90 Cleanup

Jiang Xue did not answer Shen Xi’s question.
Instead, she hurriedly went to bed and sent a message to Peach on her phone: [ Send me the video, and I’ll pay you the rest.

Tao Zi’s phone buzzed.
However, it was not Tao Zi who received the message, but Xue Li, Guan Lei’s assistant.

Xue Li read the message and showed it to Guan Lei.

Earlier that morning, Guan Lei called Xue Li and instructed her to meet him in the ladies’ toilet.
As soon as she entered, she saw a plump girl curled up in a corner with blood caking her face.
Six girls stood around her, each facing the wall.

Her boss, Young Master Guan, leaned against the door to the ladies toilet.
Had she not known better, she would have thought the Young Master was a pervert.
It was a very strange image.

Guan Lei read the message and returned the phone to Xue Li.
“I want to know who the owner of this number is.”

“Yes,” Xue Li replied.
“I’ve interrogated the person nicknamed Peach.
She does not know who paid for her services.
She was asked to take a video of Shen Xi naked and beaten.
The sum for services rendered is 50,000 yuan, and the deposit was 10,000 yuan in cash.
The remaining 40,000 yuan would be paid when the video was delivered.”

Guan Lei nodded, gesturing for Xue Li to continue.
“Though the person nicknamed Peach is covered in blood, she has not sustained any serious injuries.
Miss Shen’s goal was not to inflict serious injury but to make her bleed.
Peach has a few chipped teeth and numerous surface wounds.
She probably fainted from the fright induced by minor blood loss; hence, it looks more serious than it is.”

Guan Lei hid a smile.
It seemed Shen Xi knew how far she could take things without causing serious injury or death.

“I’ll leave you to handle this matter.
I want a thorough investigation into this person nicknamed Peach and all the details regarding her background and history to be on my desk as soon as you have verified the information.
As for the rest of these girls, those who should be expelled shall be expelled.
The school has no place for bullies,” Guan Lei said with a cold and stern gaze.

Xue Li nodded in assent but wondered why the Young Master would take such an interest in the affairs of a classmate when he had never done so in the past.
Young Master Guan was often cold and indifferent, so it was rather surprising he would involve himself in Shen Xi’s matters.

Guan Lei had asked her to investigate Shen Xi before, and now he was cleaning up the mess Shen Xi had left behind.
Did the Young Master fancy Shen Xi? Was this the beginning of love?

Guan Lei met Xue Li’s curious look with a frown and no small amount of displeasure.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Xue Li quickly bowed in deference.
“Young Master, when did you become so close to Miss Shen?”

Guan lei subconsciously retorted, “When did I become close with Shen Xi?”

“Young Master, you’ve never meddled in other people’s affairs before,” Xue Li mumbled.

Guan Lei was taken aback by Xue Li’s words.
Xue Li was truly awful when it came to expressing herself.
How was Shen Xi unrelated to him? Shen Xi was the partner he had chosen, so naturally, they shared a different kind of relationship.

“Shen Xi is just anybody.
Shen Xi is my partner.
It’s different.” Guan Lei expressed himself in the way his mind put things together.
No one knew if he was trying to explain himself to Xue Li or justify the nature of his relationship with Shen Xi.

“You’ve never been so attentive to any of your other partners!” Xue Li retorted, her voice softening as she spoke such that it became inaudible.

Guan Lei did not hear her clearly and asked, “What are you saying?”

Xue Li smiled, her front teeth sparkling white, “No, nothing.
I definitely did not say anything!”

Jiang Xue, who had not received a reply from Peach, was extremely frustrated.
Su Ni could see that Jiang Xue was frustrated, so she sent a message to Jiang Xue whilst lounging in bed.

Su Ni: [ Jiang Xue, don’t be angry.
Shen Xi isn’t worth the effort.

Jiang Xue: [ Thank you.
I’m fine.
I’m just a little unhappy.
I don’t know why Shen XI would think that I was the one who got someone to beat her up.
It was her matter.
What does it have to do with me? ]

Su Ni: [ That’s right.
Shen Xi was the one who got beaten up for seducing someone else’s boyfriend.
It was unfair of her to blame you.
I’m just speechless.

Jiang Xue: [ Sigh.
I originally thought that Xixi was quite pitiful.
Now that I’ve been misunderstood, I’m feeling quite angry.

Su Ni: [ Don’t be angry.
I’ll help you vent your anger! I’ll let everyone know that Shen Xi is a person with no sense of self-respect.
It was just a rumour that she had to sell her body to pay her school fees, but now that something like this has happened, it seems they were spot on.

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