ctim, but she finally revealed her true form this time.

Initially, he didn’t want to embarrass her too much because of his grandfather’s face.
However, he now felt that that kind of woman did not deserve any sympathy at all.

“Stop the car!”

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The car stopped, Qi Yan Lei pushed open the car door and walked down, extending his hand to take out Fang Qin, who was sitting inside.

Seeing them come down, the microphones in the hands of the reporters were quickly handed up.
Some of the quick reactions pressed the camera shutter click click click click! The lights were flashing, the two kissings it shots to the record.

“President Qi, I am the reporter of Business Weekly.
May I ask if you and Ms.
Xia divorce is true? Can you give us a definite answer?”

“President Qi…” all kinds of questions came one after another.

Qi Yan Lei waved his hand to indicate silence, and the scene instantly quieted down.

The reporters’ eyes were shining, and the eyes of all the media reporters were focused on the two.

The corners of Qi Yan Lei’s mouth rose slightly, his expression calm, “Yes, I signed a divorce agreement with Ms.
Xia Yan Xuan yesterday, and I have left the specific matters to my lawyer.”

The scene was in an uproar.

“President Qi, then you divorce her because of Ms.
Fang’s relationship? Did Ms.
Xia inflict the injury on Ms.
Fang’s face?” A sharp-eyed reporter found the bruises on the face of Fang Qin, who had been keeping her head down.

This statement from the crowd has to focus their eyes on Fang Qin’s face.

“I’ll answer this question.” Fang Qin lifted his head and looked at the reporter with a frank face.

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Fang Qin took off the sunglasses she wore on her face, and her whole face looked even more bruised and appalling.

She smiled faintly, showing that kind of pitiful face, “Thank you for your concern, journalists, and friends.
If I say that the injury on my face is a fall, you will not believe it, right? Moreover, it’s also disrespectful for me to say that.” She had lived in a luxurious family since she was a child, and she was handy at answering the reporters’ tricky questions.

She glanced at the reporters’ reactions and continued, “Everyone guessed correctly, Ms.
Xia Yanxuan indeed inflicted my injury, but I don’t blame her.”

“I didn’t expect this, Ms.
Fang, to be quite kind.” Someone said.

“Kind, my ass! She deserved it, who told her to hook up with someone else’s husband.
The marriage is not yet officially divorced, and she can’t wait to go out with him.”

“Well! That’s true.
If my husband hooks up with a mistress, I’ll scratch her face and let the whole world know how shameless she is.”

A glint of fire slipped through Fang Qin’s eyes, her hand slightly squeezed tight, but the smile on her face didn’t change as she said, “Maybe some people will say that you are a mistress and you deserve to get beaten.
But things are not like that.
In fact, Yan Lei and I were classmates in college, and we fell in love a long time ago.
You are all elites in the journalistic world.
I think whether I say panic, everyone already knows it by heart.” This apparent praise took the reporter’s body and mind comfortable.

“At that time, Yan Lei and I had already decided to get engaged, and both parents had met.
However, just when I was waiting to be a bride, Yan Lei called to tell me that his grandfather had decided on a fiancée for him, and we had tried, but…” Here her tears slowly slipped from the corners of her eyes.

“I once thought that as long as Yan Lei could live a happy life, I would be satisfied…”

She took the napkin that was handed to her and wiped her tears, and continued, “One day, I received a call from Ms.
Xia Yanxuan, and she asked me if I blamed her.
She said she was guilty and wanted to make it up to me.
Under her thousand pleas, I walked into Qi’s house once again, but I didn’t expect her to ……” seemingly thinking of the scene then, she caressed her face and cried out in pain.

“Miss Fang is convenient to reveal what it is?”

“Miss Fang, what exactly did Ms.
Xia do to you?”

“Excuse me, everyone.” Qi Yan Lei blocked the reporters’ questions, helped the emotionally disturbed Fang Qin into the car, closed the door, and whispered to the driver to drive.

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