96 I Need to Have Two Bottles of Drinks

“You… What are you doing?” Shen Xi’s eyes widened as she asked in disbelief.

Shen Xi was confused by Guan Lei’s behavior.
She looked at Guan Lei who had a bottle of ice-cold drinks in each hand.
What was he doing? Didn’t she give him a bottle? Why did he still snatch another bottle from her?

Guan Lei held the drinks tightly.
He pursed his lips and looked away awkwardly.
After a few seconds of silence, he said in a low voice, “I heard that it’s not good to have cold drinks while having your period.”

“What?” Shen Xi could not hear Guan Lei at all.
She only felt that Guan Lei looked so awkward now when he was usually fierce and overbearing.

Guan Lei was too embarrassed to repeat about the girl’s matters again.
He raised his head and said, “I’m too thirsty.
I need to drink two bottles!”

Perhaps this reason was a little far-fetched, Guan Lei turned around and left quickly after that.
Shen Xi was left in the same spot, frowning as she watched Guan Lei walking away.

Shen Xi thought to herself, ‘This person is really annoying.
If he is that thirsty, just say it.’ She would have bought another one for him.
Why did he snatch it from her? Shen Xi turned around and bought another bottle for herself.
At the same time, she also brought a bottle back for Zhao Yuan.

Under the scorching sun, the few girl gangsters and Peach walked out.

The short-haired girl looked at her phone.
It was a message from her father.
“Regarding the matter of the phone, you got to admit it.
If you offend someone you shouldn’t and harm your brother’s career, I won’t pay for your mother’s medical expenses.”

The girl revealed a bitter and helpless smile.
Her mother was in a vegetative state.
Her father brought a mistress and a brother who was two years older into her house before divorcing her mother.
This was too ridiculous.

Now, someone must have used her half-blood brother to threaten her father.
So, her father used her mother to threaten her without considering that she might get expelled from school.
She would not be able to continue living in Rong City.

The girl looked up at the scorching sun above her head.
She suddenly felt dizzy and fainted.

In the evening before they left school, the matter was cleared up.
Peach and a few girls publicly apologized to Shen Xi.
At the same time, Su Ni also proved her innocence.

However, the school’s decision to expel the few girls remained unchanged.
Peach was sent to prison because of what she had done before.

That night, Lu De found out that his granddaughter had been bullied and was extremely angry.
He slammed the custom-made mahogany furniture with his palm and yelled, “B*stard, how could they bully our little princess.
Secretary Zhao, go and find out.
Deal with them one by one.”

Zhao Hui quickly went forward and said, “Chairman, those girls have been expelled.
One of them has been sent to prison.”

Lu De finally calmed down and said, “How’s it going? I’ll see how I can build a good relationship with my precious granddaughter.
I can’t wait to hang out with my granddaughter.”

Zhao Hui handed the prepared plan to Lu De and explained, “Chairman, in our opinion, it’s better not to act rashly.
After all, you still have the bet with the Shen family.
I’m afraid that it will be a mess later on.
Why don’t we ask the young man of the Lu family who is about the same age as the young miss to get along with her first? It’s easy for young people to get together.”

When Lu De heard that he couldn’t meet his granddaughter, he was displeased.
“Why must I be so timid to meet my own granddaughter? That’s frustrating.
I don’t care about the old man of Shen family.
If he finds out, let it be.
Do you think I’m afraid of him?”

Zhao Hui immediately coaxed, “Chairman, of course not.
It’s just to avoid trouble in the future.
It’s better to refer to our suggestion.
For example, we can ask third young master to attend the Zhuo Ying High School’s anniversary celebration, right? Nowadays, young girls love to chase after celebrities.
With that, you can say that you’re going to meet him.
Even if the Shen family finds out, they won’t be able to find any mistakes.”

Lu De immediately became excited and exclaimed, “Then what are we waiting for? Bring that b*stard back immediately.”

Zhao Hui looked awkward as she said, “Chairman, I checked when I first came here.
The third young master should be abroad now.
He has an important international film audition.
Are you sure?”

Lu De was furious as he said, “B*stard, is the so-called audition more important than bringing his sister home? Call him back immediately!”

Zhao Hui smiled tactfully and left to contact the person


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