“Ahem ahem… I’m so mad.
ahem..” Qi Yehe coughed violently.
His face turned gray.

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    He Zhen hastily strode forward to support Qi Yehe, patted his back to reassure him, “Sir, calm down!”


    Qi Yehe, who was relieved, held a cane with a trembling hand.
The wise and vicissitudes of eyes revealed his majesty, “He Zhen, keep me updated about Yan lei at all times.
Starting today, freeze all Yan lei’s bank accounts until he finally agrees to remarry.”


  “Yan lei’s marriage is no longer up to you.” Fei Lan was dumbfounded.
She quickly stepped forward to plead, “Dad, Yan Lei is your grandson.
How could you treat him like this? just for an unrelated outsider, you’re going to punish him?”


    Qi Yehe turned around and waved indifferently.


    “Dad…Dad…” Fei Lan is called Qi Yehe.
He just ignored it.
She knew that Qi Yehe was determined this time.
How can this be good?


    Fei Lan was anxious and stepped forward to help Qi Yanlei up.
But Qi Yanlei refused.
He gently shook his head.


    He endured all the pain, the numbness of his legs, the pain of being hit by the came.
Yan lei

stood up slowly, “Grandpa, rest well.
I’ll take my leave now.”


    Qi Yanlei turned indifferently as he walked out the door.
He was wearing glasses, but the pair of sharp eyes were transpicuous.
He would never remarry Xia Yanxuan.
What if his wealth and resources are being cut off? Did his grandpa think he was just dependent and devouring his rooted wealth? Grandpa, you underestimate your grandson.

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    “Let’s go.” Fei Lan’s face was full of unwillingness, and she stamped her foot, turned, and chased Qi Yanlei away.
The old man’s decision was too shocking for her.
She had to go back and talk to Yan Lei again.


    The darkroom exudes a radiant light.
The mirror with the blue light was distortedly rippled, revealing a strange figure.


    “Master!” The old man bowed humbly, and his tough body was shivering.


    A burst of solid red light shot out from the mirror, “Ah—” a mournful cry sounded.
The old man’s body had already flown several feet away, with a “puff” sound mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth.


    “Useless creatures! Don’t go and find people back.
If there is a next time, you will know the consequences!” The sinister and gloomy voice made people terrified and hair-raising.
This feeling chilled up to the bones.


    There were beads of sweat on the forehead of the old man.
His face turned pale, and it was white as snow.
He didn’t care to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth.


    The old man is flickering.
He moves vigorously and agile like a rabbit.


    Xia Yanxuan was dressed in elegant white sportswear.
Her long hair was tied up high.
She was gorgeous and unrestrained as she moved.


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    Xia Yanxuan stopped to rest and wiped the sweat from her forehead for a while.
She then resumed her original movements.
Xia Yanxuan’s body gradually shaped up and tones back with more perseverance.


    Xia Yanxuan touched the necklace on her neck.
She has been exercising a lot these days.
She feels like every time she overdraws her body’s strength.
It is unusual, but a cold breath came out from her necklace.
Flows into her body from the neck that regains her strength.


    “Clap clap clap…” There was loud applause coming from behind.


    “Xia Yanxuan, I didn’t expect you to have two strokes.” Mo Yu crossed his arms around his chest and leaned lazily against the tree trunk.
A charming man with a lovely smile on his handsome face.
But she didn’t take it seriously in his evil eyes.


    Xia Yanxuan didn’t bother to pay attention to him.
She continues her workout routines.
Moving her body and foot works with her legs.


    “Hey! Are you deaf?” Seeing Xia Yanxuan ignoring him, Mo Yu’s handsome face darkened. 


     Xia Yanxuan is the first woman who dares to treat him like this.
This woman behaves arrogantly, and it annoys him so bad.
Mo Yu wants to teach her a lesson that she won’t forget.
Who does she think she is?


    Mo Yu quickly approached Xia Yanxuan.
He clenched his fists, and like a lightning strike, he shot her straight.


    The corner of Xia Yanxuan’s mouth twitched into a smile.
She countered very quickly to confront him.


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    They struggle, grappling and wrestling on both sides.”Your skills are fast,” Mo Yu said.


    For like an hour, both of them were lying on the grass panting.


    Mo Yu rested his hands behind his head.
Shaking his feet leisurely.”Xia Yanxuan, you are perfect!” He almost fell into her hands.
To be honest, today was fun for both of them.


    In Yangcheng, he was called the third, but no one dared to be the second.
There is only one person who does so—his eldest brother.
Now, staring at this clever woman in front of him.
It made him think.
This tiny woman is a bit of a pain in the ass but benefits from drugs.


    Xia Yanxuan was lying on the ground smiling, looking at the blue sky and white clouds.
She hadn’t been so relaxed in a long time.


    “You’re not too bad!” Xia Yanxuan said.
She thought he was just arrogant, but it was not.
She didn’t expect it.
Xia Yanxuan underestimated him.


    Mo Yu turned to look at Xia Yanxuan with curiosity in his evil eyes, “Xia Yanxuan, are you Xia Yanxuan?”


    He despised her when he heard that she was the infamous Xia Yanxuan.
He didn’t understand why his brother brought such a woman into his home.
She doesn’t have the right to step into our family’s territory.


    But after days of observance, he slowly felt he was wrong.

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    She is such an arrogant, indifferent, and elegant woman.
She was rumored to be promiscuous and vicious.
Even her private and personal life was messy and complicated.
Who would have thought it?


    Especially now, after seeing her other side’s strong and windy skills today.
He was more certain of his thoughts.
Her boxing skills and quick adaptability cannot be learned overnight.


    Xia Yanxuan sat up with a faint smile on her face, “Otherwise, who do you think I would be?”


    Mo Yu was slightly surprised when she saw her unusual, playful expression.
This woman has always felt cold towards him.
He didn’t expect her to be naughty this time.


    Mo Yu stood up and looked at Xia Yanxuan with evil eyes seriously.
The innocent smile on Yu’s handsome and innocent face, like a dazzling sun, made one’s eyes suddenly bright, “No matter what kind of person you were in the past, but now you are the Xia Yanxuan I know.”


    He stretched out his hand with a look of anticipation, “Beautiful Miss Xia Yanxuan, I apologize for my irrational behavior.
May I have the honor to be your friend?”


    Xia Yanxuan showed a bright smile and stretched out her hand, shaking it.


    Mo Yu smiled cheerfully, revealing his white teeth, “Can we count as we don’t know each other? Why don’t we… let’s fight again, how about it?”


    “Come on!” Xia Yanxuan jumped up and set up a fight.
It’s a nice feeling to drown for some time.

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