Getting Stood Up

Initially, she wanted to ask Shen Xi about Xiang Cheng’s graduation banquet and the progress of their relationship.
However, when she remembered that Shen Xi might not be her daughter, she immediately shut up.

She wanted to reserve all good things for her daughter.

At this time, Shen Xi thought that it was not time for her to settle the score with them yet, so she obediently walked over to Xia Chun’s bed.

When Jiang Lun saw that Shen Xi was feeling depressed, he left the master bedroom and went to the study.
The sound of the door being slammed resounded.

Xia Chun understood how her husband must have been feeling.
After all, after finding out that the daughter that he had raised for eighteen years might not be his biological daughter, it would be more surprising if he was able to remain calm.

Even earlier, Jiang Lun had already said that he wanted to do a paternity test because he felt that Shen Xi did not look like him.

However, Xia Chun was unwilling.
They were of high status in Rong City.
If word got out, the first thing people would think of was that Xia Chun had cheated on him.
She was not willing to be embarrassed like that.

Moreover, she was very sure that she had not cheated on Jiang Lun.
The child that she had carried for ten months was definitely Jiang Lun’s.
There was no doubt about that.
Therefore, she was sure that Shen Xi was her and Jiang Lun’s daughter.

Moreover, if they did a paternity test, when their daughter found out, she would be extremely hurt.

This would also cause a rift between her and her husband’s relationship.
She would not be able to forget how her husband had once suspected her of cheating and even had a paternity test done.

This was also why she refused to do a paternity test no matter what.
She did not want to ruin her relationship just because of her husband’s paranoia.

However, when she saw the girl who looked like her and her husband that day, she could not help but wonder, could it be possible that they brought home the wrong baby?

She knew that she did not cheat on Jiang Lun.
However, what if it was the hospital that got it mixed up?

Looking at Shen Xi in front of her, she could not see a trace of resemblance to her and Jiang Lun at all.

Xia Chun gave Shen Xi a few words of concern before asking her to go back to her room.

Shen Xi replied with an indifferent “Okay”.
Her slightly cold and distant expression made Xia Chun a little stunned.

She knew Shen Xi’s character well.
Shen Xi was very persistent.

In the past, if she had a bump, Shen Xi would be so worried that her eyes would turn red.
She would nag beside her and be so clingy that she wouldn’t be able to chase her away no matter how hard she tried.
She would also blow on her wound.
Why was she so obedient today?

As she watched Shen Xi walk out of the bedroom without turning her head back, Xia Chun felt as if she was being neglected.
She couldn’t help but feel a little angry in her heart.

Shen Xi returned to her room and sat in front of the dressing table.
The wound on her forehead was reflected in the mirror.

Just like in her previous life, the Jiang couple was dealing with the matter of whether Shen Xi was their real daughter.
They did not notice the wound on her forehead at all.

Messages started to pop up on the phone on the dressing table.
They were from Xiang Cheng.
She did not need to look to know what Xiang Cheng was texting her about.
He must have been embarrassed because she had left without telling him and was angry.

Xiang Cheng only saw her as his future trophy wife.

So in her previous life, after it was found out that she was not really the Jiang family’s daughter, he quickly changed his target and took a fancy to another family’s daughter.
It was only later that Jiang Xue spent a lot of effort to seduce Xiang Cheng.

In her previous life, because of the Jiang couple, she would try her best to curry favor with Xiang Cheng, this idiot-brained young master.
In this life, she would not do that anymore.

Xiang Cheng, who didn’t receive any reply from Shen Xi, was completely dumbfounded.

Usually, Shen Xi would reply to his messages within no more than five seconds.
He once joked that she would even bring her phone with her when she went to shower as she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to respond to his messages in time.

When he told this to all his friends, he couldn’t help but feel proud.

After all, she was the daughter of an influential family.
She was not bad-looking, had an outstanding temperament, and was also a well-behaved girl and a straight-A student.
She would even follow him around every day.
What was there not to be proud of?

He saw himself as better than his childhood friends who played with women.

However, Shen Xi’s actions today had thoroughly infuriated him.
He had originally wanted to get her to light cigarettes for his friends to show them that he had tamed a rich young lady.

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