s domineering kiss yesterday, she felt hateful in her heart.


    Mo Chen looked at her.  She just woke up with a bit of laziness.
But her words were somewhat angry with a bit of kittenish hatred.


    He smiled and replied nonchalantly, “I think I’m starting to like you.” After thinking about it all night.
He finally understood his abnormality.
It turned out that when he first saw her in the rain.
He was attracted by her different stubborn temperament.
So he made an exception and brought her home.


    Later on, only her arrogance was left in her bones.
Her uncertain abilities made him more interested.


    The more I get along with her, the more confusing I feel.
She is like a mystery.
Sometimes elegant, sometimes indifferent, sometimes eccentric, with her superb medical skills.


    “I’m starting to hate you.” Xia Yanxuan pouted and said.

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    “Haha..haha…” A rare bright smile appeared on Mo Chen’s handsome face.
This woman is so cute! And seeing her pink lips.
Thinking of how smooth, delicate and leisurely honey-like taste was yesterday.
He had the urge to kiss her again.


    “So this man knows how to laugh? “.She thought he was born with an ice cube face.


    “Have you laughed enough? Go out when you’re done.” She had a bad premonition.
Seeing his deep eyes staring at her.


    Mo Chen stopped smiling, leaned down, and slowly approached Xia Yanxuan.


    What is this man going to do? Xia Yanxuan tightened her body.
Clenching her fists, trying her best to suppress her anger, “Mo Chen, I’ll deal with you no matter how close you are.”


    “Xuaner, I just want to tell you that you have a habit of drooling when you sleep.” A low voice whispered in her ear.


    Before Xia Yanxuan could react, Mo Chen quickly kissed her on the face and walked away.


    “Ah—Mo Chen, you rascal, I’m going to kill you—”.
Xia Yanxuan threw the pillow out angrily.
Only hit the door that had been closed in time.

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    Mo Chen’s playful laughter came from outside the door.
Which made Xia Yanxuan even more irritated.
How can there be such a bad man in this world? What heartlessness.
Maybe this is all his illusions.


    After taking a hot bath, Xia Yanxuan felt better.


    As soon as she opened the door.
She saw He Yue standing at the door with a warm smile on her face.
“Auntie, are you okay?” 


    He Yue took her hand with gratitude, “Xia Yanxuan this time I’ve lost everything to you.
I don’t know how to thank you?”


    “Aunty, you’re welcome, it’s just a little effort.” Xia Yanxuan shook her head and said.


    He Yue patted her hand lovingly and said earnestly, “Xiao Xuan, this is what our Mo family owes you.
If you have any requests, feel free to ask.
We will grant you whatever it is”.
If she hadn’t done absurd things in the past.
He Yue wouldn’t mind being with her son.
It was only her pity…alas!


    She understood what He Yue meant.
Xia Yanxuan’s face instantly turned cold.
She pulled back her hand, “Aunty is kind to me, I have to say goodbye beforehand.” After speaking, regardless of He Yue’s thoughts.
Xia Yanxuan walked ahead indifferently.


    She didn’t want to call herself a benefactor because she saved Mo Jin’s life.
She saves people only to see if they are fateful.
If fate comes, she will naturally come to help and rescue.
If there is no fate, even if someone dies in front of her.
She will only stand on the sidelines.
That’s why others call her an evil witch doctor.

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