Mo Chen heard the sound of fighting in the forest.
His thick eyebrows slightly raised and his eyes wanted to see the real action.

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    As he walked along the trail into the forest.
To his surprise, He saw two people who were playing happily.
A rare stunning appearance on the cold face of Mo Chen.


    Seeing a dark shadow, the two stopped at the same time.


    “Brother!” Mo Yu raised his hand and brushed the sweaty hair on his forehead.


    Mo Chen came back to his senses.
A trace of embarrassment slipped across his stern face and nodded slightly.


    When he was about to leave, Mo Yu called out to stop him, “Brother, today I’m going to take Xia Yanxuan to dine out, let’s go together.”


    Xia Yanxuan? There was a hint of surprise in Mo Chen’s sharp eyes.
He glanced at Xia Yanxuan, who was wiping away sweat and still looking indifferent.


    Chen’s eyebrows were slightly raised, and an intriguing smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, “Okay!”.
This woman is capable of being recognized by his always arrogant younger brother. 


    At this time, it was just dusk,  neon lights and blocks of luxurious commercial buildings they passed by.


    The traffic jam is visible outside the car window, it is crowded.
Especially in the bustling business district of Yangcheng.
The parking spaces are full.
Finding an empty parking space is simply harder than climbing to the sky.

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    Xia Yanxuan looked out the window expressionless.  Her eyes were calm like waves.
A problem that doesn’t bother her.
After all, Mo brothers’ invitation to dine here must have been arranged in advance.


    ‘He Yun Lou’ is a very distinctive Hunan restaurant.
This establishment is very famous.
Usually, if you want to dine here, you must book a week in advance.
Otherwise, no matter how rich you are, you may not have a table.


    When Mo Yu drove his sapphire blue Aston Martin sports car.
Appeared in front of one of the best ‘Heyun Building’ in Yangcheng.

Tong Yang, the manager of ‘Heyun Building’, had been waiting at the door for a long time.


    Pushing the door and getting out of the car, Mo Yu took off his sunglasses, with an evil smile on his face.
His handsome and prominent facial features make women go crazy.


    The equally outstanding man on the other side.
The sharp eagle-like eyes, the tight lips, the stern face, and the tailored black Amani suit.
It naturally exudes a kind of icy kingly air in every gesture.


    The two species with outstanding appearances attract the passers-by continually.
Women are staring at the Mo brothers with seductive stares, screaming like nymphs.


    “Ah – so handsome!”

    “Marry me.
Make me your wife Mr.


    “Oh my God! I’m in love.” A  woman stepped forward generously and offered her business card.

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    Facing the madness of the women, Mo Yu generously responded with a charming smile.


    Mo Chen’s unconcerned stare swept them away.
Far as his eyes could see.
Everyone was silent in just a stare.
The woman who wanted to come over to his side quickly stopped her track.


    While Xia Yanxuan got out of the car.
She was wearing a white turtleneck sweater and black jeans for a casual yet elegant look.
Her smooth black shoulder-length hair danced in with the cold wind.
Revealing her natural white and snowy face.


    Mo Yu came to her side with a smile.
The two handsome boys wanted to put their hands over her shoulders.
Xia Yanxuan out of instinct walked in a little bit faster.
She didn’t like to be too close to people.


    Mo Yu smiled and shrugged off his shoulder then said, “Let’s go in.  The food in this restaurant is scrumptious and authentic.”


    Tong Yang greeted him with a smile on his face.
Then, when he saw Xia Yanxuan with the Mo brothers, his expression changed.
He was suddenly startled.
He immediately recovered calmly.
After all, he has been in the mall for many years.
Tony Yang quickly instructed the carboy to drive Mo Yu’s car to the top VIP parking space.


    “Young Master Mo, I have prepared a box for you.
Please!” Tong Yang respectfully led the Mo brothers and Xia Yanxuan into the store.


     The three came to the top box of ‘Heyun Building’ which is exclusive to VIPs and never open to outsiders.


     Pushing the distinct curved wooden door to enter.
It was elegant.
Seeing the vivid crystal chandeliers in the ceiling.
A full set of expensive furniture and a giant jungle black panther mural.
The magnificence and luxury throughout the room.


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    Three people were seated.
A  well-trained waiter carried silver plates with vibrant feasts.
Then placed in an orderly manner on a round table.
A huge table that could be occupied by 30 people.


    Tong Yang was on the side mentioning the names of the dishes one by one, “Hundred Birds Chaofeng, Zilong Takes Off His Robe, Farewell My Concubine, Changsha Ma Ren Crispy Duck, Flower Mushroom No Yellow Egg…”


    When the dishes were ready, Tong Yang leaned over and nodded.
, “Do you want to choose Shaojiu yourself?”


    “Of course!”


    She turned to look at Xia Yanxuan and said, “Xia Yanxuan there is an unwritten rule in this restaurant.
If you want to drink, you need to go to the wine cellar to choose it personally according to your taste.
Every bottle of wine has its lineage.
I wonder if you are interested?” Mo Yu had an evil smile on his face.  There was a look of anticipation in his eyes.


    Xia Yanxuan didn’t refuse.
She smiled lightly and replied, “Okay!” Because in her previous self she likes to collect wine and have a certain understanding of wine.


    Under the personal guidance of Tong Yang.
She came to a huge wine storage room with a total area of ​​2,000 square meters, where a dazzling array of red wines filled the wine cabinet.


    There are several guests in the wine cellar, who are choosing with great interest.


    Xia Yanxuan came to the wine cabinet, looked at each bottle, stretched out her hand, took out a bottle of Valandro, and admired it.


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    Suddenly, A tall rough-looking young man in a black suit approached her inadvertently.


    “Don’t move, come with me.” A slightly hoarse voice sounded in her ears.
Which would not attract the attention of others in such a lively environment.


    The man was next to Xia Yanxuan, holding a gun in one hand, secretly pressing it against her waist.
There was an easy-going smile on his face as if seeing a friend.


    “Put the gun away, I’ll go with you.” Xia Yanxuan said.
She didn’t have the slightest hint of panic on her face, which made the man admire her a little.
He was fully prepared from the start.
Knocking her out before she called for help.
Unexpectedly, she was beyond his expectations.


    She followed the man to the door and saw Tong Yang, who looked a little surprised, obviously he also noticed.


    Xia Yanxuan handed him the wine in her hand and said with a smile, “I met a friend, I’ll just talk to him.”


    As the man came to a box with her on the third floor.
The ornament here was slightly inferior to Mo Chen’s box, and also simple.


    Two men were sitting in the box.
The first man was tall and mighty handsome.
He is wearing a tight T-shirt on the upper body, a casual black leather jacket, a pair of well-fitting jeans, and brown-black hiking shoes, a perfect foil.
Out of his bold and generous momentum.
With a glass of red wine in his hand shaking it gracefully.
His eyes were focused on the red wine in the glass.
He didn’t bother to look up to see who was coming.


    While the second man is in a white suit.
His thick eyebrows and a wicked look in his big eyes staring at her.


     Some burly men were about the same as the ones standing behind them.
The same white shirts and black suits,  the only difference was that one of their bodyguards had a military-like domineering look.

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