eaten before, Arkhen really wanted to just devour everything fast, but he remained patient and ate slowly.

After eating, everyone sat on the couches in the main hall.

”Alright, son. Its time to tell you about the academy you will attend from tomorrow onwards. It is the worlds best education institute. The interesting thing is that it doesn belong to any country but is a sole existence managed by some hidden force. Only two types of people can get admission to that academy, ” Mark said with a faint smile.

”Two types? ” Arkhen raised his eyebrows.

”Yep, ” Lily said with a sweet smile. ”First type are those picked personally by the academy from all over the world. These students are smart and geniuses in their fields. They can study for free. The second type is rich people because only the rich can afford the fees. ”

”So we come into second-type? ” Arkhen asked.

”No, we come into both types, ” Daniel said indifferently.

”You will study business classes and a single field in which you specialize, ” Isabella said with a gentle smile. ”When rich and geniuses get together, it can advance the world into the next generation. ”

”The teachers there are the best of the best in the entire world and it is said that there is also a secret society in that academy. They would recruit students randomly, but if you can get into that society, then new horizons would open up to you. Basically, the future of our household depends on you all, ” Mark said with a smile.

Interesting, this Star-Prime academy seems like the best place to start my domination of this world, Arkhen thought as a slight smile appeared on his face.

[Indeed. This planets most powerful human clans have a deep-rooted connection to that academy and it may also be the door to entering the first realm for other humans of this planet.]

Oh? You mean humans here have already entered the 1st realm?

[Yes. The ancestors of the human race on this planet have entered 1st realm one way or another. Some entered after dying from the hell, some after entering heaven, and some entered while living. As long as your strength can break the limits of this universe, you can get access to the 1st realm]

Everyone talked and laughed for an hour. Arkhen familiarized himself with all his family members and got together well. He also found out that there were three more members in this family: Mark Waltons sister, Katherin. Her husband, Jax. And their son, Nolan.

Katherin was not living with her husband elsewhere, but they settled in this mansion after her marriage. For the last four days, this family of three went to Katherins in-laws home for a visit.

”Alright, we adults will have to take a nap since we will have to work later. You four can spend some time together and tell Arkhen about some things regarding the academy. Get along well, okay? ” Isabell said with a smile.

”Yes, mom! ” Lily and Evelyn said at the same time with smiles.

”Yes, aunt, ” Daniel nodded with a smile. ”I will teach him everything so he can be prepared. ”

Jason and Grace went to the other stairs since their room was on the right side of the mansion while Isabella and Mark went to the left side stairs. Mark signaled Alfred with a nod for something before leaving, and Alfred also nodded back.

”Mom and dad didn ask, but can you tell us what were you doing before coming here? ” Lily curiously asked as she sat on the left side of Arkhen while Evelyn sat on the right side of Arkhen.

”Yes, we are curious about your life before this. If you don mind, please tell us, brother, ” Evelyn said.

”Ahem, ” Alfred made a fake cough before he looked at everyone. ”Its time to go to the training hall. We must not miss the daily training. ”

Daniels eyes showed anticipation as he stood up and smiled. ”Lily, Evelyn, we should teach our new brother about important things. Lets go to the training hall. ”

Seeing Daniel looking at him with clear bad intention, Arkhen grinned internally. I think its time to complete the first main quest.

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