I have decided

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“Stop!” An icy cold voice suddenly appeared.

Only to see Mo Chen standing in the doorway with his sinfully handsome face.
His thin lips tightly pursed into a line, his eyes coldly gazed at the two of them.

Mo Yu instantly cooled down his daze putting down his hand.
Mo Yu’s reluctance was noticed on his face.
“Brother, why do you allow this woman to stay here? She is not worthy of anything.”

“Worthy or unworthy is up to me.” Mo Chen said coldly.
His dark, cold eyes turned to Xia Yanxuan as if he wanted to see through her.

Xia Yanxuan hooked up the corners of her mouth with a glorious smile.
Slowly walking towards Mo Chen, it seems like a provocation.

Mo Yu’s eyes narrow slightly, eyeing closely at her back, his fists clenched.
If she dares to touch big brother, he will cut off her hand.

Mo Chen looked at Xia Yanxuan, who was getting closer and closer to him.
His heart suddenly jumped, creating a strange feeling.

However, unexpectedly, she walked directly and just passed by Mo Chen, walking towards the courtyard outside as if he didn’t exist.

Mo Yu froze by looking at the scene with indifferent eyes full of doubt and confusion.

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The corners of Mo Chen’s mouth curved up as if nothing had happened.
Interesting woman.

The fountain danced in the sunlight with a silvery glow.
Xia Yuan walked around, and she unintentionally found a hidden high-tech device planted everywhere.

She hooked her lips in a smile and raised her face to gaze up in the sky.

Today, the weather is excellent, and the sun is shining high, a few white clouds floating lightly across the vast bend of the pale.

But her heart was lonely, and her soul was in solitude.

In an ancient garden located in the suburbs, a furiously old man threw the newspaper out his hand.

“Bastard! How dare you take matters into your own hands, bullshit!” His hand slapped heavily on the mahogany table, his veins popped out, and if one looked closely, several cracks were visible on the top of the sturdy table.

“Please calm down, Master!” He Zhen’s soft voice comforted.
He has also been in this family for more than forty years.
For Qi Yehe’s temperament, he also knows very well.

This time the young master was too much.
He divorced without going through the old master.
A waste of the master’s painstaking efforts, not to mention.
It may also bring unprecedented fiasco for their Qi family.
I hope there is still time to redeem.

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Looking at Qi Ye’s blank face, he told He Zhen, “Zhen get me that beast.
Then order someone to retrieve Xuan’er.” After planning for so many years, he couldn’t afford to lose all his success at this time.

“Yes! Master.” He Zhen nodded his head and took his leave.

After He Zhen left, Qi Yehe sat alone in the hall.
He sighed heavily, his originally spirited face suddenly; it seemed to have aged a lot this time.

Qi Yan Lei received He Zhen’s call and immediately rushed over.
While walking into the hall, he felt the Intense air as he passed by.
He knew that Qi Yehe must be angry with him because of Xia Yanxuan’s matter.

Qi Yehe sat majestically on a rosewood chair.
When he saw Qi Yanlei, his mulberry-wise eyes sank in.
His calloused palm slapped the table, retorting, “Bastard! Kneel for me.”

“Grandpa!” With one hand in his pocket and a smile on his handsome face, Qi Yan Lei shouted ingratiatingly.

“Kneen!” Another majestic roar.

Qi Yan Lei knew that the old man was angry, “Grandpa, don’t be mad, I will do it.” While saying this, he knelt on the ground.

“Wings grow hard, right? How dare you not even talk to grandpa about such matters, huh? Then take the liberty of advocating ah?” Qi Ye’s words come out with a voice line that is not high but with overpowering supremacy.

“Grandpa, I am not a child now.
Please let me decide for myself.
I won’t let you down this time.
Grandpa, Xia Yanxuan is not for me.” Qi Yan Lei tried his best to obey Qi Ye He.

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The old man is unbearable to his grandson as long as he pleases him well.
His anger will instantly wash away.

Qi Ye, He stood up.
The cane in his hand tapped the ground.
Just looking at Qi Yan Lei with a gaze, “Xiao Lei ah, grandpa knows you don’t like Xuan’er, but no matter what, you have to remarry her.”

“Grandpa, sorry! I really can’t promise you .” Qi Yan Lei had guessed what was in Qi Ye He’s mind.
Before coming, he had already made up his mind, and he was determined this time.

In their three years of marriage, he and Xia Yanxuan were husband and wife.
They never had the reality of husband and wife.

This marriage is divorced.
For Qi Yan Lei, it is like unlocking long-time shackles bound in the body.
It is impossible to put this good unshackled again.

“Xiao Lei, even if grandpa begged you, still can not?” Qi Yehe lowered his posture and said.
As long as they can remarry, what can he do if he softens once.?

Surprisingly, the majestic Qi Yehe lowered his posture, and Qi Yan Lei was stunned, “Why?”.
It was confusing for him.
He does not understand.
A despicable Xia Yanxuan, is it worth for him to put down his stature to beg himself?

You will know when the time comes.” Now is not the time to tell him.

When I think of Xia Yanxuan, Fang Qin’s face flashes in.
It made Qi Yan Lei’s heart angered and disgusted with Xia Yanxuan.
In the past, she pretended to be pitiful to gain her sympathy.
This time he finally saw her true face.
How dare he want such a vicious woman again.

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The sharp eyes behind his glasses flashed with determination, “Grandpa, please forgive me! I can’t remarry her again.” Although grandfather refused to tell him the reason, he didn’t want to see that woman again, no matter the reason.

Qi Yan Lei’s iron-hearted refusal made Qi Ye He’s old face instantly turn pale.
He had begged him, but he was still indifferent.

The cane in his hand couldn’t help but swing towards Qi Yan Lei, “Bastard, if you don’t remarry, I will beat you to death today.”

“Beat me to death…I won’t remarry either.” Qi Yan Lei clenched his lips, his eyebrows knitted together, and endured the pain of the cane hitting his body, cold sweat sliding down from the corner of his forehead.

Qi’s mother, Fei Lan, arrived later as she heard the news.
That old man Qi Yehe summoned Qi Yanlei to see him.
She saw that Qi Yehe was beating her son with a cane as she entered the room.
Fei Lan quickly rushed in and blocked Qi Yanlei, her face full of uncertainty.”Dad, what are you doing? What did Yan Lei do? Please tell me.”

“You moved away; if you are not instigating, the couple will not divorce?” For a daughter-in-law, who has never attracted his love and caused his son to die young.
Qi Yehe has never considered her as part of the family.

When Fei Lan heard that it was about Xia Yanxuan, her eyes glistened, and she said with a smile: “Dad, what are you angry about? They are not suitable for each other.
You don’t even know the ridiculous things that Yanxuan did outside.
She disgraced our family.
Should he divorce her instantly? Luckily, the daughter of the Fang Tong Group is in love with Yan Lei.
Suppose our two families have become in-laws.
This is a win-win opportunity for our family.
Soon, Yangcheng will be the world of our Qi family.
Dad, don’t you think so?”

“Right, my ass!” Qi Yehe hammered the ground heavily with his cane.

He looked at Qi Yi imagistically, who was still kneeling on the ground, “Little Lei, tell grandpa that you will go look for Xuan’er and bring her back.”

Qi Yan Lei lifted his head to look at Qi YeHe.
His eyes were unwavering, “Grandpa, I have decided.”

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