A Vicious Woman

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The sky was gloomy, and drizzle was falling.


   The white luxury villa is visible in the rain.
The scents of blooming flowers and grass are everywhere.


   A thin figure is lying on the ground in the spacious living room, holding a rag, carefully and diligently wiping the floor.


   Xia Yanxuan straightened her stiff body, lifted the hair in front of her eyes with her hand and exhaled heavily, cheered up, and continued to work hard to wipe the floor.


  Suddenly, a pair of heels with long white legs appeared before her eyes.


   She lifted her head, looking at a figure leaning on the sofa.
The woman’s hair was long, dark, and wavy.
A stylish black lace shirt shaped her slender body.


   Xia Yanxuan bit her lips, hesitated for a long time, and said carefully, “Miss Fang, could you please lift your feet?”


   Fang Qin lifted her face.
Her long slanted eyebrows and demonic pair of eyes showed annoyance.
Only to hear music on her tablet seems to be the end of the game.


   Fang Qin threw away the tablet.
She stood up in anger and grabbed Xia’s collar.
She looked at her angrily.
“How dare you disturb my game? Don’t you want to live?” 


   Snap! –


   The palm of her hand had swung towards Xia Yanxuan without mercy, slapping her tender cheeks severely.


   Xia Yanxuan covered her red and swollen cheek.
Her eyes were full of fear, and her body was trembling slightly.
fang, sorry.
I’m sorry.”


   Fang Qin stretched out her hand and fiercely pinched Xia Yanxuan’s cheek.
She screamed, “Sorry? Damn you bitch, look at yourself.
Why did I let Yan Lei marry you? If it weren’t for you, I would have been Mrs.
Qi now.
Tell me! Why do you have the right to occupy that position? What do you have? Shameless bitch.” Then she gave Xia Yanxuan another heavy slap in the face.


   She fell in love with Qi Yan Lei three years ago, but Elder Qi had forcedly married Qi Yan Lei to Xia Yanxuan.
That makes her very resentful.
She is from a well-known family of nobles, while Xia Yanxuan is an orphan with nothing.
She is a doctor, while Yanxuan didn’t even finish high school. 


   In terms of appearance, she is beautiful and elegant, while Yanxuan is only plain and simple without anything to compare. 


   She is the cloud in the sky, while Xia Yanxuan is like the mud on the ground that everyone tramples on. 


   Losing to such a woman made her more furious.


   “Miss Fang…please…stop.
It hurts so much.” Yanxuan’s cheeks were swollen and marked in red with purple.
The blood from the corner of her mouth was continuously flowing downward.


   Fang Qin narrowed her eyes and increased her strength with an angry face.
“Still screaming! Then I’ll let you scream more! I’ll let you beg for mercy! You dominate the position of Mrs.
Qi.” She slapped her face from left to right without mercy.


   Yanxuan struggled and pushed Fang Qin out of instinct.


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   Fang Qin fell to the ground and got up from the ground.
She did not expect that a submissive little sheep would dare push her.


   “How dare you push me? You bitch!!!”



 The anger that had been hiding in her heart for a long time exploded.


   “I… I didn’t mean to…” Yanxuan said.
Her face was full of shock, and her originally beautiful face was miserable.
The blood flowing from the corner of her mouth stained her entire chin.
Also, her hair was stained with tears and stuck to her face.


   Yanxuan’s eyes were full of tears.
She stood up trembling and wanted to run.
However, Fang Qing grabbed Yanxuan’s hair and pulled it back hard.
Fang Qin picked the tablet, and without any doubt, she smashed it into Xia Yanxuan’s head.


   Bright color blood slowly slid down to the corner of Xia Yanxuan’s forehead, staining her eyes and her face.




   The pain slowly became paralyzed.
She could not feel the intense pain anymore.
Yanxuan’s eyes gradually became blurry.
She smiled as if it was the end and slowly fell backward.


   In a room with a white wall, a window was open.
The cool breeze of early autumn gently blew towards the face of a lying woman on the big bed.


   The sleeping person is wrapped in white gauze on the forehead slowly opens her eyes.


   Pain! This is the first feeling that Liu Qinxi feels when she wakes up.
The intense pain in her cheek and the corner of her forehead made her brow furrow.


   She remembered that their car drove not far from the parking lot, then she felt something strange about the car.
This was the first time that she sensed danger.
She got out of the vehicle.
The car was speeding through a few hundred meters before a loud boom sent her into the darkness.


   She can’t believe that she didn’t die, she should celebrate with three laughs.
She can continue to bring disaster to the world.
Ha! Ha! Ha!


   She glanced around and did not see the familiar figure, and her heart was vaguely lost.


   What is this place? She braced herself against the pain, leaned back on the pillow, and surveyed her surroundings.


   At this time, the white door was pushed open, and a tall figure man walked in.


   He is wearing gold-rimmed glasses.
His appearance seems handsome and elegant.
Seeing those sharp eyes under the glasses, you can tell that he cannot play a good role here.
Two women, old and young, followed him.


   “Who are you?” Liu Qinxi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and her eyes were full of wariness.
Where the hell is this place? Who the hell were they? Could it be that she had been kidnapped? Numerous questions appeared in her head.


   “Ahhh.” Sudden violent pain in her head, Liu Qinxi’s face turned pale, and she hugged her head painfully with both hands.
A scene of unfamiliar memories rushed into her head like a surging tide.



   In the white hall, a demure woman was holding a bouquet.
She looked lovingly at the handsome man in front of her with a happy smile on her face.

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   While the man’s mouth was hooked in a mocking smile.
A trace of coldness in the eyes behind the glasses.
Slowly walked in front of the woman and whispered into her ear.
The woman’s face instantly became pale, and then he walked away. 


   The woman’s trembling hands held the flower tightly and ignored the thorns that had pierced into her palm.
She was still looking at the man’s back, who had gone away.
Behind him is the constant whispers and jeers of the guests.



    This ring doesn’t belong to you.
I will not put it on you because you don’t deserve it.
His cold words rang in her ears.
Left standing alone, she cries silently.
Tears keep coming out of her eyes. 


   The man embraced another gorgeous woman and walked blatantly in front of her.
The woman had annoyance in her eyes, as well as smugness, while the middle-aged woman looked prickly and abusive.


   A scene like in a movie quickly flashed in Liu Qinxi’s mind until the two memories slowly fused.
Liu Qinxi’s eyes were full of disbelief, but there was no other way than just to believe.


   She slowly raised her hand to her eyes to see.
It was a pair of white hands with long fingers.
Because of spending a long hour doing housework, the palm was covered with thin calluses.


   But these hands are by no means compared to her hands, although her hands also have thin calluses.
She also takes care of herself and uses many moisturizing products to keep her hands tender and smooth.


   For her, studying medicine is a never-ending process in science and practice.
Hard to believe that there is such a thing as a bor

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