78 Beating Up Someone

However, it was clear that Su Ni was not the kind of quiet person.
The moment Shen Xi sat down.
Su Ni scoffed, “I don’t know why some people are so shameless.
They step on their parents’ flesh and blood while soiling their bodies just to attend a decent high school.”

A smirk briefly touched the corner of Jiang Xue’s lips, but she quickly forced down the urge and said, “We’re not just classmates but roommates too.
Let’s put aside our differences.”

Jiang Xue’s words made her feel uncomfortable.
Was there something wrong with Jiang Xue? Was she alright with people like Shen Xi?

Su Ni was about to speak up when she remembered that Jiang Xue was the eldest daughter of the President of Kunlun Construction.
It did not seem like a good idea to contradict her, so Su Ni tactfully remained silent.

Zhao Yuan did not appreciate Su Ni’s remark on Shen Xi’s character and was about to stand up for her friend when Shen Xi stopped her, “Ah Yuan, there is a saying that the wise do not believe in rumours.
Only the brainless or those lacking the ability to discern for themselves will take hearsay for the truth.
You need not concern yourself with such people; they should be regarded with pity, not belligerence.”

Shen Xi’s words instantly made Zhao Yuan laugh.
“Yes, she is quite pitiful.
She can’t even distinguish right from wrong.
If she isn’t a fool, I don’t know what is,” Zhao Yuan joked.

Su Ni could not take it anymore.
She stepped forward with her hand raised, preparing to slap Zhao Yuan.

Shen Xi intervened by grabbing Su Ni’s raised hand, aiming a kick that brought her tumbling to the ground.

In her previous life, Shen Xi, who did not possess any backing, was often beaten up in prison.
Though she did not dare claim to be strong, she still had some experience and knew how to give and take hits.

Su Ni was only an 18-year-old girl.
Naturally, Shen Xi did not take her seriously.

Su Ni clutched her stomach and wailed in pain as she thrashed on the ground.
Jiang Xue quickly arrived at Su Ni’s side to help her.
“Shen Xi! How dare you treat a classmate like this! Have you no shame?”

Zhao Yuan snorted, derision clear in her voice, “Jiang Xue, stop twisting the truth.
I don’t recall you stepping in or saying anything when Su Ni tried to slap me just now.
You’re nothing more than a hypocrite.
A disgusting, two-faced, hypocrite.”

“Su Ni merely tried to slap you.
And even then, how much pain would it inflict? Shen Xi kicked her.
Do you know the difference in strength between a fist and a foot?”

Angered by Su Ni and fed such a ridiculous excuse, Zhao Yuan reached her boiling point.
She cursed, “Is that so? Are you saying a slap wouldn’t hurt? Alright, let’s test it.
I could slap and then kick you and let you tell me the difference.
If there is no difference, I’ll take your words earlier as an attempt to hoodwink me.
Well, are you willing to back your theory?”

Jiang Xue did not expect Zhao Yuan to be as unreasonable as Shen Xi.

Su Ni recovered amid Jiang Xue and Zhao Yuan’s exchange.
Using the desk they were each provided, Su Ni managed to stand.
“Shen Xi, I’m reporting you to our form teacher.
I’m going to sue you for damages!”

Su Ni shoved Jiang Xue’s hand aside and ran out of the dormitory.

Zhao Yuan followed suit, shouting, “I’m suing you too!”

Once the two left, only Shen Xi and Jiang Xue remained in the dormitory.

Jiang Xue’s façade of gentility vanished as she glared at Shen Xi.
“Shen Xi, if I were you, I would pack my bags and hightail out of this place.
It isn’t somewhere you belong anymore.
I, for one, do not want my reputation tarnished by someone like you who flirts with men for money; everyone knows you do.”

Shen Xi sat on her bed, examining the sheets with disinterest.
“Oh? It looks like you’ve dropped your act.
I wonder… Are you the one who enjoys spending time with men? I recall you spending time at that hotel with your… associates.”

Jiang Xue shot an anxious look at the door.
Gnashing her teeth, she said, “Shen Xi, it would be in your best interests to keep that matter to yourself.
No one will believe you even if you say anything.
You have no evidence.
If I hear a single rumour about that incident, I’ll have my father sue you for slander.
I’ll make sure you suffer!”

Shen Xi snorted, her eyes carrying contempt.
“Who’s to say I do not have evidence?”

Jiang Xue was so frightened by Shen Xi’s expression that she swallowed nervously.
She shook her head.
It was impossible.
Shen Xi could not possibly have any evidence of the act.
She was just spouting nonsense to scare her.

Shen Xi read Jiang Xue like an open book.
She got up, and each step she took forced Jiang Xue to retreat, one step at a time.
With a dangerous glint in her eyes, she warned, “If you dare lay so much as a finger on my parents, I’ll make you the talk of the town!”


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