Xia Yanxuan walk-in gracefully with a smile under their surprised eyes.
She unceremoniously sat down on an empty chair.
Then she picked up the teapot on the table and poured herself a cup of tea.

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    “I’m fearless, but it doesn’t mean that I’m brainless,” Fang Zhe said contemptuously, who was wearing casual clothes.


    Xia Yanxuan’s eyes rolled and chuckled, “Oh? Do you mean you couldn’t see through your eyes again? I’ve had a stomachache recently, can you show it to me?”


    “Crack!” Fang Zhe angrily slapped the table on the table, “Do you think we invited you over as a guest?”


    “Otherwise?” Xia Yanxuan said with a sip of tea.


    The man took a sip of red wine and raised his head slightly.
Those eyes were as deep as the sea, making people sink into them just by looking at them, and couldn’t extricate themselves.


    Fang Zhe winked at the bodyguard beside him, the bodyguard behind him immediately understood, quickly surrounded Xia Yanxuan, took out a gun, and aimed at her head.


    “Haha… Now you know?” He laughed proudly.
He didn’t believe that so many guns were aimed at her, she couldn’t be afraid.


    “Oh? I don’t remember offending you.
It’s a little bit rude of you to hold a gun at me for no reason.” Xia Yanxuan smiled calmly, her pink lips slightly curved into a moving arc, looking very sexy.


    Fang Zhe walked in front of her and said in a cold voice, “Didn’t you offend me? Humph! You beat my sister, do you think our Fang family is so easy to bully? Now your choice,

 One, kneel and apologize, slap on your face until I’m satisfied, and secondly, my hands were not safe.
Maybe I will just kill you now with this.” showing his gun. 


    Seeing his sister Fang Qin her purplish swollen face.
He never thought about letting this woman named  Xia Yanxuan go easy.
Life is better than death.
Fang Zhe didn’t expect that this world would be so small.

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   Fang Qin happened to see Xia Yanxuan when he went to the wine cellar.
Since she bumped into his muzzle.
Of course, it wouldn’t be polite if he didn’t invite her over.
He instructed his bodyguard on the side to ‘invite’ her into his box.
Fang Zhe wanted her to experience the consequences of offending Fang’s family.


    Xia Yanxuan shook the teacup in her hand.
Looking at the pale yellow liquid spinning in the cup.
“What if I choose neither?” She said smiling over at Fang Zhe.


    “Oh, that’s great.
Then there will be only death, haha.” Fang Zhe laughed grimly.
His complexion changed.


    Fang Zhe stopped laughing and stared gloomily at Xia Yanxuan.
He wanted to see fear engrossed in her eyes.
But unfortunately, Xia Yanxuan’s eyes were still calm like waves.
This woman isn’t afraid?


    At this moment, Fang Zhe, feeling uneasiness, felt a thorn in his knees.
His legs suddenly numb, instantly became jelly and weakened.
He collapsed to the ground.


    What on earth is going on, why can’t his legs exert any strength? Fang Zhe stared at his unconscious legs.
What happened, what’s with this woman?


    He raised his head and looked at Xia Yanxuan and asked fiercely, “What have you done?”


    Xia Yanxuan put down the cup, her face was light and cloudless.
Her bright eyes were filled with disdain, “With so many guns pointed at me now.
How can I do something? What are you talking about? Do you have to blame me for nothing, how shameless you are?”


    “Haha…” A burst of hearty laughter sounded abruptly. 


    The other man poured an empty wine glass on the table while looking at Xia Yanxuan with a playful look in his eyes.


    Fang Zhe remembered the man behind him at this moment.
A drop of sweat  slid from his forehead, “Young Master Han!” He couldn’t afford to offend this man.

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    To establish his position as the direct son of the Fang family.
Fang Zhe must pave the way for the future to be the head of the Fang family.
The alliance with the Han family that was handed over to him was substantial for his father.
Chances are at stake if he screwed up, the aftermath would be unimaginable.


    The Han family, the Mo family, the Qi family, and the Qin family are collectively known as the four major families in Yangcheng.
If anyone dares to provoke any of them, it’s called courting death. 


