f no one else followed their lead.

Shen Xi did not expect her first instance of killing the chicken to scare the monkeys would occur on such an occasion.

With Shen Xi’s support, Zhao Yuan unconsciously straightened her back.
She placed her hands on her hips and commanded, “Take off your socks and stuff them into your mouths.”

Zhao Yuan would never forget how they had stuffed her mouth with a toilet rag.

The group of bullies hesitated, clearly reluctant.
Shen Xi tilted her head a fraction as she eyed the girls.
Pointing a blood-stained hand at a girl with a short bob cut, she said, “Shall I make you the next Tao Zi?”

The girl with a short bob cut stepped back in fear.

Shen Xi smiled and pointed at another girl wearing a green headband.
“How about you? Would you like to be next?”

The girl wearing the green headband was so scared she burst into tears.
Her eyes drifted to Tao Zi’s bloodied form and nearly lost it.
She did not want to be the next Tao Zi or to suffer any disfigurement, so she did as Zhao Yuan demanded.
She knelt and pulled off her socks, stuffing them into her mouth.

The other girls soon followed her example.

Zhao Yuan still was not satisfied.
Her anger would not be so easily discharged.
“All of you are to slap one another.
You will do so while kneeling and keeping your socks in your mouths.
Anyone who disobeys will be punished.”

Zhao Yuan touched her face, which had swelled considerably.
A fire raged in her chest, and it refused to die down.
Just ten minutes earlier, she was the one kneeling and being slapped.
Now, it was their turn to suffer as she did.

The five girls obediently knelt, save for the girl with the short bob cut.
She would not kneel.
How could she? It was embarrassing, too embarrassing.
It would be the end of any shred of self-respect she had for herself.

Shen Xi’s gaze locked on the girl with the short bob cut.
She slowly stood up and stomped on Tao Zi’s head, grinding the girl’s face under her heel, a half-smile playing on her lips.

The girl with the bob cut felt her legs go weak, and she succumbed under the weight of Shen Xi’s glare.
It was too much for her to bear.
The sight and sound looped in her mind—it was too scary.

Slapping sounds rang out in the ladies’ toilet next to the music room.

Guan Lei, who was washing his face to calm himself in the male washroom, took a few deep breaths and stepped out, only to hear muffled groans and the sounds of slaps echoing from the female washroom.

Remembering that Shen Xi had just entered, Guan Lei turned serious, and he kicked open the door to the ladies’ toilet.

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