ire 50 reality points to remove the evidence and make his death a mystery case]

What if I kill her as well? Will I get a discount on reality points? Luke asked in his head.

[Making both of their deaths a mystery case is easier because of many factors of them going away together and dying instead of just one dying since they were together. It will require 43 reality points to make both of their deaths a mystery case.]

”Rosa, ” Luke said as he looked at Rosas euphoric face since she had started moving her hips again.

”What, darling? ” Rosa said with a smile as she went for a kiss.

But Luke moved his head away. ”You enjoyed enough of your last moments. Honestly, I regret **ing you, but no use getting upset over it. ”

Rosa suddenly filled with fear again after hearing Lukes words and stopped moving. ”W-what do you mean? ”

”What I mean is…Burn away, ” Luke said indifferently.

”Arrrrrr….. ”

Rosa screamed for a second before she turned into ashes that fell on Lukes lap.

[1 reality point gained]

Make their death seem like a mystery case, Luke said.

[As you wish, my lord]

The next second, ashes on his lap and in his room disappeared while 43 reality points were deducted.

What should I call you? Luke asked the voice he hears inside his head.

[You can call me Velshi or System. Velshi is my name, so I would prefer it, however. But it is your choice in the end that matters.]

Velshi…what are you? What is this system? Also, can you create a new set of clothes for me? Luke asked some questions.

A second later, 1 reality point was deducted and a new set of clothes appeared over his body. Those clothes were of very high quality: comfortable pants and a T-shirt with a windbreaker jacket over the t-shirt with a hood.

[1 point deducted for the new outfit. As for your other two questions, I am afraid your authority is not enough to get their answers.]

”Fine, ” Luke said before he looked at the panel and opened |Inventory|



-Mystery Box

The panel also appeared in front of him in holographic style and saw the inventory.

”Open the mystery box, ” Luke said.

[Opening the mystery box…]

[Mystery box opened. Congratulations, you got…

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