95 Su Ni Escapes a Calamity

As far as anyone knew, Jiang Xue had nothing to do with the assault, so she was not escorted out with the others.

However, before they left, Jiang Xue whispered into Su Ni’s ear, “Don’t be afraid.
I’ll ask my dad and Xiang Cheng to help you plead for mercy.
Remember, the police won’t help you.
So long as you don’t turn to them for help, we’ll be able to resolve the issue.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.
Jiang Xue, thank you!” Su Ni answered.
She did not know what to do.
Jiang Xue had effectively taken the choice out of her hands, and the only thing she could do was pray for her to work a miracle.

A while after the students involved in the assault exited the class, Jiang Xue sought permission from the substitute teacher to visit the washroom.

Sun Ling questioned the girls and found out which of the classes they belonged to before seeking their form teachers to discuss the matter at hand.

Just as Jiang Xue had said, incidents of bullying usually resulted in a light slap of the wrist and nothing more.
That was especially so in minor cases.
The present case was not too serious, and no real harm occurred.

It was unusual for the school to take such a hard stance on these students, going to the extent of expelling them.
Sun Ling could not understand the rationale.

Following earlier precedents, if Su Ni could not explain herself, there was a high chance she would be expelled.

The teacher-in-charge of the girl who had beaten her rushed over.
Sun Ling thought that she would have to waste her breath.

“There’s no need to investigate the matter any further.
I planted the phone under Su Ni’s desk.
I also paid Li Tao to bring people to beat up Shen Xi,” the short-haired girl with the bob cut proclaimed.

Everyone present was stunned.
Had she not claimed innocence earlier? Why would she suddenly confess and admit to being the mastermind?

A slight frown marred Shen Xi’s face.
She stepped forward and asked, “I don’t understand.
I have no enmity with you.
Why did you do this? Moreover, why would you tag along if you paid Li Tao to beat me up? It doesn’t make sense.”

For some unknown reason, the short-haired girl who had been crying all this time was surprisingly calm and determined.
“It doesn’t have to make sense.
I was jealous you got first place and wanted to teach you a lesson.
I wasn’t sure if I could do it myself, so I paid Li Tao to help me.
There’s nothing better than seeing the job done with one’s own eyes.
I wanted to see you trampled and humiliated with my own eyes.”

Shen Xi found the short-haired girl’s nonsense very hard to swallow.
Would a normal person seek to beat up another over a disparity in grades? She did not even know the other girl! Nothing the short-haired girl said made any sense in Shen Xi’s mind, which raised red flags regarding the matter.

“Are you certain you were the one who orchestrated everything?” Shen Xi asked.

The short-haired girl’s head shot up, tears pooling in her eyes as she stared at the ceiling.
“I confessed.
It was me.
Who else can be more certain than me?”

The short-haired girl’s confession took a weight off Su Ni’s shoulders.
It was almost too close for comfort.
“Shen Xi, what do you mean? The culprit has already admitted to it.
If she didn’t do it, who else could have done it? Are you trying to blame an innocent person like me?” Su Ni seethed.

Shen Xi glanced at the agitated Su Ni but ignored her.
Su Ni had almost taken the blame for Jiang Xue, yet she was none the wiser.

Since the culprit stepped forward and confessed, the matter drew to a close, even though it was an outcome outside anyone’s expectations.

Sun Ling hurriedly instructed Shen Xi and the others to return to class.

Having proven her innocence, Su Ni relaxed.
She snorted coldly at Shen Xi with her chest puffed out.

Zhao Yuan could not stand Su Ni’s arrogance and ruthlessly mocked her for paying off someone to take the blame for her.
The two left in a cacophony of noise.

Shen Xi bought two bottled drinks from the vending machine outside the teacher’s office and handed one to Guan Lei.
“Thank you for your help.
Let me treat you to a drink,” she said, expressing her sincere thanks.

Guan Lei accepted the icy beverage without fanfare.
However, when he saw Shen Xi about to drink hers, his hand moved faster than his brain could process and snatched the cold drink away.

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