81 Show off

Jiang Xue’s eyes turned red out of anger after hearing the whispers.
She originally wanted to make Shen Xi and Sun Ling uncomfortable.
She didn’t expect herself to be tricked.

Jiang Xue glared as she stared at Shen Xi.
She could no longer control her resentment towards Shen Xi.
It was all Shen Xi’s fault.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made a mistake in a rush.
No way.
She had to kick Shen Xi out of Zhuo Ying High School.
Otherwise, she would feel terrible.

Jiang Xue turned on her phone and sent a message.
Although it was an elite school, there would still be school bullies.
If she could not deal with Shen Xi, then let someone else deal with her.
Jiang Xue could easily find someone to serve her since she had the money anyway.

Jiang Xue returned to the dormitory at night.
As she looked at Shen Xi opposite her, she couldn’t suppress the anger in her heart.
She had been too embarrassed this afternoon.

Jiang Xue suddenly remembered Xiang Cheng.
She put on nice makeup and dialed a video call to him.

Xiang Cheng had just laid on the bed when he received the video call.
Recently, Jiang Xue had been sending him messages from time to time, so he understood her feelings too.

Although Jiang Xue was not as pretty as Shen Xi, she had changed quite a lot in the past month.
She also became more graceful than before.

Xiang Cheng’s mother was also treating Jiang Xue a little better than before.
Yet, it was just slightly better.

Most people didn’t know that Jiang Xue was raised by the Shen family in a rural area.
Yet, the Xiang family knew about this.
Therefore, Wang Yue couldn’t get over the fact that Jiang Xue had grown up in the countryside.
She felt that Jiang Xue was not presentable.

Jiang Xue glanced at Shen Xi who was lying on the opposite bed.
Then, she said in a sweet voice, “Brother Cheng.”

Zhao Yuan just got into her bed and heard Jiang Xue’s voice.
She felt goosebumps all over her body.

“What’s up? Do you miss me?” Xiang Cheng sounded happy.
His voice was a little husky and sexy.

Since it was on loudspeaker, the other three people in the dormitory heard Xiang Cheng’s voice.
Jiang Xue felt a little embarrassed.
After all, it was the man she liked.

“Brother Cheng, don’t talk nonsense.
I’m on speakerphone.
My roommates heard you saying it,” Jiang Xue said coquettishly while looking at Shen Xi proudly.

However, Shen Xi was not interested in Xiang Cheng and Jiang Xue’s matter at all.
She pulled the curtain by her bed and practiced painting for “Shi San” today.

Seeing Shen Xi’s actions, Jiang Xue thought that she was mad.
Jiang Xue was delighted.

“What are you afraid of? Let them hear it,” Xiang Cheng smiled.

Jiang Xue looked at Xiang Cheng in surprise.
What did Xiang Cheng mean by this? Was he planning to get into an official relationship with her? So he was not afraid to let others know that they were getting to know more about each other?

Suppressing the ecstasy in her heart, Jiang Xue said shyly, “Alright.
By the way, Brother Cheng, do you want to come these two days? It’s our school’s anniversary.
Aren’t you an alumnus? You studied here before, right?”

Xiang Cheng suddenly recalled that the principal of Zhuo Ying High School sent him an invitation.
He would have forgotten that he was going to attend the school’s anniversary if Jiang Xue had not reminded him.

Zhuo Ying High School was a private aristocratic school.
Among the shareholders, there was the main shareholder, the Guan family, and a few others.
The Xiang family was one of them too.
Hence, Xiang Cheng’s father would be invited to the school’s anniversary every year.

This year, Xiang Tian happened to be abroad.
The school invited Xiang Cheng instead.
Xiang Cheng could attend as a representative of the Xiang group, as well as an outstanding alumnus.

Xiang Cheng laid lazily on the bed and said, “You just reminded me.
Well, I will be representing the Xiang family and the school’s alumni.”

When Jiang Xue heard Xiang Cheng’s words, she was instantly surprised.
Originally, she just wanted her classmates to think that the young master of the Xiang Group was pursuing her.
She didn’t expect that the Xiang family was a shareholder of Zhuo Ying High School.
Moreover, Xiang Cheng was an outstanding alumnus.

Jiang Xue could foresee that if everyone found out that Xiang Cheng was pursuing her, they would be so envious of her.


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