98 Best Actor Lu Lin

Hahaha, Zhao Yuan, aren’t you shameless? How dare you call yourself Lu Lin’s wife.
You’re a whimsical piece of trash,” Su Ni mocked loudly.

“Su Ni, are you a rat? How dare you eavesdrop on our conversation.
You’re the one who’s shameless!” Zhao Yuan was angry that Su Ni who was a big mouth overheard her insider news.

Su Ni covered her mouth and laughed exaggeratedly.
“Do you think you’re the only one who knows that Lu Lin is the mysterious guest? Let me tell you, I’ve already known.
I’m a big fan of Lu Lin.”

Zhao Yuan really did not expect Su Ni to know.
She knew it from the junior who was in charge of receiving Lu Lin.
He was her neighbor’s younger brother.
He knew that she liked Lu Lin, so he came to tell her.

Su Ni glanced at Zhao Yuan with disdain and left.
In a place that Shen Xi and the others could not see, she quickly posted this important news in her national Lu Lin fan group and Zhuoying High School’s Lu Lin fan group.
Instantly, the fan group was in an uproar.

The fans in the group expressed that they wanted to come to Zhuoying High School to support their idol.
Those who were out of town begged Su Ni to take photos.
They wanted to buy the photos for as much money as possible.

Su Ni looked at the lively messages in the two groups happily.
She thought to herself, ‘How lucky.
I’m going to have pocket money again.
This time, I will get a lot of money.
I can buy the bag I like.’

Thinking that Zhao Yuan knew about this news before her, Su Ni felt uncomfortable.
Moreover, she had been wronged and almost expelled because of Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan’s incident.
Su Ni held this grudge in her heart.

Su Ni’s eyes darkened.
She opened one of her accounts and entered Zhuo Ying High School’s Lu Lin fan group to send a message.

Miss Hong: Sisters, it is said that the studio only informed our group leader about Lu Lin coming to Zhuo Ying High School.
By right, we are supposed to be the only ones who know about it.
However, there is an extreme fan in our school.
She announced this matter to the paparazzi in exchange for money.
It is really evil to hurt Lu Lin like this.

Fan 1: Which shameless person is this? Tell me her name and I’ll beat her to death!

Fan 2: This kind of extreme fan is the most disgusting.
@MissHong, please post her name and let her experience the power of “Elks”.

Fan 3: We care for Lu Lin from the bottom of our hearts.
We won’t allow anyone to use him to earn unethical money.

The mood in the group had been stirred up.
Su Ni watched it with a cold smile and sent a message.

Miss Hong: I heard that there are two people from Grade 12 Class 2.
One is called Shen Xi, and the other is Zhao Yuan.

After sending the message, Su Ni deleted all the information on her phone and then canceled the account.
She even uninstalled the application and downloaded it again.

On the other side, Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan who were on their way to meet up with their classmates had no idea what was going on here.

Jiang Xue rushed to the school gate, fully dressed.
Xiang Cheng was supposed to come in the afternoon.
However, Jiang Xue knew that Xiang Cheng would be busy preparing for the speech if he came in the afternoon.
So, he might not be able to take care of her.

Therefore, Jiang Xue cleverly asked Xiang Cheng to come earlier and accompany her on the campus tour.
She also suggested the entire class gather under a big tree at the school gate so that everyone could see that Xiang Cheng coming to meet her.

In this way, everyone would see Xiang Cheng accompanying her on the campus tour in the afternoon.
He was an excellent alumnus and the school director.
With that, Jiang Xue would become the topic of everyone’s compliments.
It would also reflect her status later.

However, Jiang Xue was suddenly knocked down by someone when she was at a corner.
She fell to the ground.

It was an old man wearing the janitor uniform.
Jiang Xue was extremely disgusted.
She felt her body was extremely stinky.
It was filled with a poor and sour smell.
Her good mood disappeared in an instant.

When she saw that her exquisite dress was messed up, Jiang Xue was furious.
She stood up and yelled at the old man angrily, “You old thing, are you f*cking blind? Do you know how expensive this dress is? You can’t even afford it if you sell your entire household.”

Lu De got scolded as “poor” for the first time in his life.
He was momentarily stunned.

Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan who were just heading to the school gate, witnessed Jiang Xue shouting hysterically at an old cleaner.

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