu smiled.


    Han Fengxue smiled heartily and patted Mo Yu’s shoulder, “Mo Yu is too modest! Feng Xue is not a stingy person.
But I will be glad to hear that”.


    He turned to look at Xia Yanxuan, and extended his hand with a smile, “Hello! I’m Han Feng Xue.”


    Xia Yanxuan’s red lips twitched, she smiled gracefully.  She reached out and shook it with him, “Xia Yanxuan.”


    “Miss Xia, I surprised you today! I am deeply sorry.
I don’t know when I can invite  Miss Xia.
If you are free, let’s have a meal and get to know each other”.
He smiled and took out the business card from his pocket and handed it to Xia Yanxuan.


    Xia Yanxuan took the business card, looked at it, and kept it away, “Thank you, Master Han.
We won’t bother you more today.”

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    “Okay! The three of you are walking slowly!”


    Looking at the backs of the three people leaving.
Han Fengxue restrained the smile on the corner of his mouth.
His eyes were cold and his thought was as deep and wide as the sea.


    Fengxue took out a cigarette and lit it.
He signals the bodyguard to come closer to his  side and says “Get all the information about that woman.”


    On their way home, Mo Yu was chatting with Xia Yanxuan happily.


    Mo Chen’s cell phone suddenly rang.
He took it out, saw the caller number, and pressed the answer button “What’s the matter?”


    An anxious voice came from the other side, “Eldest young master, the old master suddenly fainted.
He is unstable and the doctor is checking out.”


    “Okay! We’ll be there soon.” Mo Chen replied in a deep voice, with a hint of worry on his stern face.


    He pressed the end call button frowned slightly and looked at Mo Yu, “Go to the Lanyue Sanatorium.”


    Mo Yu nodded, turned the car, and headed towards the Lanyue Sanatorium.


    In the middle of the night, the royal blue Aston Martin was like a whirlwind.
Slashing the fallen flowers and leaves on the road along the boulevard.
Heading steadily towards the depths of the dense woods.

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    A few minutes later, a luxurious villa with a vast area.
It was surrounded by lush mountain forests.
This is an insane place.


    The Lanyue Sanatorium is a nursing home for seniors.
It was located at the foot of Tianyue Mountain.
The senior members of the military and some retired old cadres live here.
They are here to recuperate and enjoy their old age.


    The car passed through numerous checkpoints and came to the gate of the nursing home.


    The environment here is peaceful, backed by mountains and rivers, and the scenery is beautiful.
It is indeed an excellent place for self-cultivation.
The most important thing is that there are the most advanced instruments at home that come from abroad.
They also have skilled doctors.
Their health, body, and mind are preserved.


    “Young Master Mo!” Dean Li Yongxi quickly greeted him.


    Mo  Chen nodded lightly, pursed his thin lips tightly, and strode inside.


    The Mo couple was standing at the door with worried faces.
When they saw Mo Chen and the others approaching.
They hurriedly greeted them, “You guys are here!”


    “Mom, how is Grandpa?” Mo Yu asked worriedly.


    “He is still inside the emergency room.
The doctor said his condition is not that good.
You also know about grandpa’s body right.
If Dr.
Liu Qinxi hadn’t had an accident, maybe grandpa would have regained his health now.  Which I didn’t expect to happen.
sigh!” He Yue sighed with a solemn face.


    Xia Yanxuan lowered her head and thought.
Thinking that she had received an order from Mo’s two months ago.
It was this time that she postponed the order to this month.
And when he was reborn into this body.
He happened to be saved by Mo Chen again.
It seems that everything is doomed.

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