    Han Fengxue is the leader of the younger generation of the Han family.
With the prestige of the Han family in Yangcheng.
Dealing with the Fang family is as simple as pinching an ant to death.


    Han Fengxue ignored Fang Zhe, just picked up the red wine on the side and poured another glass.


    Seeing Han Fengxue ignoring him while enjoying the scene.
Fang Zhe couldn’t help but blame himself.
Fang Zhe’s courage rose again, now he looked like a villain, “what are you all stupid? Do something…hurry up.”


    The bodyguards moved, their trigger fingers slowly pressing down.


    Xia Yanxuan smiled coldly, bent down, and threw the teacup in her hand with lightning speed.
“Crack!” The teacup and bullets collided.
Pieces of teacup and empty shells of bullets blew up everywhere.


    Fang Zhe, was taken aback watching the scene.
He was frozen on the ground unable to move.
His face was full of cuts by the splashed glasses, blood slid down his cheeks.


    While seeing this, Fang Zhe made him crazier.
His eyes were red and his face was full of a murderous plan, “Kill her for me! Kill her—”


    Xia Yanxuan swiftly kicked out her right foot

She kicked the gun from one of them, and fastly grabbed it.


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    Xia Yanxuan’s motion was fast and accurate.
She leaned and rolled over then fired quickly.
Precisely shoot out the two bodyguards.


    Xia Yanxuan’s body was flexible, her workout paid off.
Her reflexes were as fast as lightning.
She is like a leopard hunting its prey.


    “Bang!” With a slight noise, another bodyguard’s gun fell to the ground.
Then she turned around and kicked another bodyguard behind her.
This time her target was not the pistol, but his crotch.


    “Ah—ah” A scream sounded, the bodyguard clutched his crotch and fell to the ground, rolling in pain.


    Xia Yanxuan stepped on the poor man who was severely hurt.  An evil smile on her face, playing with a pistol in her hand.
Xia Yanxuan’s eyes coldly glared at the audience, “Is there anyone else to fight?”.


     The rest of the bodyguards watched it.
One of them suffered on the spot.
They are watching every move of  Xia Yanxuan, not daring to step forward.
Omg! This woman is so fucking lewd, she kicked a man like that.


    Fang Zhe stared blankly, his chin almost dropped.


    Han Fengxue couldn’t help but twitch twice at the corner of his mouth, a smile flashed across his eyes.


    Xia Yanxuan let go of the man under her feet and walked in front of Fang Zhe, with an evil smile “If I were you, I would go to the nearest hospital quickly or else you would be crippled if it’s too late.” 


   Being a doctor, she knows exactly which acupoints can make a person crippled.
When she went out today.
She specifically asked Madoka for a sewing needle, but she didn’t expect it to come in handy.


    “You bitch, shameless stinky woman—” Fang Zhe pointed at her with a crazy look on his face.

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    Xia Yanxuan’s face darkened, she raised her foot and kicked Fang Zhe’s chin, only to hear a ‘click’, and his chin was dislocated.


    “Crack!” Another slap slapped his face heavily.


    “I’ll let you scold! I’ll let you scold!” As he spoke, two more punches hit him in the eye socket, and a live giant panda was born.


    “You’re a bitch, you and your whole family are a bitch!”.Fang Zhe’s head, body, and stomach are like a hurricane.
Fang Zhe instantly turned into a human flesh bag.


    Everyone present was dumbfounded, waiting to react.
Fang Zhe had already been beaten to death.
His handsome face has now become a veritable pig’s head.


    Xia Yanxuan snorted coldly, turned, and walked towards the door.
The corners of the mouth twitched with joy, it’s cool!


    No! He couldn’t let her go like this.
Fang Zhe reluctantly opened his eyes with only one slot left.
When he saw the pistol that was not far from him.  He grabbed it and aimed it at Xia Yanxuan’s back.


     Han Fengxue’s eyes sharply flash and quickly toss the wine glass in his hand.


    “Bang!” Fang Zhe’s hand holding the gun was hit by the wine glass.
The bullet also deviated from its original target.


    Xia Yanxuan narrowed her eyes.  She turned around and looked at Fang Zhe coldly.


    Just then the door was kicked open from the outside.

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