91 She’s Rumoured to Be a Mistress

Jiang Xue knew well that Shen Xi was not the so-called mistress everyone thought she was, but Su Ni did not know that.
The misconception seemed to build on itself and renewed Su Ni’s belief that Shen Xi was a mistress.

A smile tugged at the corner of Jiang Xue’s mouth.
Her expression reflected her ill intentions, but they were not observable to anyone else under cover of her bed’s curtains.
She kept her true thoughts to herself as she continued typing on her phone.

Jiang Xue: [ Don’t do anything rash.
I’m fine.
It’s alright if Shen Xi targets me.
I don’t want you to get hurt just because you want to help me vent my anger.

Su Ni: [ Don’t worry.
Shen Xi is like that.
She can’t do anything to me.

Jiang Xue: [ Yes, yes.
It would put me at ease to know you’re being mindful of your safety.

Su Ni: [ Xue’er, you’re such a good person.
My brother will be here for the school’s anniversary the day after tomorrow.
Do you think you can pull some strings to allow him to get to know Xiang Cheng? ]

Jiang Xue: [ Of course! ]

Su Ni was extremely happy.
If she could help her brother get to know Xiang Cheng, her parents would probably think highly of her too.

When Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan arrived at their classroom the next day, they were keenly aware of the number of unfriendly eyes trained their way.

Su Ni eyed Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan, smirking as if she was enjoying the show.

Zhao Yuan trailed after Shen Xi in confusion.
“What’s wrong? Why is everyone looking at me and Shen Xi like that?” She asked the students closest to her.

That classmate glanced at Shen Xi and pulled Zhao Yuan aside.
“People are saying that Shen Xi sold her body to some rich old man and got beaten up by someone.
Is it true that you were beaten up as well?” He asked in hushed tones.

Zhao Yuan flew into a rage upon hearing her classmate’s question.
She slammed her desk, cursing Su Ni, “Are you gossiping behind my back? Do you know that harming someone else’s reputation like that is tantamount to defamation?”

Su Ni was not afraid of Zhao Yuan.
“What’s wrong with what I’ve said? It’s the truth.
When you’ve done something dirty, you should expect others to gossip.
Now you’re pinning the blame on me for a rumour you have no evidence to show I started it.
Isn’t that slander?” Su Ni sneered.

Zhao Yuan gritted her teeth in anger, not knowing how to respond.
She could only glare at Su Ni with bloodshot eyes.

Su Ni returned the glare with full force.
The two were like cats with their hackles raised, hissing and posturing.
The atmosphere grew tense, with no one willing to step forward to defuse the situation.

Jiang Xue looked at Shen Xi and said sarcastically, “Xixi, I want to believe that you’re not such a person, but you have to prove yourself.
On the first day of school, rumours abounded of your status as a mistress to some wealthy old man.
Yesterday, you were beaten up for seducing a man and becoming the third wheel in another relationship.
If you don’t provide us with proof to the contrary, how are we to believe you?”

Whispers broke out in the crowded classroom.
Many felt Jiang Xue’s words were reasonable.
Although they had been Shen Xi’s classmates for two years, no one was exactly close to her, and most knew nothing of her family or situation.

If Shen Xi was not some man’s mistress, she should have proof of her innocence.

The whole class’s attention focused on Shen Xi, waiting for her to explain.

Before Shen Xi could defend herself, six girls rushed into the classroom, tears streaming down their faces as they crowded around Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan.

The girls tugged at Zhao Yuan’s clothes, staring at her pleadingly.

The short-haired girl with the bob cut cried pitifully as she said, “Shen Xi, Zhao Yuan, please spare us! Don’t let the school expel us… We were just following orders.
Please, we beg of you both.”

As if on cue, the other girls began wailing hysterically.
The classroom was instantly filled with the wails of ghosts and wolves.

Shen Xi shook herself free from the offending hands gabbing at her uniform, her expression one of complete neutrality, “Whether the school decides to expel you or not has nothing to do with me.
I never raised any allegations.
You’re begging the wrong person; there’s nothing I can do.”

Zhao Yuan hurriedly interjected, “I didn’t report you girls either.
I don’t have the power to influence the school’s policies or to expel anyone.
Please don’t drag me into your mess.
Also, could you get your hands off of me?”

A tall girl with a swollen face shuffled into the classroom.
That girl was Peach, who had been beaten black and blue by Shen Xi.
Behind her was Guan Lei, who strolled in leisurely.

When the short-haired girl saw Guan Lei, she immediately recalled Guan Lei’s sharp gaze, which was as fierce as a hawk, and the bodyguards all dressed in black.
The memory caused her heart to skip a beat.


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