On the day of Lukes 23rd birthday, he bought a cake for himself again, just like last year. Except for when his mother was alive, this was the 2nd time he celebrated his birthday. Of course, he didn sing happy birthday to himself or something like that. He was just going to cut the cake and eat it while watching some anime.

He was alone in the apartment because he didn have colleagues as friends. In the workplace, he only did work and nothing else since he didn understand social interaction that much and was not that trusting of others because of his upbringing.

He never had friends in the first place since middle school, so he didn know what were friends for in real life. Of course, the situations in anime and manga are different. He liked Nakama power in that, but there was no such thing in reality for him. He didn believe that.

*knock knock…*

Just as he was going to cut the cake, he heard the knocking on his door.

He wondered who could it be and walked towards the door before looking at the peephole. Why is Rosa here? Don tell me?

Luke opened the door and saw his step-sister with a Luke of the same age.

”Hey Luke, I am going to borrow your room for a bit, ” Rosa said with a smile. She had a bob-cut hairstyle, big boobs, and a perfect sexy body just like her mother.

”No! ” Luke rejected firmly. ”Leave. I won tolerate you more. ”

”Should I beat him up, babe? Heh, ” the man standing beside Rosa sneered as he put his hand her Rosas shoulder.

Luke was slightly scared because this dude that came with her step-sister was a hunk and muscled, unlike him.

”No need, ” Rosa said as she narrowed her eyes and walked toward Luke. ”Give us your room and fap in the corner. You used to do that when I came before a few times, right? Now move. ”

She pushed him away and brought her boyfriend inside.

”Oh, its your birthday? Haha, happy birthday, ” Rosa said laughingly before she entered the room with her boyfriend and closed the room.

Luke gritted his teeth and felt angry! He was still a virgin, and this bitch was mocking him despite knowing he can do shit.

Fuck, **, **, **!!! Luke cursed in his head as he sat down in the small living room. Shortly afterward, he started hearing moans from his bedroom.

Time passed as Luke continued with his miserable solo life. His ambition has died, and his dad killed them. But he was happy. For now, he just wanted to live happily and the anime, manga, and video games were sufficiently fun for him.

Rosa would come into his apartment once or twice every month. It would really tempt him but he couldn do shit.

One day, something he didn expect happened. It was a regular day for him, nothing too out of ordinary until…the night descended.

Luke returned from work and took a bath before he was preparing to watch an anime while eating.

But suddenly, an intense knocking came along with Rosas shouts for Luke to open the door.

”Save me! Luke, please open the door! Fast! ”

Luke frowned and rushed towards the door and looked at the peephole to see that Rosa was panicking with tears in her eyes and knocking constantly.

He opened the door and let her inside.

”Lock it, fast! Block the door… ” Rosa quickly locked the door and moved tables and chairs in front of the door.

”Whats going on? ” Luke frowned.

”Call p-police, we need to call the police! ” Rosa said as she continued to panic.


Intense knocking once again arrived with some mens voice as they shouted to open the door!

”Call the police fast! ” Rosa said as she looked around to find Likes mobile because she didn have her mobile on her.

”Damn it! What the ** did you do?! ” Luke shouted and cursed as he regretted letting her in but now was not time as it was too late. He quickly took out his mobile and dialed 911 to call the police.


The door was cracked and blasted open as three men with a strong and muscled bodies like bodyguards entered inside.

Luke was frozen in fear, looking at their intimidating appearances.

”No, no! Give me two more days, please! ” Rosa pleaded as she knelt on the ground. ”I will return the money in two days. ”

Luke somewhat understood now, but he stood still.

One of the men grabbed Rosas hair and pulled her up. ”Its too late, bitch. We gave you three months more than expected and even waved three months interest, but you still haven returned us a penny. ”

Rosa panicked and cried. ”Please, please, give me two more days! ”

I can do anything to help her, Luke thought before he cursed himself. Fucking idiot. Why are you even thinking about helping her?

”And who is this guy? Your boyfriend? ” another man said as he looked at Luke. ”If you have money, then pay us on her behalf and we will let her go. Otherwise, we will have to kill her and sell her. ”

”L-luke, do you have money? Please help me. Just one time, please, ” Rosa said as she looked at Luke pleadingly. ”You are my brother, right? Can you please help me? ”

”Brother? Hahaha. You can sell us your brother while you work for us to pay the debt. That way, you can continue to live, ” the third man said while grinning.

”What?! ” Luke was startled and looked at Rosa.

Rosas eyes glinted before she looked at those three men, ”I sell him! You can take him away and sell his organs or whatever. He is my brother, so he can do it! ”

”No! What the **? ” Luke was shocked. He looked at the three men fearful, ”I am not her blood brother! ”


One of the men punched him in the gut and then hit his jaw, knocking out Luke cold as he fell to the floor.

”Take him downstairs and stuff him into the car, ” the man with a scar on his face said before he looked at Rosa and grabbed her mouth. ”Well make do with your brother. If his organs were sold at higher and repaid your debt, you will be free and continue to be our customer and bring more people, but we won lend you more money. ”

”No problem, ” Rosa quickly nodded as she sighed a relief. ”His organs should be good. Also, he is a virgin, so that also increases his certain parts value, right? ”

”Boss, his dick is on the big side. Even bigger than yours, hahaha. ”

”Shut up and lets go. ”

However, when those men went down, they heard police sirens.

”You two take him to our underground area. Ill handle the police, ” the scarface said as he dialed a number.

”Urgh… ” Luke groggily opened his eyes inside a lab. His legs and hands were completely bound.

”What is this place? Release me, please! Why did you keep me here?! ” Luke shouted, but no one came or answered him. His eyes already showed despair as he remembered what happened in his apartment.

I am sold? Why did she do that? WHAT DID I DO TO HER? Luke thought furiously one last time before he stopped shouting and just lay there in despair. There was not an ounce of hope left in his eyes. Its over….my lifes over…


The door of the lab opened as a man wearing a lab suit entered with an injection in his hand.

After entering, he smiled at Luke. ”Don worry, you will die peacefully and after you die, you will become useful to many people. Your heart, kidney, your testes, and all organs will help many people, ” the man said before he injected the injection into Lukes brain.

As Lukes eyes dimmed after the injection, he heard the final words of the man.

”Happy afterlife, boy. ”

[Reality System…Activated]

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