97 The Art Gallery In His Dreams

The night was as heavy as velvet.
The layers of thick curtains made the entire space seem unusually heavy.
It was suffocating.

The young man on the bed was covered in sweat.
His slender and fair hands were clutching the air-cooling quilt uneasily.

Guan Lei looked around in confusion.
It was an unfamiliar place.
There were all kinds of paintings on the walls.
It seemed like an art gallery.

Suddenly, the crowd began to stir.
They kept running out of a curved corridor.

Guan Lei felt an inexplicable determination in his heart.
Clearly, something must have happened inside that these people were running out.
However, he could not control himself and went against the flow of people.

When Guan Lei finally reached the open door, his vision suddenly became blurry.
In the whiteness, the figure that had been troubling him slowly appeared.
This time, it was slightly clearer.

The figure was skinny.
Her long black hair fell behind her back.
She seemed to be holding something in her hands.

Suddenly, the girl turned around in the white mist.
It was still a little blurry, but Guan Lei could already see the girl’s deep eyes.
Her face was so sunken that her facial bones were so prominent.

The girl in the white fog looked very much like the white bone spirit in a fairy tale.
It seemed like she had human skin, but there was no flesh underneath.
With her straight black hair, she looked terrifying.

Guan Lei opened his mouth to say something, but he could not make any sound.
He could only watch as the girl screamed in fear, “Go, go quickly!”

Then, an ear-ringing explosion was heard.
An unbearable blazing fire dragon dashed toward Guan Lei.

Guan Lei instantly opened his eyes and panted heavily with cold sweat.

The scariest thing about this dream was that Guan Lei could feel the intense pain of his flesh being roasted and his internal organs being burned every time.
It kept repeating.

Looking at the time, it was 4 am.
Guan Lei sighed helplessly.
He wondered why he kept having this dream.
If this continued, it would seriously affect his sleep.

However, this dream had made great progress.
For example, he knew that the explosion happened in an art gallery.
Besides, he saw the ghost-like girl.
Although it was not very clear in the white fog, there was still a little progress.

Guan Lei got out of bed and thought of the art gallery in his dream.
He wanted to draw it and ask Xue Li to check.
Yet, he realized that he couldn’t draw it out as he lifted the pen.

Guan Lei thought of Teacher Shen who had drawn for him before.
He picked up his phone and sent a message, “Can you draw according to the description?”

Shen Xi who was sleeping soundly, was awakened by the vibration of her phone.

The five years experience in prison in her previous life made Shen Xi especially sensitive.
Even though she was asleep, she maintained absolute vigilance.
She was afraid of being dragged out to be bullied in her sleep.

Shen Xi picked up her phone to take a look.
It was a message from her mysterious employer, “Shi San.”

Shen Xi rolled her eyes.
There must be something wrong with “Shi San.” He sent a message at 4am asking strange questions.
Shen Xi put her phone under her pillow and continued to sleep.

On the other side, Guan Lei did not receive a reply from Teacher Shen and sat in a daze until dawn.
His lower eyelids turned black.

The next day, Teacher Shen finally replied Guan Lei.
Then, he described the art gallery in his dream and sent it to teacher Shen.

It was the school’s anniversary on the following day.
According to the timeline, there would be registration and tour campus activities in the morning.
At noon, there would be a school cafeteria food exhibition.
In the afternoon, there would be commendations and speeches from excellent teachers, students, and alumni.
In the evening, it would be a networking party.

Fortunately, Shen Xi and the others were now in their third year of high school.
A lot of the decorations and registration work were done by the first and second year juniors.

Zhao Yuan looked around sneakily and said to Shen Xi who was strolling around, “Let me tell you some insider news.
I heard we have a mysterious guest today.
It’s the world-famous actor, Lu Lin.”

Lu Lin? Shen Xi frowned slightly.
She had heard of Lu Lin before.
He was a renowned international actor.
It was impossible for Shen Xi not to know about him.

“Wait, what’s with your expression now? It’s Lu Lin, my husband! He defeated many outstanding movie stars from other countries to become the best actor!” , said Zhao Yuan as she looked at Shen Xi unhappily.

“Husband? You’re not old enough to get married.
Can you get a marriage certificate? “Shen Xi looked at Zhao Yuan in surprise.

Zhao Yuan covered her helpless face.
She was speechless.
Suddenly, a voice interrupted from the side.


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