You dare to hit me!

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After a long hour, she stepped out of the bathtub, took the bath towel, and wrapped it around her body.

The floor-to-ceiling mirror on the side exhibits her slightly thin, slim, and tall figure.
The redness of the cheeks has receded, white skin because of the long bath, through a light red.
Perfectly curved willow eyebrows.
A pair of black pupils like gemstones naturally bright and incomparable.
Cherry lips, red and soft.

Xia Yanxuan is undoubtedly beautiful.
Her vulnerable personality and long years of suffering hide her unique beauty.
The only thing left for others is her blandness and the rumors that the words are false.

A purple diamond-shaped pendant on her chest caught her attention.
She held it in her hand, a cold breath slipping in between her hands.
She recalled that she had a similar pendant just like this.
She didn’t know who gave it to her, but it had been hanging on her body since then.

For once, she wanted to give it to him, But when she took it down, she lost nutrients like a fading flower, her face instantly turned white, her whole body’s strength had fallen over, and her body felt weak on the ground.

Terrified, he hurriedly put the pendant back on her neck.
She was strictly ordered not to take it off, no matter what happened.

She smiled, let go of the pendant, opened the medicine box, and carefully unwrapped the white gauze around her forehead.

As the gauze fell off, she froze.

I thought it should be shockingly red, but I didn’t expect it to be untouched as before.

“What’s going on?” Her fingers encircled the bare forehead pointing to some part.
Yesterday she clearly remembered there was a deep wound.
She is a doctor, and she knows that her injury will take at least half a month to recuperate.
Looking at the gauze in her hand still has dried blood stains on it.
Meaning that it was not her hallucination; there was a wound.

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In retrospect, she suddenly had a strange thought.
She picked up the scissors and gently slashed them into her palm.
A bit of pain red-colored blood slowly slipped along the edge of her fingertips.

She gently wiped away the blood from her fingertips and looked at the wound.
Her bright twilight black eyes were wide open, full of disbelief.

She clearly understood this was something that the previous Xia Yanxuan did not possess.
She didn’t expect that after being reborn, losing that pair of penetrating eyes, she would have the ability to heal wounds quickly.

“Haha ……” the bathroom burst out with wild laughter.

Fortunately, the bathroom door is well soundproofed.
Otherwise, someone must have thought this woman was crazy.

To avoid uncertainty, she put on a gauze and continued to wrap her forehead.” A good complexion on the mirror.” Split out from her tongue, splashed a smile as she opened the door and walked out.

She was pulling open the floor-to-ceiling glass door, leaning on the balcony railings.
Looking at the entire villa covers an area of nearly 1,000 pings.
The view was captivating.

In the distance is the open-air swimming pool.
The long swimming lane is 50 meters long, the blue waves swirl, clear bottom.

The poolside was a green and lush lawn—numerous plants and flowers with different colors.
The florist, wearing a straw hat, maintains the whole garden as he cuts the remaining branches.

The soothing breeze sends the refreshing fragrance of the flowers.
Xia Yanxuan deeply inhales and smiles.
It’s good to be alive!

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“Knock, knock, knock!” The rhythm knocking sound came from the door of the room.

Xia Yanxuan opens the door, only to see a petite woman wearing a black and white servant dress standing at the door.

With a sweet smile on her face, she bowed respectfully to Xia Yanxuan, “Hello, Miss! I am Xiao Yuan.
Lunch is ready.
May I ask if you will dine it in your room or the dining room?”

Xia Yanxuan thought for a moment and said, “The dining room.”

“Okay! Please follow me.” The girl said respectfully and led Xia Yanxuan towards the stairs.

Xia Yanxuan took a cursory look at the villa’s surroundings; the interior was affected by white and silver.
The intricate furnishings can be recognized to be from the hand of a famous Italian master.

The interior was designed with a modern and minimalist style, an aristocratic flavor.
Bringing a luxurious flavor of a contemporary and classical blend.

The dining area, along with the white tone of the living room, oozes a warm and peaceful atmosphere under the sunlight.

The maids brought a delicious dish to the table in an orderly manner.

Xia Yanxuan picked up the cutlery and ate gracefully when a newspaper on the table caught her attention.

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She picked it up and flipped it open.
A news item on the front page newspaper’s front page caught her attention.

Qi’s president got rid of three years of awful marriage to her vicious wife and eventually became a discarded wife.
Fang Tong Group’s gold finally kept the clouds open to see the moon.

The conspicuous place on the right side is a photo of Qi Yan Lei intimately embracing Fang Qin.

She turned to the section of international news, and the picture on the newspaper caught her eye.

It was a side-by-side photo, with an explicit and handsome image, full of intimidating charm.

Her trembling fingertips gently glided over his face, seeing the gloom in the depths of his eyes, and her heart throbbed with pain.

“Swish!” A sound in the hands of the newspaper suddenly jerks off.

He was wearing white casual clothes, tall, high nose, thin lips, a lock of untamed black hair in front of his forehead, gently covering his soul-searching and evil eyes.

“What are you looking at? Who gave you the right to move this young man’s things?” Mo Yu raised his hand to take over.
By looking at him, he doesn’t seem to like this woman.
What is her status? She is also worthy of stepping into their Mo family.

I forgot to remind Miss Xia Yanxuan.
It’s my fault.” This ancestor of the Mo family is temperamental, but he knows best, as long as he sees what is not for him, he will dispose of it directly regardless of its significance.
However, Miss Xia Yanxuan, the young master brought back, they could not afford to offend him.

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Xia Yanxuan’s lips cold hook, looking at the eyes of Mo Yu glances, she stood up and was about to leave.

“Who allowed you to leave? You stop right there!” Mo Yu quickly blocked in front of her.

Xia Yanxuan’s face sank in, willow eyebrows instantly slightly wrinkled, cold voice: “Get out of the way!”

Mo Yu smiled wickedly, his eyes full of contempt, “What if I don’t let you?”

“Pop!” A crisp sound, Mo Yu’s white face had an additional clear palm print.
He stared incredulously.
Anger rolled in his eyes.

“How dare you hit me?” No one dared to hit him since he grew up.
He must kill this damn woman today.
No, killing her was too cheap.
He will make her life worse than death.

“Haven’t I already beaten him? Do you feel that it’s not too much; he wants to try again?” Xia Yanxuan said provocatively.
Her pretty face is filled with arrogance.

“Ah!” Mo Yu’s body trembled with anger.
A fist quickly struck out; he didn’t care anymore if it was a man or woman.

Xia Yanxuan bends like a lightning-fast to dodge the power of a punch.

Mo Yu saw her dodge, making him angrier, swinging his fist out.

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