85 Catch the Leader First

Guan Lei comforted himself that his nosebleed was due to the hot summer.
Then, he went into the bathroom to wash his face.

As soon as Shen Xi entered the bathroom, she was surrounded.
Zhao Yuan was tied up in a corner with a rag stuffed in her mouth.
She shook her head at Shen Xi.

A leader among them was holding Zhao Yuan’s phone which was used to send Shen Xi the message just now.
Shen Xi instantly understood that she was lured here.

Shen Xi instantly knew who was the mastermind of this plan.
It must be either Jiang Xue, Liu Chen, or Su Ni.

Shen Xi looked around.
There were seven people in total.
Although they were all wearing school uniforms, some looked older and did not seem like students here.

The leader was big and muscular.
Her hair was dyed golden and she was smoking a cigarette.
She asked flirtatiously, “Are you Shen Xi?”

Shen Xi answered calmly, “Yes, I am.
May I know who you are? Why are you looking for me?”

A female thug beside her came forward and introduced the leader.
“This is our great and powerful Sister Peach.
She is the big sister around Zhuoying High School.”

The girl who was called Sister Peach took a sip of cigarette in satisfaction and slowly walked to Shen Xi.
She spat a mouthful of smoke at Shen Xi’s face provocatively.

Shen Xi was choked and immediately stepped back.
The girls burst into laughter.

Sister Peach sized up Shen Xi with an unfriendly look.
Jiang Xue said it right.
She looked seductive indeed.
She was born to seduce men.
How despicable!

Shen Xi was on guard against them while carefully observing the situation on Zhao Yuan’s side.

“I heard that you’re the one who seduced my man?” Sister Peach approached Shen Xi slowly.
She showed her yellowish teeth while speaking with an unpleasant tone.

With Zhao Yuan in their hands, Shen Xi had no choice but to step back.
She warned, “I don’t know who your man is.
In any case, it has nothing to do with me.
Also, I don’t care who you are.
This is a school.
I advise you not to act recklessly.”

Peach smiled and looked at Shen Xi disdainfully as if she was looking at a poor little wretch.
She said, “Are you threatening me? Hahaha, this bitch is not afraid of death.
How dare you? Girls, strip her naked.
I’ll record the video.”

As soon as Sister Peach gave the order, the girl next to her rolled up her sleeves and rushed toward Shen Xi.
Her eyes were filled with excitement and evil.

However, Shen Xi rushed towards the blonde-haired girl named Peach at lightning speed.
With a quick step, she pulled Peach’s hair forcefully.

Peaches cried out in pain.
Her big, fat body fell onto the floor with a loud thud.
She was instantly knocked down and could not give any response.

However, Shen Xi was not planning to let Peach go.
She sat on Peach’s body and threw punches at her.
It was so loud that everyone around could hear the punches.

The other girls were stunned.
It took them a while to remember that they had to save their boss.

However, no matter what they did, Shen Xi was not letting go of Peach.
They tried to pull Shen Xi’s hair, drag her away, and punch her.
Yet, Shen Xi kept throwing punches at Peach and made her scream ceaselessly.

Soon, Peach became unconscious.
There was not a single part of her face that was excused.
She could no longer talk and could only lay on the ground like dead meat.
Then, Shen Xi turned her head to look at the other girls.

The girls became so afraid now.
The few of them looked at each other in horror.
Then, they retreated timidly.

Shen Xi sat on Peach’s body.
Peach’s blood was splattered on her face and formed bright red spots.

On Shen Xi’s fair face, there were the handprints and scratches that were left when the girls hit Shen Xi.
However, Shen Xi’s eyes turned red and became bloodshot.
She looked like a red-eyed demon holding a sharp blade.
It was so terrifying.

The girls hurriedly tried to escape from the bathroom, but Shen Xi stood guard at the door while sitting on Peach’s body.
They did not even dare to approach.


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