82 Playboy Xiang Cheng

Jiang Xue smiled in excitement.
She couldn’t wait for time to pass faster.

“Is that so? Brother Xiang Cheng, you are so amazing.
Is your family the director of Zhuo Ying High School? Anyway, you’re the most amazing.
I just found out that you’re an excellent alumnus!” Jiang Xue deliberately raised her voice.
She said it in an exaggerated tone so that her roommates would hear it.

As expected, Su Ni was attracted by Jiang Xue and Xiang Cheng’s conversation.
That was the school director.

Jiang Xue was fair, rich, and beautiful.
Even the people she interacted with were so amazing.
Su Ni thought that if she could get closer to Jiang Xue, then she would have a backer in the future.

Su Ni sneakily moved closer to Jiang Xue.
They had the double-decker bed in the dormitory.
Su Ni leaned against the railing of the bed on Jiang Xue’s side and smiled obsequiously.

Su Ni knew Xiang Cheng was the only heir of the Xiang Corporation.
According to her brother, her parents had been looking for an opportunity to cooperate with the Xiang Corporation recently.
Now that she knew that Jiang Xue was close to Xiang Cheng, she had to suck up to Jiang Xue.

Zhao Yuan smacked her lips and silently rolled her eyes at Jiang Xue.
Then, she put on her headphones and closed the curtains disdainfully.

Shen Xi who was busy working heard Jiang Xue’s conversations and laughed mockingly.

Shen Xi knew how Xiang Cheng became an excellent alumnus of Zhuo Ying High School.
Xiang Cheng won an entrepreneurship award in his third year of high school.
After a year, that company’s development was very good.
It became a high-tech benchmark for Rong City.

However, that project was led by Xiang Cheng only on the surface.
Xiang Cheng’s father had deployed outstanding talents from the Xiang Corporation to complete all of Xiang Cheng’s tasks.

Meanwhile, Xiang Cheng was only a nominal project manager.
He did not even know what the project was about.

As soon as Jiang Xue hung up the phone, Su Ni looked at her with admiration and asked, “Jiang Xue, is Xiang Cheng from Xiang Corporation your boyfriend?”

Jiang Xue blushed and rebuked Su Ni, “Don’t talk nonsense.
He’s not my boyfriend.
He’s just someone who admires me.”

Su Ni was surprised, “What? Really? I’m envious of you.
You have such an amazing admirer.
Indeed, outstanding people only mingle with the same kind.
I shall spend more time with you in the future.
This way, I can become outstanding too.”

Jiang Xue was greatly pleased by Su Ni’s flattery.
Her expression was proud, but her tone was modest as she said, “It’s nothing.
I’m just an ordinary person.
You’re great too.
Why are you saying yourself like that?”

“You’re not just an ordinary person.
You’re much nobler than us.
Don’t be modest.
You’re the angel in the sky.
How can we compare to you?” Su Ni tried to flatter Jiang Xue.

Shen Xi rolled her eyes when she heard that.
After sending the drawing to “Shi San,” she put on her headphones and listened to music.
Suddenly, a message popped up on her phone.

Shen Xi took a look.
It was a message from Xiang Cheng.
“Xi, I’m going to attend your school’s anniversary as an outstanding alumnus two days later.
Let’s have a meal together then!”

Shen Xi sneered.
Xiang Cheng was a master of time management.
He had just finished sweet-talking Jiang Xue.
The next moment, he came to ask her out.
He was scum.

Jiang Xue was dumb enough to treat a playboy like Xiang Cheng as a rare treasure.
She even showed him off.

Shen Xi ignored Xiang Cheng’s message and fell asleep.

The next morning, Jiang Xue woke up very early.
Shen Xi was woken up with a face full of resentment.

With anger, Shen Xi opened the curtain of the bed and roared, “Jiang Xue, what’s wrong with you? What are you doing so early in the morning? Are you rushing to die?”

Zhao Yuan also got up with a face full of resentment.
She sat on the bed, sulking.

Jiang Xue looked at Shen Xi provocatively and continued to apply makeup on her face.

Su Ni who had also been awakened spoke up for Jiang Xue.
“Xue is diligent, self-disciplined, and punctual.
If the two of you have any objections, move out.”

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