88 Cleaning up the Mess

“What’s going on?” Guan Lei asked the six girls who were reflecting on their actions.

They shrunk in on themselves and did not respond.
Guan Lei sneered, raising his voice, “Well? I’m asking you girls a question!”

The short-haired girl with the bob cut was startled by Guan Lei’s ferocity and sputtered, “It was Tao Zi! She said something about being paid to take photos and a video of Shen Xi nude.
She said that Shen Xi seduced that person’s boyfriend and even hers.
Shen Xi is a mistress and a minx; she has tempted honest men to cheat on their girlfriends!”

Guan Lei frowned as he heard the girl’s answer.
The thought of anyone stripping Shen Xi and taking nudes of her made Guan Lei angry.

Did they not know how being subject to bullying in school could ruin people’s lives? If they bullied someone with a weaker mentality than Shen Xi, that person might have been driven to suicide! It was no different from murder.

“Who bought you off?” Guan Lei asked.

“I don’t know.
Only Tao Zi knows,” the short-haired girl with the bob cut said.

Guan Lei pointed at the unconscious girl lying on the ground and asked, “Is she this Tao Zi you’ve been mentioning? Is she a student of this school?”

The short-haired girl nodded.
“Yes, she’s Tao Zi.
She graduated two years ago but failed to enter university.
She’s been hanging around the school ever since.
Everyone addresses her as Sister Peach.”

“You two should head back first.
I’ll handle this matter,” Guan Lei assured Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan.

Delinquents were not a big deal in his eyes.
The delinquent girls might have instigated the conflict, but few would view it as such, seeing as Shen Xi had emerged relatively unharmed, having beaten up the opposition.
With the Shen family’s situation, it was better that he resolved matters.
It would be safer.

That’s right.
Wasn’t Shen Xi having her period? It was another reason he ought to look out for her.
The thought of which caused Guan Lei’s face to heat up.

Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan looked at each other in surprise.
Neither of them knew what their new classmate meant.

They hardly knew Guan Lei.
Why would he step in to handle the matter for them?

Seeing Shen Xi standing there, unresponsive, Guan Lei was puzzled.
He urged her, “Quick, wash up and go to the infirmary.
The nurse should have something to help with the swelling.”

Zhao Yuan touched her face.
She distinctly remembered being slapped, and her face was black and bruised.
Why did this new classmate of hers not show any concern? Was she invisible to him?

Shen Xi did not know what Guan Lei was thinking but gladly accepted his offer to help.
Since he wanted to clean up the mess for her, why not?

“Then, I’ll have to trouble you…” Shen Xi replied.

Just as Shen Xi was about to leave with Zhao Yuan, Guan Lei called out.


“What’s wrong?” Shen Xi asked.

Guan Lei pointed at Shen Xi’s chest and said, “Button up your uniform before you go out.”

Only then did Shen Xi realise her uniform was unbuttoned, revealing her pink bra.
Had it been ripped open during the fight? She had not noticed.

Shen Xi hastily offered her thanks and rebuttoned her uniform before exiting the ladies’ toilet.
Afterwards, she called her form teacher to apply for a leave of absence.
Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan returned to their dormitory to change into fresh uniforms and then went to the infirmary for a check-up with the school nurse.

While in the infirmary, as Zhao Yuan applied medicine for her swelling, she said, “Shen Xi, when did you become so strong? Did you see the look on their faces? It was like they were staring down a ghost!”

Zhao Yuan had never been in a fight before.
She quarrelled with her peers; sometimes, things got physical, but never to the extent of real violence.

Shen Xi had taught her bullies a lesson and allowed her to tag along, which made her happy.

Zhao Yuan was someone Shen Xi always thought of as calm and mature.
She did not expect Zhao Yuan to react happily to violence.

“Don’t talk so much.
Your face is so swollen,” Shen Xi teased with a smile while applying the ointment to reduce her swelling.

“Hah! They’re more swollen than me.
I’m happy.
Can’t I talk to my heart’s content when I am happy?” Zhao Yan rolled her eyes.

“They were targeting me.
It’s my fault you got hurt.
I’m sorry,” Shen Xi suddenly apologised to Zhao Yuan, the epitome of seriousness.

Zhao Yuan was an accessory to the disaster, one that caused her to face a beating she should never have had to suffer.


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