77 The Same Dormitory

When Jiang Xue heard this rumour, she smiled smugly in her heart.
Although she told Liu Cheng not to mess with Shen Xi, she helped fuel the rumour on the side.

Shen Xi had threatened her in class; back then, she panicked, not daring to refute her.
Now that she had the chance to go over the situation, Jiang Xue realised she had no reason to fear Shen Xi.
Even if Shen Xi exposed the gang rape, so what? Shen Xi did not possess proof; without it, her word alone was nothing.

A poor girl like Shen Xi could easily be silenced, and most people would bat an eye if that happened.
Such was the difference in their statuses.

As for her poverty-stricken 18 years with the Shen family, well, she would do her best to hide that particular piece of information.

The morning passed peacefully with a few different thoughts in mind.
Soon, it was lunchtime.

Shen Xi and Zhao Yuan drew the attention of everyone in the school’s cafeteria as soon as they entered, with people whispering and pointing.

Zhao Yuan gnawed on her chopsticks angrily as she told Shen Xi about the rumours.
She despised those tongue-wagging fools the most.
“Xixi, what should we do?”

Zhao Yuan and Shen Xi had been classmates for two years.
Although Shen Xi had not told her about the situation at home, Zhao Yuan felt that Shen Xi was not such a person.

Even if Shen Xi’s family did not have much money, Zhao Yuan still felt that Shen Xi must have encountered some opportunity to give her the means to pay for her tuition.
All that nonsense about Shen Xi selling herself was simply ridiculous.

Shen Xi smiled faintly and said, “Just let them be happy for now.”

Zhao Yuan felt that there had to be something wrong with Shen Xi’s brain for her to smile and remain unaffected despite the situation.

“Alright, alright.
You’re going to give yourself wrinkles soon.
I wouldn’t want to turn you into an old hag before your time.
Don’t worry; I know how to handle this matter.
Thank you for believing in me.” Shen Xi patted Zhao Yuan gently on her arm, grateful for her support.

Shen Xi did not take the matter to heart.
After all, since the scandal involved a student, she was sure Zhuo Ying High School would handle the matter.
When the time came, it would simply be a matter of explaining the source of her funds.

Moreover, according to her mother, Grandpa and the others also knew about this matter and had already determined that they had not violated the agreement.
When the official investigations were launched, the school would come forward to explain.
Having students sell their bodies to pay for their school fees would hurt the school’s reputation too much for them to sit idly by.

Zhao Yuan blushed, feeling self-conscious by Shen Xi’s show of gratitude.
“Why are you thanking me? It’s not like I’ve helped much…”

Shen Xi was very grateful in her heart.
Despite the rumours and knowing how poor her family was, Zhao Yuan stood firmly on her side, believing she was not the kind person everyone made her out to be; such a friendship was rare.

After lunch, Shen Xi returned to the dormitory.
She did not expect to be assigned to the same dormitory as Zhao Yuan.

“I always wanted to bunk with you, but our form teacher would not allow me to change rooms,” Zhao Yuan groused unhappily, “Who would have known we would end up in the same room for our third year at high school? Hahaha, Xixi, I’m glad.”

Shen Xi was also very happy to live in the same dormitory as her good friend.

However, when she saw that the other two people in the dormitory were Jiang Xue and Su Ni, Shen Xi’s happiness wilted just a little.
It would not be easy boarding with someone she hated.
The feeling was worse than swallowing a dead fly.

Su Ni’s impression of Shen Xi was shot upon learning about her family background and listening to the rumours making their rounds.
Zhuo Ying High School was an elite school.
For someone like Shen Xi to walk their hallowed halls was an insult, one that tarnished the school’s image.

Su Ni’s demeanour towards Shen Xi was far from friendly.
She did not know how their form teacher arranged things.
The thought that she would have to share the dormitory room with a poor, disgusting fly that sold their bodies for money was almost too much for her to stomach.

Shen Xi met Su Ni’s sneer without flinching.

Previously, she and Su Ni had been on good terms.
However, with Su Ni’s personality that worshipped the high and stepped on the low, disliking the poor and loving the rich, it was no wonder she would show distaste for their current living arrangements.

Shen Xi could not be bothered with Su Ni.
As long as Su Ni did not provoke her, she was fine sharing the dorm room with her.


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