If it was her in the past, of course, there would be no problem with this procedure.
But this body is really weak.

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    Although the necklace around her neck continued to emit gas to fill her lost breath, it was still very unusual.
If you compare it presently, it used to be a majestic sea, but now it is just a drop in the ocean.


    Even the Seven-Star Needle Technique, which has always been handy.
Now it has become extremely complex to utilize.
It is almost exhausting the strength in her body.


    The seven-star acupuncture method is divided into seven needles: 


     The white tiger shaking its head, the red phoenix Yingyuan, the spirit turtle exploring the cave, the green dragon swinging its tail, the flood dragon getting water, the phoenix song and luan dance, and the phoenix flying dragon.
In particular, the last stitch of the dancing phoenix and the flying dragon has the effect of bringing the dead back to life.


    The use of this needle must and must be done in one go.
Then the needle is moved with the air.
If the breath is not strong enough, not only the patient will be in danger, but also itself will not be spared.
So this time it was very dangerous for Xia Yanxuan.
She was betting on her life and death.


    With the last bit of strength, she pulled out the silver needle on Mo Jin’s body with lightning speed.
Upon checking on his pulse again, she said weakly: “He’s okay now.
Take off his respirator and help him up.”


    Mo Chen quickly took off Mo Jin’s respirator and carefully supported him.


    Xia Yanxuan stood up, her whole body was exhausted, her eyes darkened and she was about to fall.


    Mo Yu hurriedly hugged her from behind, and asked with concern, “How are you?”

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    Xia Yanxuan shook her head weakly, she wanted to stand up.
She was exhausted and had no strength.
She could only lean against Mo Yu’s arms, for her breath to recover.


    She watched Mo Jin’s situation closely.


    “Vomit-” At this moment, Mo Jin began to vomit, spitting out mouthfuls of blood, but the color of the blood was dark black, even lumpy, with a stench.




    “Dad!” Everyone shouted worriedly when they saw Mo Jin vomiting blood.


    Seeing Mo Jin spitting blood, Xia Yanxuan breathed a sigh of relief, and she said weakly, “He’s fine, don’t worry.
I’ll give him a set of medicines later.
He will recover in a while.” Only then did Mo Chen help him fall asleep, and wipe the stickiness from his mouth with the warm towel on the side.


    “Xia Yanxuan, are you serious?” Mo Yu stared at Xia Yanxuan, his eyes full of joy, but he was not sure.


    Xia Yanxuan nodded, “Because of the accumulation of blood in his chest, it causes the blood vessels to be blocked, which causes the respiratory system to fail.” She just used the seven-star needle to help him drive away from the accumulation of blood in the blood vessels, and also for his tendons.


    Mo Zheng looked at his father on the bed, whose face was better than just now, and couldn’t believe it.
Wang Qing, who had been standing at the door, simply  said, “Doctor Wang, please help me check him out.”


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    “Okay! I’ll do a comprehensive examination for Mr.
Mo right away.” Dr.
Wang Qing hurried in, his face covered with acne marks showing a pleasing smile.
But looking at Xia Yanxuan with contempt in his eyes.
He couldn’t believe that with just a few injections Mr.
Mo would make a miraculous recovery.
Who does she think she is?


Wang Qing used the instrument to check back and forth on Mo Jin’s body several times.
His eyes widened, full of disbelief, “Impossible! Impossible! Is there something wrong with the instrument?


    ” The nurse who came to the side transferred equipment from another room to conduct a thorough inspection again, before reluctantly accepting the fact.


    “Old Mo’s body is a little weaker, but there is no serious problem.
This is truly a miracle in the medical world!” Wang Qing smiled like a chrysanthemum as if he was the biggest contributor to curing Mo Jin.


    Hearing that Mo Jin was all right, the Mo family breathed a sigh of relief, their eyes filled with disbelief and excitement.


    Mo Yu quickly kissed Xia Yanxuan on the face and hugged her excitedly, “Xia Yanxuan, you are amazing!”


    Mo Chen eagle falcon slipped through a dim light, and when he saw Mo Yu hugging her just now.
He had an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.
And now this feeling is even worse, what is happening to me?


    Xia Yanxuan didn’t expect Mo Yu to kiss her.
Suddenly, her face was full of anger and shame.


    Xia Yanxuan strongly pushed Mo Yu.
Her body was so weak, that caused her to fall back while breaking away from him.
She then fell into another solid embrace.


   Mo Chen took Xia Yanxuan into his arms, and under her amazing eyes, he picked her up and walked out the door.

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   He said to the surprised people behind him, “I’ll take her to rest.” Grandpa was fine now.
A stone in his heart fell to the ground.
He didn’t know he looked like a very jealous husband now.


    The Mo couple looked at each other with helplessness in their eyes.


    Mo Yu had an evil smile on his face and looked at the two people who were leaving thoughtfully.


    Mo Chen took Xia Yanxuan to a lounge in the nursing home.
The environment was quiet and peaceful.
From the open window, you could see a green bamboo forest outside, and a muffled crackling sound.


    “Can you let me down now?” Xia Yanxuan said impatiently.
How could he carry her away like that in front of so many people?


    Mo Chen put Xia Yanxuan on the bed.
He gently put the hair that was hanging in front of her face behind her ear.
He was staring at her tired pale face.


    His fingers ran along her forehead and slowly slid across her bright, star-like eyes.
Mo Chen landed at the place where Mo Yu had just kissed her.
There, he rubbed lightly, as if to wipe off something.


    Xia Yanxuan looked at him nervously, what the hell is going on with this man today?


    She frowned and glared at him, “Didn’t you let me rest? How can I do that now” Her warm breath drizzled on the tip of his nose along with her words, with a faint fragrance?

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  Mo Chen looked at her soft lips that were only an inch away.
The intimidating black eyes became deep, and then he covered her soft lips involuntarily.


    Xia Yanxuan was taken aback by this sudden invasion.
She forgot how she should react.
When she regained her senses, she put her hand on his shoulder and wanted to push him away.
She was exhausted and weak.
The treatment just had now drained all her strength.


    Her struggle made a fiery yearning deep in his body, his eyes deepened, “Don’t move!”.
His fingers hold her chin, domineeringly letting her mouth open, entangled with his tenderness.


    He rubbed her lips softly but firmly, and he kissed her more deeply, more intensely, his fiery tongue entangled tightly around her.
Xia Yanxuan ‘s strength of resistance gradually weakened, her brain was dizzy.
There was a burst of numbness and trembling down her back.
A handsome face suddenly appeared in her mind.
Her misty eyes instantly became clear.


   She bit her hard, a fishy sweetness suddenly appeared in the tightly tangled tongues of the two.


    Mo Chen sucked in a breath of cold air and immediately let go of her lips.


    “You’re so cruel!” A blush slid down the corner of his mouth.
Making him look less cold than usual and more charming.


    “Mo Chen, you are crazy? Why did you do that? Is this how you treat the benefactor who saved your grandfather?” Xia Yanxuan glared at him.
But her reddish cheeks showed a little embarrassment and lack of confidence.


    Mo Chen’s cold face showed no emotional fluctuations.
There is just a trace of annoyance in his eyes, what kind of devil is he possessing?


    “Have a good rest!” After saying that, he walked out without looking back.

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