led the whole room.
For a long time, she collected her smile.

His stare was cold.
It’s like a lightning strike that will attack fast, unpredictable force as if surveying his prey like a leopard.

At this moment, knowing she was no match for him.
Why should she make trouble for herself? She needs to heal herself physically and mentally.
Anyway, if she wants to leave here soon, no one can stop her.

“Fine! I’ll stay.” She lazily shakes off his hand and walks toward the bed, covers up the quilt, and resumes to sleep.

Mo Chen is slightly stunned, and the pair of dark black pupils swept through a hint of laughter.

Finally, Xia Yanxuan had slept enough, opened her clear eyes, and lazily stretched her body.
She took a deep breath of fresh air.

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She looked out the window, the sunlight through the white gauze curtain in the house leaving a little warm glow.

She looked at herself and saw the crumpled clothes on her body.
She grabbed clean clothes and went inside the bathroom.

The bathtub is comparable to a small pool filled with steaming mist.
Xia Yanxuan slowly dipped into the hot steamy water, enjoying the warmness.

She lazily lay in the bathtub, closing her eyes, under the steamy fumes of the hot water, vaguely flushed with an alluring pink.

“Demon, demon, you demon.
Everyone smashed her to death with stones.” A voice still lingers on her ear with milky but malicious words, and this is the voice kept deep inside her memory.

When she was a little kid, she was full of injuries.
Stubbornly she keeps on fighting, eyes full of indifference, countless small stones constantly throwing her.
She did not cry, not even a cry of pain, just stood quietly, as if everything around her had nothing to do with her.

She was an orphan, unloved, lonely, and alone.
At first, she also cried.
Then, it was just happening over and over again, and she got used to it.

Because her eyes were different from other children’s, they were green.

Although people from other countries also have green eyes, her pair of green eyes is different.
She has pure turquoise, like a bloodthirsty beast.
It is like a cat’s eye with a demonic green light at night, leaving people frightened.

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No one knows that her pair of eyes can see through the surface of any object and can see the body inside.
She also can be a psychic for seeing ghosts.
Her exceptional ability is unacceptable to this world.

Full of wounds, blood flowing and noiselessly onto the ground, making it reddish-brown.

At this point, the surrounding noise suddenly stilled, a large white hand appeared in front of her.
She slowly raised her head, only to see a beautiful man’s face appear in front of her eyes, a pair of seemingly ink-black bright eyes crystal clear, the sexy and rose-colored diamond-shaped lips rippled with a gentle smile.

“Will you come with me?” The soft voice is like a clear spring, not intoxicated and dirty.

A touch of warmth brushed across her tiny heart as she looked into his eyes and saw no ridicule or fear, only sincerity and a warm heart.
She moved her small hand slightly, looked at him with some hesitation, and slowly raised her hand under his encouraging gaze.

He held it and smiled at me.”

“Home?” Perhaps only in her dreams, a term she had longed for existed.

“Yes, our home.” The young man smiled and nodded.

“Good!” She answered softly.
From now on, she had him in her life.

Her dark eyes were filled with tenderness and longing as she looked silently into the distance.
Are you okay?

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