artled. He saw a lifelike drawing of a tiny cat with two devilish horns. The cat was light gray with faint black patterns. There was a gemstone on its forehead and its eyes were colorful. One dark green and the other dark red.

Arkhen felt a close connection with the mysterious cat and caressed his hand on it.

Just as his hand touched the cat, Arkhen felt a jolt, and the cat came out of the book.

”Nyaa! Thank you for unlocking me, Master. I, Nixeno, am here to serve you, ” the cat said with glittering eyes as it floated in front of Arkhen. The cats voice resembled that of a male.

”You can speak… ” Arkhen muttered, but that was not a surprising thing since he had experienced many abnormal things already and learned mind-boggling knowledge.


-Stamina: ~

-Strength: ~

-Agility: ~

-Charm: ~

-Personal Force: ~

”Why can I see your stats? ” Arkhen asked curiously.

”Nyahaha, because I am too powerful, ” Nixeno laughed mischievously as it sat down on Arkhens shoulder. ”Unfortunately, I can use my full power for you, my dear master. ”

”Why? ” Arkhen asked with a frown.

”Becau- ” Nixeno couldn finish his and disappeared as he returned to the book.

[Nixeno is one of the Primal Exotic Demons. Even if you combine the powers of all mythical beings that people of this earth worship, they still can beat Nixeno]

”What?! ” Arkhen was dumbfounded. So powerful? Wow…wait, I don even know what kind of power they can access. Tsk, I really want to grow stronger fast.

Afterward, Arkhen tried to turn another thick page of this book but couldn turn it.

[You can not turn any more pages of the book for now. Nixeno also disappeared because your power was not enough to sustain its avatar here.]

”Then what use is this book to me? ” Arkhen frowned.

[You can get one superpower from Nixeno. Put your hand over him on the page and communicate with him]

Arkhen put his hand over Nixeno, and in the next second, a communication link formed between them.

Nyahaha, Master. I am sorry but you are too weak for now. However, I can give you one of my powers, which you can use. Here you go, boss. Stay safe and become stronger so I can serve you better.

Arkhen saw a panel in front of him with three superpowers. After reading all three, Arkhen decided to choose the one called [Perpetual Prime].

[Perpetual Prime]

-Passive Trait: Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Primal Energy.

-1st Active Power: Force Field Creation.

—>You can create force fields by consuming primal energy.

-2nd Active Power: locked.

-3rd Active Power: locked.

[Congratulation, You have unlocked Energy Power stat.]

”I don think I need to fear anyone with this superpower now, ” Arkhen grinned.

[My lord, even if you have unlimited stamina and unlimited Primal energy, you can use them unlimitedly because your willpower and brain will be heavily drained if you do that. As for your current limit, only you can know it after pushing yourself to the extreme.]

I see. Well, Im sure I will have to push myself to the extreme since enemies will come flocking to me as you said, Arkhen devilishly grinned as he snapped his finger. I can wait for that.

Arkhen then looked at his new stats and was surprised regarding the energy.

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