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When she was about to reach the bathroom, Shen Xi accidentally bumped into something hard.
With a yell, she fell with her bottom on the ground.
The sanitary napkin in her hand fell to the ground too.

Guan Lei had just walked out of the bathroom when Shen Xi bumped into him.
He frowned slightly and looked at her impatiently.
However, when he saw Shen Xi whose face was wrinkled out of the pain, he subconsciously eased up.

His gaze focused on the item next to Shen Xi after she fell down.
Guan Lei’s expression suddenly became uneasy.
His face flushed red.

Guan Lei reached out his hand to help Shen Xi, but he stopped in mid-air awkwardly.
He was a little puzzled as he stood rooted to the ground.
His hand was frozen on top of Shen Xi’s head, while his gaze slowly wandered away uncomfortably.

If he was not mistaken, that was a sanitary pad for a girl’s period.

Shen Xi ignored Guan Lei who was trying to help her up.
She picked up the sanitary pad and quickly got up from the ground.

Once she got up, Shen Xi began to apologize without even raising her head, “I’m sorry! Sorry!”

After apologizing, Shen Xi rushed to the bathroom.
She did not want Zhao Yuan to wait too long.

Before she could run away, Shen Xi was stopped and grabbed by the collar.
Her back was pressed against the wall.

The fragile button of her shirt was ripped open.
Shen Xi’s well-developed bust and bra showed in front of Guan Lei.

The atmosphere instantly froze.
The two of them stared at each other in a daze.

Guan Lei had never expected it.
He was just annoyed that Shen Xi wanted to leave without even looking at him.
He wanted Shen Xi to stop and look at who she had bumped into, and apologize to him afterward.

Suddenly, a voice came from the bathroom.
Guan Lei suddenly felt a stream of heat up his brain.
He immediately pulled up Shen Xi’s collar and covered her chest.

Shen Xi pushed Guan Lei away in panic.
Guan Lei made a few steps back out of surprise.
When he looked up again, Shen Xi had already run into the female bathroom.

Shen Xi’s fair and tender skin just now lingered in Guan Lei’s mind for a long time.
It was so tempting that Guan Lei began to fantasize about her soft breasts under the pink bra.

Suddenly, Guan Lei felt a warm and moist sensation in his nose.
He wiped it with his hand.

He had a nosebleed!

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