rowed body in this world of civilized technology.
Unexplainable and unbelievable, but this thing has happened.


   Qi Yan Lei frowned at Xia Yan Xuan and saw her staring at her hands.


   His handsome face swept a trace of displeasure.
Eyes narrowed, common and vicious words spilled out from his mouth, “You hurt Fang Qin today?” 


   The bruises on her face and the swollen eyes that only had a slit left were deliberately ignored.


   She slowly tilted her face up and looked at his handsome face.
The corners of her mouth tugged upward slightly, revealing a hint of sarcasm.


   How do you see yourself as a victim, and this man questioned himself right and wrong?


   This is the person that you have loved for three years.
And these people you cherished betrayed you.
Now they abandon you like a piece of trash.
You are so dumb and stupid!


   But from now on, I will put an end to it.
From now on, I will be a new Xia Yanxuan that will no longer be bullied and obsequious.


   I will take back what belongs to you and trample all the people who have bullied you underfoot. 


  To not be bullied, you should and need to have the strength to bully people.
Fate is always in your own hands.


   The sharp black eyes behind the lenses make the man frightening. 




   “This woman dares to look at him like this.
This woman’s heart is so weak.
You know she must have done something wrong.
Look! She has hurt Qin Qin.” Monther Qi said with a sarcastic face, pulling up Fang Qin’s arm to let Qi Yan Lei see its bruises.

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   “Auntie, I’m fine.
Yan Xuan didn’t push me on purpose.
It was my fault that she got angry when I accidentally rubbed my shoes while she was wiping the floor.
And if I hadn’t dodged, she wouldn’t have fallen and gotten hurt also” Fang Qin, faced with guilt, looked at Xia full of tears, showing that kind of pity.


   What do you mean by turning black and white? Could it be that her fall would also make her face swollen up like this? Xia Yanxuan’s lips hooked up a trace of cold.
If she is at the party now, she will applaud them.
This drama is also too bad.


   “Since you believe in her words, what’s the difference if I answer you back or not? It doesn’t make any sense at all.” The words tugged at the injury on her cheek, causing her to frown slightly.


   Fang Qin was slightly stunned and looked at her suspiciously.
Shouldn’t she be crying and defending herself? Thus she’s making Yan Lei hate her even more?


   Qi Yan Lei looked at Xia Yanxuan coldly, and there was a trace of surprise in his slightly narrowed black eyes.
Her eyes are still the same, but it is no longer dull and lonely.
She seems to have changed.


   This woman has always been scheming, not only jealous but also vicious.
In the past three years, servants have complained in front of him, and he has seen some things with his own eyes. 


   Pretending to be so innocent and pitiful in front of him, as if she was the victim.
This time, no matter what tricks she plays, he will not believe her.
He had had enough of it all these years.


   “Yan Lei, you see, she admitted it.
Now, she even beat Fang Qin.
Next time we don’t know if she will do it again.
“Mother Qi patted her chest with a fearful face.


   Fang Qin gently hugged Mother Qi and patted her back to comfort her.
“Don’t be afraid, aunty! If she dares to bully you, I will fight with her.” The charming eyes glanced at Xia Yanxuan, and the bottom of her eyes was full of complacency.


   “Qin Qin, you are so good! If only Yan Lei had married you in the first place, how good it would have been.” Mother Qi looked at Fang Qin, patted her arm, and sighed.


   Fang Qin glanced shyly at Qi Yan Lei and pouted, “Aunty, don’t say that.
I am very grateful to you for being so kind to me.”


   The two people continued to sing and act in unison.


   Qi Yan Lei coldly took out the divorce agreement prepared long ago from his pocket. 


   When he received the phone call from his mother.
Qi Yan Lei decided that today, he must end this woman.
Whatever happens, no one can change his decision now.


   He quickly signed the divorce agreement and a check worth $10 million, then threw it to Xia Yanxuan. 


   “Let’s divorce!” 


   After saying that, he turned away as if it was superfluous to look at her again.
He did not want to listen any more of her explanations, and he did not want to see her disgusting face.


   10 million? The first thing you can do is buy a woman’s three years of sacrifices for you, and 10 million can return a human life?


   Once Qi Yan Lei left, Fang Qin reversed her pitiful appearance and revealed a smug smile.


   “Get up and get out of the Qi family.
Why are you pretending to be dead!” She stepped forward and tried to pull up Xia Yanxuan, who was lying on the bed.
However, before she reached Xia Yanxuan’s arm to pull, Xia Yanxuan grabbed her arm.

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   Fang Qin did not expect Xia Yanxuan to hold her arm and try to break free, but she could do nothing.


   “You! Damn it! You let go! Let go! Do you hear me?” She picked up her other hand that was not restrained and wanted to hit Xia Yanxuan in the face.


   “Slap!” There was a loud slap in the room, and the one who was hit was surprisingly the usually arrogant and indomitable Fang Qin.
A purple-red palm mark quickly appeared on her face.


   Fang Qin looked straight at Xia Yanxuan with a dumbfounded face, unable to believe that the poor little girl who was usually bullied by herself and never dared to say a word hit her.


   “You – how dare you to hit me?” Fang Qin caressed her red and swollen face and shouted in a frantic and shrill voice.


   “What? I can’t hit you?” As Xia Yanxuan spoke, another slap was drawn out.


   “Slap, slap, slap!” One slap after another like no mercy.


   Mother Qi was stunned, and so did the servants who were guarding the door, all of them looked at Xia Yanxuan like a ghost.


   It wasn’t until Xia Yanxuan was exhausted that she stopped.
At this time, Fang Qin’s beautiful face was blue and purple, and her charming big eyes shrunk into a small slit.
Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth, blurring his entire chin.


   Xia Yanxuan looked at her work and shook her head in disappointment.
If it was the former self, with just a light tap, this woman’s face would not be able to be preserved.


   Or shoot a silver needle to make her incontinent.


   I’ve only slapped her a few times now.
I’m so kind.


   Reaching out to hold Fang Qin’s chin, he patted her already miserable face and said coldly, “If you dare to be disrespectful to me in the future, you won’t be able to keep your little face.”


   Fang Qin’s body trembled slightly, her eyes were filled with panic, “I’m sorry! I…I… was wrong.” She is the devil.
She must be the devil.


   Xia Yanxuan shook off Fang Qin’s chin and elegantly held up the sheet to wipe off the blood-stained on her hands.
As if it’s just a painting that was accidentally smeared on.


  She walked towards them slowly but powerfully.


  Fang Qin and Mother Qi watched Xia Yanxuan walking towards them and retreated in disbelief, their faces full of fear, “You ­­– what are you going to do?”


Xia Yanxuan’s cold eyes didn’t have a trace of expression.
She showed a wicked smile, picked up the pen on the table, and quickly signed the divorce agreement.
Then she threw it on Fang Qin’s face.


  With a proud smile, under the terrified eyes of everyone, she stepped out of the door like a queen.
Taking the suitcase that the servant had already prepared


   She walked out of the cage, where Xia Yanxuan had been trapped for three years.


------End of Chapter 1------

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