The door of the emergency room opened.  A slightly fat doctor with black-rimmed glasses came out.

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    “Doctor Wang, how is my grandfather?” Mo Yu asked anxiously.


    Wang Qing’s expression was solemn, “Old Mo’s condition is untidy, rest assured we’re doing our best to help him far from danger”.
They just gave Mo Jin first aid in the meantime.
Now they use a ventilator to monitor the oxygen level on Mo Jin’s body.


    Mo Chen noticed from Wang Qing’s manner and complexion that all were just his perfunctory words of flattery.


    He listened to Wang Qing’s nonsense words.
He suddenly pushed him away and walked inside.
Mo Yu and the others followed closely.


    Upon entering the room, I saw a silver-white-haired old man lying on the hospital bed.
His facial features were somewhat similar to ink marks, but his face was very pale.


    Hearing someone coming in, Mo Jin opened his eyes diligently to look at them.
His hands and feet could not move.
Only his head could shift, and his hand slightly raised.


    “Grandpa!” Mo Chen and Mo Yu stepped forward and stood in front of his bed.


    Mo Chen reached out and held his trembling hand, “Grandpa, you will be fine.” For this grandfather who has always been very strict with himself, Mo Chen is full of respect and love.


    Mo Jin trembled and pointed to the respirator on his mouth.

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    Mo Yuxie’s eyes were full of heartache, he held his other hand, “Grandpa, please don’t talk, we’ll talk when you’re well.”


    Mo Jin’s eyes were full of persistence and looked at the two outstanding people.
He is proud of his grandsons.
He was worried that if he didn’t say it this time, he would never have a chance to say it in the future.


    Xia Yanxuan stood not far away and looked at Mo Jin carefully.
She came to Mo Yu’s side, “Let me see the old man’s situation, can I?”


    Mo Yu turned his head and looked at Xia Yanxuan in disbelief, “Sure, can cure him? Are you a doctor?”


    At this moment, all eyes in the room focused on Xia Yanxuan, as if she was a monster from an alien planet.


    Xia Yanxuan nodded awkwardly.
She couldn’t tell them that her real identity was Liu Qinxi, the evil doctor.
Who claimed to be fighting the King of Hell.


    Under Mo Yu’s astonished gaze, he walked to his side, took Old Man Mo’s hand from his hand, and his slender fingers caught his pulse.


    Mo Jin tried his best to open his eyes.
His wrinkled eyes stared at her,  with questions and doubts.
He knew that his body had reached its limit point, where the lamp ran out.
But could this child save him?


    Xia Yanxuan smiled lightly at him and gently lowered his wrist.


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    “Xia Yanxuan, will he still be healed?” Mo Yu asked Xia Yanxuan.
He was no longer hopeful.
After all, even the best medical specialists in the sanatorium were helpless.
But if there’s a little hope, they will hold on to that.


    “Mo Yu, don’t make it a joke, it’s  your Grandpa’s body.” Mo Zheng shouted sternly.
He knew everything about Xia Yanxuan.
From the day she moved into her son’s Qinglan Villa.
Her information had been sent to his desk.


    “Yu’er, listen to your father’s words and don’t be a fool”.
He Yue also gently advised. 


   A few days ago, He Yue’s husband told her that her eldest son, who had never been interested in women for a long time.
He even took the woman to his home.
He Yue was happy to hear that.  But after reading the information about that woman named Xia Yanxuan, she was shocked.


    He Yue couldn’t help but wonder about this woman.
Xia Yanxuan just got divorced.
Her private life is too chaotic.
She is dominant and has bad behavior.
Keeping a relationship with a different man.
What does his son see in her? Why does even her younger son protect her so much? Does she deceive people?


    She looked at Xia Yanxuan, trying to find something special about her.


    Mo Yu looked at Mo Zheng with some embarrassment, “Dad, let Xia Yanxuan try it? I believe her!”  For now, this could only be their only hope.
Since they are getting along these fast few days, he knows that she is not sure about things she can’t do.


    “No!” Mo Zheng objected.
How could he treat his father’s life as a child’s play?


    “Let her be.
Treat him, do what is best for him!” Mo Chen said in a deep voice, with an irresistible arrogance in his words.


   To know that it was a human life, and it was their closest relative.
Their trust made Xia Yanxuan feel a warm feeling in her heart.

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    “But…” Mo Zheng wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Mo Chen, “Dad, this is also what Grandpa meant.”


    Mo Zheng looked at Mo Jin, and when he saw him blink, he agreed.


    Looking at Xia Yanxuan, her bright eyes flashed with confidence.


    Helplessly sighed, “Okay!” Although he was worried, both his son and Lao Tzu agreed, he had no other choice but to try.


    “Zheng, how is this possible? That’s my father’s life!” He Yue said in disapproval.


    Mo Zheng patted her on the shoulder, his eyes full of helplessness, “Yue’er, you heard what the doctor just said right, let’s give a chance, let her try it.
Maybe there is hope, stop worrying.” I just hope a miracle does happen.


    He Yue nodded silently and said nothing.


    Seeing that his parents had agreed, Mo Yu looked at Xia Yanxuan, “can you proceed now?”


    “Yes, Of course!” Xia Yanxuan nodded and called the nurse beside her, “Find me a box of silver needles, and then bring me a basin of warm water.”

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    “Okay!” The nurse replied, but her expression was somewhat disapproving.
There was obvious contempt in her eyes.
Even their best doctor Wang Qing is helpless, what can she do?


    But the Mo family is not someone who can be offended.
She walked to the side of the medicine box.
Took out a box of silver needles and handed It to Xia Yanxuan.
Then went to the bathroom to get a basin of warm water.


    While Dr.
Wang Qing is outside the door looking at the scene inside.
A hint of sarcasm on the corner of his mouth.
“If you like to gamble, go.
Originally, I was worried that something may have happened to the old man.
Now, the  Mo family would blame it on themselves  for the outcomes.
In this way, someone will bear it for him, he is somewhat delighted and relaxed.


    Xia Yanxuan asked the nurse to sterilize the silver needle with alcohol.
Then took the acupuncture points in Mo Jin’s chest, armpit, and waist that were quickly pierced.
Now the old man’s breath is very weak.
His life is in danger at this point.
She must first stabilize the old man’s breath.


    She pinches the end of the needle and twirls it gently, lift it slightly, and pierces it slowly.


    Gradually, a little sweat dripped from her forehead. 


     She quickly lifted the needle, took the sterile needle from the nurse’s hand again, and used a twist to puncture the silver needle into Mo Jin’s neck, crotch, and soles of her feet. 


     She feels conscientious, professional, and neat.
The needle is released instantly and without any fuss.
Her movements are like a butterfly playing in a flower room, which makes people dazzled.


    The people on the side were stunned, and their hope for saving Mo Jin was even greater.


    She seemed relaxed, but Xia Yanxuan was not at ease at this time.
Her face had turned a little pale, her back was soaked with sweat.
Her forehead was constantly dripping with sweat.

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